Priority Pass Black Friday 2020 – the best deals for all membership levels (Up To 49% Off)

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Click to see the 2021 Priority Pass Black Friday Sale

The Priority Pass Black Friday deals are here again but, just as we saw last year, you’ll have to be careful which deal you choose to go for as the headline Black Friday deal is not the best deal for all membership levels. If you know where to look (and I’ll show you), you’ll find that there are two other very good deals on offer that beat the Black Friday sale that Priority Pass is currently promoting.

If you bought a Priority Pass membership in last year’s Black Friday sale your membership year is about to run out and it’s time to consider your options.

In this post:

If you have access to a credit card that offers Priority Pass Select membership as one of its benefits (e.g. card_name – terms apply – or the card_name) that’s almost certainly going to be the most economical path for you to take.

If, however, that’s not an option, it’s time to decide if Priority Pass membership will be of value to you in 2021 and, if it will be, which one of the membership levels to go for.

Note: If you’re based in the UK, you may be best served by choosing one of the US deals (you do not need a US address to buy one of these) as they can offer better value than the UK Priority Pass Black Friday deal – I’ll show the UK pricing later in this post and compare it to the US options.

The deals

There are three deals that are currently running and of which you need to be aware so do not focus solely on the Priority Pass Black Friday deal. I’ve listed all three deals below and indicated what the monthly cost of each deal would be. One of the deals is for a longer than normal membership period so the monthly costs should make it easier to see which deal best fits your needs.

The Priority Pass Black Friday Deal

This is a standard 12-month membership.

a screenshot of a website

This is what these Black Friday memberships look like as a monthly cost:

  • Standard – $59 = $4.92/month
  • Standard Plus – $224 = $18.67/month
  • Prestige – $364 = $30.33/month

As you’ll notice after you see the other deals below, based on the monthly cost of membership this deal is only best if you’re looking to keep your initial outlay as low as possible – you’ll find that the monthly cost for all three membership levels in this promotion will be beaten by one or both of the deals below.

Link to the Priority Pass Black Friday sale

Priority Pass with 3 months free

This is a 15-month membership.

a screenshot of a website

The headline costs for this deal may appear to be higher than the Priority Pass Black Friday deal (for Standard and Prestige memberships) but because this deal offers a 15-month membership rather than the usual 12-month membership, this is a more economical option.

  • Standard – $74 = $4.93/month
  • Standard Plus – $223 = $14.87/month
  • Prestige – $386 = $25.73/month

On a monthly cost basis, this deal’s Standard Plus Membership is 20% cheaper than the Black Friday deal and the Prestige Membership is 15% cheaper than the Black Friday deal. The cost of Standard membership is almost exactly the same.

Link to the Priority Pass 3 months free deal

Priority Pass with 1 free visit

This is a standard 12-month membership.

a screenshot of a website

This is an interesting option because, out of all three available deals, it offers the best price on Standard Membership (a huge 49% discount to the regular price + a free visit) and if you include the value of the free guest, it also offers a very competitive monthly cost for Prestige Membership too.

Here’s what the monthly costs look like without accounting for the free visit:

  • Standard – $50 = $4.17/month + 1 Free visit worth $32
  • Standard Plus – $239 = $19.92/month + 1 Free guest visit worth $32
  • Prestige – $343 = $28.58/month + 1 Free guest visit worth $32

If you’re considering buying the Standard Membership then this is probably the deal to go for. It may also be the deal to go for if you’re considering Prestige Membership.

If you don’t think you’ll need the free guest visit, the 15-month Prestige Membership option will probably be the more economical deal. If, however, you know that you’ll get to use the free guest visit the choice of which deal to go for becomes a little harder.

If you choose to go for the 15-month Prestige Membership (and factor in the free visit) you’ll only be paying approximately 18 cents/month less than if you chose the 12-month option which comes with a free visit. However, the 12-month membership will be up for renewal this time next year (when we should be seeing Black Friday pricing again) but the 15-month membership will not renew until February 2022 by which time the sale pricing may no longer be available. By taking the 15-month membership now you’ll save a little, but you may lose out at renewal time.

Link to Priority Pass with 1 free visit deal

UK Black Friday pricing

I have only been able to find one deal with UK pricing (let me know if you have seen any others) and this is what it looks like:

a screenshot of a website

At the time of writing the USD to GBP rate is approximately 1.32 so, for the purposes of comparison, this is what the UK sale looks like in terms of Dollars (approximately):

  • Standard – $54 = $4.50/month
  • Standard Plus – $186 = $15.51/month
  • Prestige – $380 = $31.66/month

Assuming you’re paying with a credit card that doesn’t incur foreign transaction fees:

  • For Standard Membership, the US 15-month deal is marginally better
  • For Standard Plus Membership, the US 15-month deal is more economical
  • For Prestige Membership, all three US deals are better with the second and third deals offering a very nice saving on what the UK Black Friday deal is offering.

Link to UK Black Friday Sale

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent airport lounge program that gives members access to a large worldwide network of airport lounges for a fee. Priority Pass members get access to over 1,300 lounges in over 140 countries and 500 cities – so there’s a very good chance that there’s a Priority Pass lounge in an airport near you.

Priority Pass membership is a good way for flyers to enjoy a little bit of comfort at the airport without having to pay for a premium cabin and without having to fly tens of thousands of miles a year for airline status.

Should you consider buying Priority Pass membership?

Priority Pass membership comes included as a benefit of a number of premium credit cards such as the card_name, the card_name, card_name, and the card_name all of which come with an annual fee of at least $550 (terms apply).

If you have access to one or more of these cards and the benefits are worth the annual fee (to you) then this is the better route by which to get Priority Pass membership – the Priority Pass Select membership that comes with these cards gives the cardholder and up to 2 guests free access to all Priority Pass lounges worldwide.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have access to these cards, or you don’t like the idea of paying for a premium credit card, then one of the three memberships on offer direct from Priority Pass may be of use to you.

Even if you have airline status there will be times when Priority Pass can come in very useful… usually in one of three situations:

  • Your airline of choice doesn’t have a club/lounge at an airport you’re visiting (I find this happens a lot in regions like the Caribbean)
  • You’re not flying with the airline with which you have elite status
  • You’re flying as a family and your airline status doesn’t get all of you into the airline’s lounge.

I have top-tier airline status with British Airways and mid-tier status with American Airlines both of which give me access to Business Class lounges worldwide, but Priority Pass still bails me out every now and again…primarily when I’m flying with both Joanna and MJ.

When we’re all traveling together (usually in Economy Class) my airline status isn’t enough to get all of us into an airline lounge (I’m only allowed one guest) but that isn’t an issue with Priority Pass lounges. At airports like Heathrow where there are a good number of good Priority Pass lounges, Priority Pass bails us out and we still get to have a bit of comfort before our flight despite not having access to the lounges that BA, American, Cathay Pacific, etc… offer.

Link to the top of this post where all the deals start

Bottom line

The best way to work out if a Priority Pass membership would be of any use to you is to see which airports you travel through most often and then check them against the list of available lounges here.

If you regularly pass through an airport (or airports) where Priority Pass has a presence then one of these Priority Pass deals may be for you….just be sure to check that the math works in your favor.

If you’re not a regular traveler then membership in a lounge program is probably not for you, but for those of us who travel frequently access to a lounge can be a very nice place to start a vacation or to get some work done before a flight.

All in all, If you don’t have a credit card that offers you Priority Pass membership then one of the three deals I’ve outlined above may be worth considering.


  1. Why would ANYONE with a brain buy a priority pass membership (especially with COVID likely to mess up travel through at least mid-2021 if we are lucky)? I have the Amex Platinum and CSR so have full coverage and realize there are plenty of people no willing to spend $550 a year on one card, let alone 2. However, there are a number of much lower priced cards that have limited PP access (like 10 visits). Just seems to me given the options available actually buying a Priority Pass membership is about the worst thing you can do from a financial standpoint.

    • Do you realise that this blog is read by people who aren’t fortunate enough to have access to the credit cards that we have access to?

      Do you also realise that the situation in the US (and in Europe) isn’t being replicated elsewhere?

      What’s “crazy” for you or me isn’t necessarily crazy fo someone else.

  2. Does the link to the $50USD Priority Pass deal with the 1 free night actually work? We have tried this and add our details including credit card details and right at the end we’ve received a red error message saying “Deal information could not be found”. Appreciate your help here.

    • The link is an official Priority Pass link so there’s no obvious reason why it shouldn’t work. I’ll contact PP and see if I can get any further information.

      Out of interest, what county is your credit card registered in? (I’m asking in case that has any bearing on the issue)

          • Update – PP phoned me from England Monday morning 30/11/2020 (Australia time) and advised me they can not offer me this deal over the phone. They said to check with you regarding the third party link. Why isn’t this working? (frustrating!).

            • PP have yet to reply to my questions.

              This isn’ta link problem it’s definitely something to do with PP. I’m tempted to try to buy this memberhip myself just to see what happens.

          • I’m having the exact issue as Gary. After filling out all info about myself, address and payment, when I click the “Join Priority Pass” button at the end of step four, I get the “Deal information could not be found”.

            I’m from Brazil

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