Has The Personal American Express Gold Card Been Pulled? (Probably Not)

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Update: Looks like a lot people can still see the application page for the Gold Card while I still can’t see it on any device or through any browser (even after resetting and clearing caches).

I certainly doesn’t appear as if the card has been pulled but I can’t explain why American Express isn’t letting me see the application page or why the click through from Credit Cards.com didn’t work either.

Last week I wrote a note to remind myself to write a post about why I genuinely don’t like the new American Express Gold card and, at the same time, I bookmarked the Gold Card webpage to make sure I had quick access to the card’s details should I need them.

I’ve just attempted to access that bookmarked webpage and all I now see is this error message:

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At first I wasn’t too surprised as I assumed the page I had bookmarked must have been for a specific offer running on the American Express Gold card which had now expired but, after searching the Amex website, I’ve realised that the personal Gold card doesn’t appear to be there at all.

The only personal American Express Membership Rewards cards currently on offer are the Platinum Card, the two EveryDay cards and the Green Card:

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The Business version of the Gold card is still showing on the site but there’s no sign of the personal card anywhere that I can see.

I know that the last day to apply for the rose gold version of the card was last Wednesday (9 January) but, as far as I know, the general offer on the card wasn’t due to be pulled and, even if it was, it’s now over 5 days later so where has the application page for the American Express Gold Card gone?

Just in case I was being particularly dumb (not entirely unlikely) I checked to see what would happen if I tried to access the personal American Express Gold Card application page from another credit card site….and I got the same error message as the one I got when I used my bookmarked link so the application page is definitely not there.

What’s going on?

Bottom Line

I’m not exactly distressed to see the Amex God Card missing from the American Express lineup as I don’t really like the card very much (at the post I was going to write would have shown) but I’d love to know why the card is suddenly unavailable for applications.

Is this something that has happened before? Is Amex just doing some maintenance on its site? it this a glitch? Or has Amex pulled the card pending a refresh?

The last possibility seems highly unlikely as the card is less than 4 months old and if Amex was going to pull the Gold Card wouldn’t it pull the Business version of the card too?

Still, with the Citi Prestige card now offering 5 points/dollar at all restaurants worldwide (significantly overshadowing the Amex Gold’s offering in that department) anything could be possible.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Featured image courtesy of American Express


    • I’ve tried every view option availabe and I can’t get the American Express site to show the personal Gold Card – can you see it if you try to just view Membership Rewards Cards?

      • Yes, it shows up there too. Initially when I tried to click through, it said the offer was gone, but now I’ve gone through a couple of times (apply and more details) and it’s there. Maybe a browser issue has it hung up. I did this on my mobile browser where I have zero AX history on it.

        • Strange. I can’t see it in Safari, Chrome or Firefox (and I never usually use Firefox so this doesn’t seem to be a browser issue) and I can’t see it in mobile Safari either.

          Perhaps Amex just doesn’t like me 🙂

  1. They were removing the rose gold option probably.

    I don’t think amex gold is better than everyday preferred if your spend is only groceries.

  2. Why on earth would you not like the Amex Gold card? I got 50k MR, $100 refund (20% restaurant rebate), 2x$100 airline credits (actually probably 3x since I will triple dip), $10/month from grubhub, and 4x restaurant and groceries, all for $249. Even if you disregard the grubhub credits, discount the airline credit value at 50%, and never take advantage of 4x, it’s still 50k MR for $49, or 0.1 cpp for the first year. Seems like a no brainer. Please tell me what offer has a better ROI than that.

    • When Amex decides to let me see an offer on this card again (I still can’t see it) I’ll write a post with my full thoughts but, in a nutshell, the restriction to US restaurants is ridiculous, the dining credit is annoying as it’s $10/month and not an outright $120 (and its limited to GrubHub and, at last count, 3 other eateries/chains), the airline credit is yet another game you have to play (like with the Amex Platinum) and the annual fee is too high.

      You appear to be putting a lot of stock in the sign-up bonus and I don’t consider that a good way of deciding what constitutes a good card.

      This may be a good card for year 1 for some people but I don’t think it’s a good card overall.

      • Oh, I didn’t realize you were looking for a long term relationship. I’m more of a hit it and quit it kind of guy. Seems strange that a travel/credit card blogger isn’t on board with going after signup bonuses, extracting value out of airline credits, and cancelling after the first year. Good luck with your long game.

        • I’m happy for others to promote the hit and run strategy (it’s definitely good for quite a few people) but I prefer to look for the longer term benefits of the card…especially considering how many restrictions we’re now seeing on sign-up bonuses (e.g. Chase)

  3. How does the citi prestige with 5 points per dollar and a $450.00 annual fee significantly overshadow 4 points per dollar at restaurants that the Amex gold card offers for a $250.00 fee/ Please explain .[I only paid $195.00 fee since I already had the premier card and it was automatically upgraded to the Gold card.}

  4. The 5 points per dollar can be earned worldwide, so far there are no reported issues of the points not being posted for restaurant spend (certainly not the case with the Gold Card) and the travel credit one can earn on the Prestige Card (to help partially offset the annual fee) is straightforward while AMEX continues to insist on making its rebates anything but straightforward

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