Seven Good AMEX Offers To Boost Your Membership Rewards Balance [Targeted]

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I make no secret of the fact that I love AMEX offers as I find them to be a great way to reduce any annual fees I have to pay and to boost my Membership rewards points balance without spending any more than I’d be spending anyway – they’re genuinely one of my very favorite credit card benefits.

Over the past few days and weeks American Express has been targeting a significant number of its cardholders for some really great offers (like the 16,000 Membership Rewards points offer with Fine Hotels and Resorts that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago), so I thought I’d highlight seven offers which can all be a great way to boost a Membership Rewards balance.

Note: Make sure you read the individual terms & conditions of each offer you’ve been targeted for so you know and understand exactly what it is you need to do (and not do) to earn the bonus on offer.

Offer 1 – Bonus Points At

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I love this offer!

There’s not very much that you can’t buy on Amazon nowadays and yet, outside of an Amazon co-branded credit card, there isn’t any truly straightforward way to earning bonus points on your Amazon shopping.

Yes, I realize you can buy gift cards at office supply stores and grocery stores with credit cards that earn bonus points at those locations, and then use those to pay for your Amazon shopping…but that’s not as straightforward as just paying with a credit card is it?

If you’ve been targeted for this offer you can earn 3 Membership Rewards points on all your Amazon shopping through 30 September 2019 (there are some exceptions but none that dimish the value of this offer), and that’s a nice long window in which to earn a stack of bonus points.

Offers 2, 3 & 4 – Bonus Points At Gas Stations

I’ve put the next three offers together as they’re related to one another and, as long as I’ve not missed something in the terms & conditions (I’m sure someone will point it out if I have) there’s a stacking opportunity here too.

The first deal sees AMEX offering up to 1,200 Membership Rewards points at US gas stations through 1 November 2019…

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…while the second and third deals offer bonus points for purchases at select gas stations:

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I can’t see anything in the t&cs which would stop a cardholder from earning 400 bonus points (through the first offer) and 3 points/dollar on a $40+ purchase at BP, Amoco, Texaco or Chevron.

That can work out to a rebate of almost 20% (on three occasions!) if, like me, you value Membership Rewards points at 1.5 cents each and you buy just $40 of fuel.

For ongoing spend at one of the named gas station brands, the effective rebate would be 4.5%.

Considering most people list gas as one of their major expenses these offers should be useful in helping offset some of the cost of running a vehicle…especially if you don’t already have a credit card which earns you bonus points for spending at gas stations.

Offer 5 – Bonus Points On Your Cell Phone Bill

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There’s a maximum of 1,500 Membership Rewards points on offer here (the AMEX offer can be used up to 3 times) but I should point out that I’m not 100% certain that I’m sure of what will and will not trigger the offer…and the t&cs don’t help!

I strongly suspect that it will require a single payment of $100+ to trigger the 500 Membership Rewards bonus but, having said that, I can’t see anything specific in the t&cs which would prevent 2 or more transactions which add up to $100+ from triggering the bonus too.

Issue of what will and will not trigger the bonus aside, this should be a pretty easy way for a lot of people to earn some easy Membership Rewards points.

On a bill of $101, a 500 Membership Rewards point bonus together with the 101 regular points you’d get for using your AMEX card is an effective rebate of approximately 9%, and that should be more than enough to make up for any lost points earnings from temporarily moving your cell phone bill over from another credit card.

Offer 6 – Bonus Points At

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The first thing to note here is that the 2,000 bonus points are only available for online purchases at and – instore purchases will not trigger the bonus.

The second thing to note is that the $100+ of spending doesn’t have to be done in just one transaction so that should make it even easier to earn the bonus without overspending.

I value 2,000 Membership Rewards points at $30 so for anyone spending the bare minimum to trigger this offer that’s an amazing rebate of 30%.

It’s very easy to quickly rack up a bill of over $100 at C&B (I could spend a lot more than that on their wine glass selection alone) but make sure you’re not spending money you wouldn’t otherwise be spending.

Crate & Barrel AMEX offers come around pretty frequently so, if you can’t think of anything you need from the store right now, you can always hold off for the time being and use a future C&B AMEX offer when you actually need something from the store.

Offer 7 – Bonus Points At eBags

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Just as with the Crate & Barrel deal this eBags AMEX offer doesn’t require the $100+ of spending to take place in one transaction…although considering the price of good quality luggage it almost certainly will.

eBags sells just about every major brand of luggage you can think of (including Briggs & Riley) so if you need a new carry-on or suitcase sooner rather than later this may be an opportune moment to buy.

If you’re in no hurry to buy a new item of luggage I wouldn’t let these bonus points tempt you into a purchase – you’ll get a far better deal by waiting for a good sale to come along.

Bottom Line

Hopefully some of these AMEX offers will give a few readers the chance to boost their Membership Rewards balance without any difficulty and without incurring any expenses they wouldn’t have otherwise incurred.

If any readers spot any other great deals that you think should be highlighted, let me know and I’ll, add them to a future post.


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