Hong Kong Airlines Cancels Its Route To San Francisco

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Hong Kong Airlines was, at one time, supposed to be the airline that would help bring down the cost of transpacific travel and, at the same time, offer a cheaper (but still good) Business Class alternative for travel between the US and Hong Kong.

With Hong Kong airlines now in serious financial strife (there have been stories of the airline being unable to pay for its Airbus orders) the dreams the airline sold of consistent good quality lower-cost flights across the Pacific seem like a lifetime ago…and the airline has just taken an ax to one of its headline-grabbing routes.

4 October 2019 will be the last flight that Hong Kong Airlines operates between Hong Kong and San Francisco with the airline now having closed reservations for flights on/after 5 October 2019. [HT: Routes Online]

This is the schedule the airline currently flies…

HX060 HKG 13:10 – 10:40 SFO (Mon, Wed & Fri)
HX061 SFO 12:25 – 17:35+1 day HKG (Mon, Wed & Fri)

…and if you have a booking to fly this route with Hong Kong Airlines after 4 October You should get in contact with the airline asap to check what alternatives it is offering (assuming you haven’t been contacted already).

Hong Kong Airlines still operates a non-stop service between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and with this route still appearing in the schedules it may be that the airline is hoping to weather its financial crisis without having to close this route down too.

A Hong Kong Airlines A350 at LAX

Bottom Line

I genuinely hope that Hong Kong Airlines digs itself out of the gigantic mess it appears to be in as we desperately need competition across the Pacific (I’ve long thought that Cathay is overrated, overpriced and needs bringing down a peg or two).

The reality is, however, that there’s a real possibility that Hong Kong Airlines will decide to restructure its business plan and, for a while at least, concentrate its efforts on routes within Asia until it’s back on a sturdier financial footing.

I’m not saying that Hong Kong Airlines will definitely pull out of its remaining transpacific routes, but I am saying that I don’t think anyone should be making bookings on Hong Kong Airlines’ transpacific routes without understanding the environment in which the airline is operating.


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