The ideal 4 card American Express Membership Rewards team [Updated]

In this article, I've narrowed down Amex's card portfolio to the 4 cards which I think make up the best "team" for anyone looking to maximize their Membership Rewards points earnings, and while I'm definitely not someone who would suggest that someone choose just one card ecosystem on which to concentrate, if I absolutely had to choose one ecosystem to recommend it would be the one offered by American Express.

Improved CLEAR benefit now live on the American Express® Green Card

On Friday last week, I reported that despite the lack of any obvious public announcement, Amex was going to be improving the CLEAR benefit that the American Express® Green Card offers. Well, as of today that improvement is live.

Which Delta SkyMiles consumer credit card is best for you? (a comparison)

American Express issues four very different Delta consumer SkyMiles co-branded cards so to make it a little easier to decide which (if any) of these cards would work best in your wallet, this article compares the annual fees, the earning rates, and the key benefits that these cards offer in an easily digestible format.

Earn a 100,000 bonus points with the best card for United Airlines spending

The United Club℠ Infinite Card is probably the most important card a United Airlines frequent flyer can hold as not only is it the card that offers the best earning rate for spending with United Airlines, but it's also the card that can help make membership of United Airlines Clubs a lot more economical. To add to all that, the United Club Infinite Card now comes with a fantastic 100,000 point welcome bonus.

An American Express® Green Card benefit will be improved next week

The Green Card offers cardholders two good earnings rates and a couple of useful credits in exchange for a $150 annual fee and from Tuesday next week (15 November 2022), American Express will be improving one of the credits that its Green card offers.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card review (2022) – still one of the best cards...

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is one of the cards that gets a lot of people started in the miles and points world, and when you consider the card's relatively low annual fee together with the benefits that it offers and the power that the card has to make other cards even better, that isn't particularly surprising. In fact, I think so highly of this card that it now has a permanent place in my wallet.

Comparing the three IHG Rewards credit cards

Chase currently issues three credit cards linked to the IHG One Rewards program and this article compares the annual fees, the earning rates, and the key benefits that these cards offer in what is (hopefully) an easily digestible format to make it easier to see which card (if any) will work best for you.

Warning: Dormant credit and debit cards are not immune from fraud

Most people are probably very aware that the debit cards and credit cards that we use in our everyday lives are targets for scammers and fraudsters who would like nothing more than to get hold of our details and make off with as much of our cash (or the credit card company's cash) as possible. But did you know that even a card that you haven't used for years can be compromised?

The Platinum Card® from American Express just got improved (slightly)

Quietly and without any fanfare, Amex has made slight improvements to two of the benefits offered by the Platinum Card. Considering how much publicity Amex normally throws behind "improvements" that don't actually improve the card it's surprising that more hasn't been made of these changes but, nevertheless, this is genuinely a little bit of good news. 

The Citi® Double Cash Card review (2022) – The all-round cash back card

The Citi Double Cash Card is a no-frills, no annual fee cash back card that doesn't offer any big impressive benefits or headline-grabbing earning rates in a select spending category but is still one of the very best cash back cards that you can hold. For the miles & points enthusiast as well as for someone just looking for a good cash back card, the Citi Double Cash Card can be a compelling proposition.

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