Priority Pass Mother’s Day Sale – Save Up To 25% On Membership

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Update 29 May 2019: Don’t buy Priority Pass Memberships this week. PP has just told me that it will be launching a new promotion on 3 June and the discounts will be better than what’s being offered right now.

Priority Pass has launched a Mother’s Day promotion which runs through 31 May 2019 and this year the promotion is offering up to 25% off annual Priority Pass memberships. If you don’t have a Priority Pass membership through a credit card and you need lounge access before the Black Friday sales in November, this may be worth looking into.

Unlike most Priority Pass promotions both the Standard and Standard Plus Memberships are being discounted by the full 25% while, more in line with what we’re used to seeing, the Prestige Membership is only discounted by 10%.

Plaza Premium Lounge Rio de Janeiro (International Departures)
Plaza Premium Lounge Rio de Janeiro (International Departures) – A Priority Pass Lounge

It’s definitely worth pointing out that with the right link you can get a 10% discount on Priority Pass memberships all year round so the actual discounts on offer in this promotion are an extra 15% off the Standard and Standard Plus memberships.

When it comes to the Prestige membership there isn’t really a bonus discount on offer here as the 10% discount on offer today is no different to the 10% discount you could have had last week if you used any of my other Priority Pass links.

Still…if you’re interested in the Standard or Standard Plus memberships then the discounts on offer in the Mother’s Day promotion are worth a closer look.

What You Need To Know

Membership pricing will vary depending on your country of residence and there are three levels of membership you can purchase – Standard, Standard Plus and Prestige – and the price increases through the levels.

  • Standard members pay a low annual fee and then pay a separate fee each time they access one of the lounges in the network.
  • Standard Plus members pay a higher annual fee but get their first ten visits free. Any further lounge visits come at the same cost as those for a Standard member.
  • Prestige members pay the highest annual fee but can then access lounges without the need for any further payments.

The three-tier system works quite well because it allows travelers to pick the membership option that best matches their travel patterns – it’s unlikely an infrequent traveler would want to purchase Prestige membership and it’s unlikely that a very frequent traveler would find the Standard membership economical.

Mother’s Day Promotion Pricing

  • Standard members and their guests each pay $32/visit
  • Standard Plus members get the first 10 visits included in membership with subsequent visits charged at $32. Guests pay $32 for each visit with no free entries.
  • Prestige members have all their visits included in the price of membership. Guests pay $32 for each visit with no free entries.

Link to the Mother’s Day promotion

Is It Worth It?

Priority Pass has grown in size to offer over 1,200 airport lounges across 500 cities worldwide so it’s unlikely that you’ll have any issues finding a lounge that’s convenient to you. The questions to ask are: How often do you travel? and will you get value out of a Priority Pass membership?

How much value a flyer will get from Priority Pass will vary from person to person and will depend entirely on their individual travel patterns. The only way to know if a membership is right for you is to work out just how often you think you’d use a lounge (based on your planned travels) and to then see if you think you would get your money’s worth out of an annual membership.

Speaking from personal experience, Priority Pass lounges come in most useful when I find myself in one of two situations:

  1. When I’m at an airport with no airline lounge (or no airline lounge to which my status gives me access)
  2. When I’m traveling with Joanna and MJ and my airline status won’t allow me to guest two people into an airline lounge (most airline statuses only allow one guest).

Other Offers Included In The Mother’s Day Sale

For anyone taking out a membership in the current Mother’s Day promotion Priority Pass is also offering a couple of other offers:

Roam Luggage Discount (link to Roam)

  • Save $50 on orders up to $500
  • Save $100 on orders $500 to $900
  • Save $150 on orders over $900

DUFL offer (link to DUFL)

2 FREE DUFL TRIPS (*$200 value = can be used toward 2 standard U.S. DUFL trips OR $200 credit toward an international trip).

Bottom Line

The most economical way to get Priority Pass membership is undoubtedly a credit or charge card – cards like the Citi Prestige, Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Platinum Card from American Express are examples of cards which include Priority Pass membership – but, if you don’t have one of these cards, a Priority Pass membership may be worth looking into as having access to a lounge before a flight can make the world of difference to your trip.


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