Marriott’s London EDITION Reviewed

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The London EDITION is a property I’ve been wanting to try out ever since its doors opened in 2013 but, for one reason or another, before last month I’d never stepped foot inside the property.

Shortly before the recent changes to Marriott’s award chart took effect some of my plans changed and I found myself needing to book a single night stay in central London and, with the EDITION’s nightly award cost about to increase from 60,000 to at least 85,000 points per night, this seemed like a very good time to give the hotel a try.

The London EDITION is located one block north of the Oxford Street shopping area but it’s also within walking distance of a large number of London’s major attractions as well as the Underground (subway) and numerous bus routes.

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As a place to be based if you’re looking to explore everything London has to offer it’s pretty good.

First Impressions & The Lobby

As you enter through the main doors of the hotel you’re greeted by an impressive lobby area with a double height ceiling and subdued lighting.

London EDITION Marriott

On the left side of the lobby is the hotel bar….

London EDITION Marriott

…..a seating area with, sofas, wingback chairs and a pool table.

a room with a fireplace and chairs a room with a couch and chairs

To the right is a further seating area with a number of sofas (one of which had an odd-looking sheepskin throw), and a few tables and chairs.

a room with a couch and chairs

Here’s what the lobby looks like from the mezzanine level:

a room with a bar and a fireplace a room with a fireplace and couches

The overall décor seems to tip its hat to old-school London members clubs but the atmosphere isn’t stuffy or aloof at all – there’s a surprisingly relaxed feeling about the place.

I liked it.


The front desk is directly ahead of the main doors to the hotel and, just like the lobby, it’s bathed in very subdued lighting (the picture below has had the exposure increased significantly).

a black reception desk in a hotel lobby

Within moments of walking up to the desk I was offered a drink (which I declined) and was thanked for being a Marriott Bonvoy Titanium member.

As the front desk agent was checking me in I was approached by the duty manager (he came from the direction of the lobby) and welcomed me to the property.

I’m not sure how he had been signalled (I didn’t see the desk agent gesture to anyone) but he knew my name and he also thanked me for being a Bonvoy Titanium member.

After checking that I was happy with everything so far he went on to say that, although EDITION properties don’t usually offer elites complimentary breakfast (they’re not the only ones!), he’d like me to try out the EDITION’s breakfast at the hotel’s expense.

That was a very nice touch…..and one which made me forget to ask if I was getting a room upgrade!

As with most award night bookings my reservation was for an entry-level room at the London EDITION but, having checked the rooms the property offers, I’m pretty sure I was given a one room upgrade…which was more than acceptable for a 1-night stay.

The Room

I was assigned a room on the London EDITION’s 6th floor and, on my way to my room, it was hard not to notice the near darkness in which the elevators keep guests.

an elevator with a dark wood paneled wall a elevator with buttons and a wooden wall

I didn’t actually mind this but it may be taking ‘mood lighting’ a bit far 🙂

There was a nice handwritten note waiting for me in the room….

a close-up of a letter

…..and I like the fact that the complimentary water is offered in easily recyclable cans.

a can of water on a table

The ‘Superior Room’ is a good size (for a European city-center hotel) and is set out as most hotel rooms are – it has a short hallway with a door leading to the bathroom and the main sleeping area directly ahead as you walk in.

a hallway with a wood floor and a wood floor

The main part of the room holds a King size bed (complete with unnecessary sheepskin throw)….

a bed with a blanket and a chair in a room

…as well as an armchair…..

a bed with a blanket and two lamps

….and a single, long table attached to the wall opposite the bed.

a desk and chair in a room a desk and chair in a room

There’s a good-sized wardrobe built into the wall on one side of the bed….

a bed with a blanket and a lamp in a room a closet with a white robe and umbrella

….and this is where you’ll find most the usual hotel amenities (bathrobes, slippers, umbrella, laundry bags etc…)

There are light switches on either side of the bed and there’s a single power outlet on each side of the bed too (a UK-style 3-pin outlet)….but no USB ports.

a telephone on a table a speaker on a table

On one of the bedside tables there’s an iPhone dock….but this will only work with older iPhones (like my SE) with a lightning connector.

a phone on a speaker

One end of the room’s long table doubles as a small work area….

a desk with a chair and a picture on the wall

….and offers two power outlets and a universal adapter.

a close up of a plug

As a place to get some work done it’s just about ok….but the table area isn’t particularly deep and the chair can begin to feel a little hard after you’ve been seated for an hour.

The view from this 6th floor room isn’t anything to get excited about….

a rooftop of a building with a tower in the background

….but it’s probably better than the views from most of the hotel’s other rooms. From the 6th floor guests are just above most of the surrounding rooftops – the lower floors aren’t so lucky.

The hallway is where you’ll find the sizable minibar area….

a cabinet with a door open and a small microwave

….complete with coffee maker, refrigerator and the usual overpriced drinks and snacks (although it’s worth noting that the mini-bar beer is the same size and same price as the beer in the hotel bar).

a menu with text on it

Opposite the minibar is the entrance to the bathroom…..

a bathroom with a mirror and a sink

…and, just like the Hyatt’s Andaz brand, it seems the London EDITION doesn’t offer baths.

a bathroom with a sink and a toilet a bathroom with a large mirror and a sink a glass shower with a white towel on a ladder a shower with a shower head a mirror in a room

The toiletries are ‘EDITION’ branded……

a group of bottles of shampoo and conditioner

…..but, unlike the self-branded toiletries on offer at the JW Marriott in Rio, the EDITION manages to make these look upscale.

I actually quite like the bathroom – it’s uncluttered, offers plenty of room, the showers have very good pressure (I can’t remember the last time I felt the need to take a bath in a hotel) and I enjoyed the little note card on display:

a sign on a counter

As a room in which to sleep and relax this was great – the bed was very comfortable, the armchair was a nice place to do some reading, I liked the bathroom and, in contrast to the communal areas of the hotel, there was plenty of light.

As a room in which to work it’s less good.

Bearing in mind that the London EDITION doesn’t have an Executive Lounge I would have hoped for a better desk in the room and, considering the property is not quite 6 years old, I’m surprised at the lack of USB ports.


There’s only one restaurant in the hotel (Berners Tavern), it’s on the ground floor and it looks impressive.

a restaurant with tables and chairs

Just as with the lobby outside, the restaurant had a double height ceiling (which gives the room an incredible feeling of space) and the décor definitely leans towards the traditional rather than modern.

a room with tables and chairs a restaurant with tables and chairs a restaurant with tables and chairs a restaurant with tables and chairs a bar with a yellow shelf with bottles on it a ceiling with chandeliers and a decorative ceiling

Berners Tavern serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and, based on what I saw during my visit, it’s a very popular with non-residents so it’s a good idea to make reservations in advance.

Breakfast is served from 7am and is a la carte.

I was offered a newspaper as took my seat for breakfast and the cappuccino ordered was quick to arrive.

With the hotel picking up the check for my meal it would have been easy to go nuts and try a selection of dishes off the menu…but that would have been more than a little greedy and remarkably ungrateful.

I settled for smashed avocado on toast with two poached eggs and a glass of pressed pomegranate and clementine juice.

a plate of food on a table

There was no skimping on the avocado, the eggs were cooked perfectly and the pressed juice was one of the best drinks I’ve had all year.

It was a very good breakfast…..and that’s just as well because I saw how much it would have cost me had I been paying:

a receipt on a table

Ok, so the cost of the juice inflated the bill considerably so, assuming I wouldn’t have ordered that had I been paying, a cappuccino and the avocado, toast and eggs would have cost approximately $19/$25….and that’s expensive.

The food may have been very nice but I won’t be eating breakfast on my own dime if I visit the London EDITION again.

Other Info

I had a couple of beers at the bar (the EDITION has its own label beer) and it was a very nice place to pass some time.

The staff were very friendly, the atmosphere was convivial, bar food is served past midnight, and the complimentary popcorn on offer was pretty good.

a bowl of popcorn and a beer on a bar counter

The property offers a gym (which I didn’t get to see) so there’s a place to work out and the concierge can provide details of the best jogging routes should you wish to go for a run.



  • A modern hotel should have USB ports
  • The furniture in the room isn’t conducive to getting much work done
  • The restaurant can be pricey


  • The hotel’s central location is pretty good and the area it sits in offers a wide selection of bar/eateries as well as offering easy access to local transport.
  • Every member of staff I interacted with was friendly, helpful and pleasant.
  • The atmosphere in the lobby/bar area was relaxed and inviting…and it was a fun place to spend some time.
  • The room was a good size, the bed was very comfortable, and I loved the showers.
  • The décor had been done well – the mix of old school with a touch of modern works and, for an upscale hotel, it hits the right notes.

Bottom Line

I really like the London EDITION.

Yes, there are certain things that I think could be improved and breakfast is expensive but it’s a very nice place to stay.

The staff members are friendly, the rooms are comfortable, the communal areas are fun and the location is great for exploring the sights of Britain’s capital and most people don’t tend need too much more than that out of a hotel.

Link to the London EDITION website


  1. Great photos and really nice review! It’s an unbelievable hotel. The toiletries are actually le labo for edition, thé noir, if you liked them. They’re a hip high end brand. You can also order the usual extras a little like at Conrad hotels via the app, or by calling, like shaving kits etc. The room service is fantastic and there are the two bars, the main one and the punch room. Berners tavern is high end fine dining. To be fair, 20 pounds for a great breakfast beats paying the same for a low end buffet at many other hotels in the food chain so I was happy with it, it was a little high end for lunch and dinner though and was more locals than guests, but this is a sign that it’s really good. You did right by going for the bar. View from room not bad. You should see some of the 5 star views in London. Bin lorries and laneways looking right into someone’s office. They have some rooms with baths. From what I understand the rooms are all a bit different. Would you make it your go to for London?

    • Thanks for the comment and the great info – really pleased you liked the review too.

      It’s definitely a very nice hotel and I prefer it to some of Marriott’s other high-end London properties (like the Grosvenor) but I wouldn’t make it my ‘go to’ property for London because it’s on the expensive side for my wallet.

      I don’t tend to hang around the hotels I stay at for very long so I’m happy with a good 4* rather than a top-end 5* and, to that end, I make the London Marriott Canary Wharf my go to hotel for weekends (fantastic rates and very easy access to a lot of what London has to offer) and then I shop around to see who’s offering what for weeknights.

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