Sale: Up To 30% Off Priority Pass Memberships Through 21 June

Plaza Premium Lounge Rio de Janeiro (International Departures)

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Update 13 June 2019: Priority Pass now says this promotion will end on 21 June (not 30 June)

A week later than expected Priority Pass has launched a Fathers Day sale in which you can get up to 30% off the membership packages on offer and, unlike in the recent Mother’s Day sale, this time the top-level Prestige Membership available at a genuine discount.

Plaza Premium Lounge Rio de Janeiro (International Departures)
Plaza Premium Lounge Rio de Janeiro (International Departures)

Clearly quite a few readers will have Priority Pass membership through one or more premium credit cards that offer membership as a benefit but, if you don’t have access to one of those cards or if you just don’t like paying $450+/year for a credit card, this sale may be worth a look – the only time the discounts get any better is usually around Black Friday/Cyber Monday (at the end of November) and, sometimes, at the very end of the year.

Priority Pass Fathers Day Sale

This year’s Priority Pass Fathers’ day sale is offering 30% off the ‘Standard’ membership, 25% off the ‘Standard Plus’ membership and 20% off the top-level ‘Prestige’ membership.

Priority Pass Fathers Day Sale 2019

Note: After you select the membership you’re interested in you’ll be directed to choose the country you live in and then you’ll see the appropriate pricing for your location.

I should point out that you can generally find Priority Pass membership discounted by 10% most of the year around (you just have to use the right links) so the discounts on offer here are really only 20%, 15%, and 10% compared to what’s usually widely available…..but that still means that this sale is offering a better deal than you’ll get at most other times of the year.

Here’s a link to the Priority Pass sale page 

The Costs

  • Standard Membership – The Priority Pass member pays $32/visit & guest pays $32/visit
  • Standard Plus Membership – The Priority Pass member gets 10 free visits and then pays $32/visit & guest pays $32/visit
  • Prestige Membership – The Priority Pass member gets unlimited free visits & guest pays $32/visit

According to Priority Pass, this sale is set to end on 21 June 2019.

What Is Priority Pass Membership?

Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent airport lounge program that gives members access to a large worldwide network of airport lounges for a fee.

Priority Pass members get access to over 1,200 lounges in over 140 countries and 500 cities – so there’s a very good chance that there’s a Priority Pass lounge in an airport near you.

GOL Premium Lounge Rio de Janeiro

In some airports where a lounge isn’t available Priority Pass has partnered with one or more restaurants at which a Priority Pass membership will get travelers a cash discount off any food or drinks they order.

The cash discounts on offer vary from country to country (sometimes within countries too) and will, for example, range from £15 (UK) to AU$36 (Australia) to $28 (USA) – please check the details of individual lounges as these are only guidelines.

Priority Pass membership can be a very good way for flyers to enjoy some comfort at the airport without having to pay for a premium cabin and without having to fly tens of thousands of miles a year for airline status.

I’ve written in detail about the Priority Pass program here so that may be a good starting point for you if you’d like to know more.

Is Priority Pass Membership For You?

Even if you have airline status there will be times when Priority Pass can come in very useful….usually in one of three situations:

  • Your airline of choice doesn’t have a club/lounge at an airport you’re visiting (I find this happens a lot in regions like the Caribbean)
  • You’re not flying with the airline with which you have status
  • You’re flying as a family and your airline status doesn’t get all of you into the airline’s lounge.

I have top-tier airline status with British Airways and Priority Pass is still a program I use more often than I expected too.

Despite having top-tier oneworld status I still get a lot of use out of my Priority Pass membership when I’m flying with both Joanna and MJ.

When we’re all traveling together (which is usually in Economy Class) I can’t get all of us into an airline lounge with my status (I’m only allowed one guest) but that isn’t an issue with Priority Pass lounges.

At airports like Heathrow where there are a good number of Priority Pass lounges we still get to have a bit of comfort before our flight despite not having access to the lounges that BA, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, etc… offer.

Plaza Premium Lounge Kuala Lumpur (a Priority Pass Lounge)

The best way to work out if Priority Pass membership would be any use to you is to see which airports you travel through most often and then check them against the list of available lounges here.

If you regularly pass through an airport (or airports) where Priority Pass has a presence than this Priority Pass sale may work for you….just be sure that you’ll visit enough times to make the math work in your favor.

If you’re not a regular traveler then membership of a lounge program is probably not for you but, if you travel with any frequency, access to a lounge can be a very nice place to start a vacation or to get some work done before a flight.

If you don’t have a credit card that offers you Priority Pass membership then this sale may be worth considering.

Link to the Priority Pass Fathers Day Sale


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