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NEW BENEFIT: Amex adds cell phone protection to key premium cards

American Express has announced that it has enhanced the value offered by a number of its premium cards by adding cell phone protection to the list of benefits that the cards offer. The new benefit is now live and comes with a nice little bonus that most other cell phone protection benefits (those provided by other card issuers) don't offer.
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A Small Signal From Amex That Things Are Slowly Going Back Towards “Normal”

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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Reminder: Chase Sapphire card holders get added benefits at SBE properties

Accor Hotels took over full ownership of the sbe hotel brands in late 2020 (brands which, among others, include the Delano, Mondrian, SLS, and Redbury brands) so I thought I'd write a quick post to remind holders of the Chase Sapphire cards that their cards give them valuable additional benefits when they stay at select hotels in the sbe portfolio.
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How To Transfer Amex Membership Rewards Points To Airlines

Here's a simple step-by-step guide showing how to transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points to Amex's numerous transfer partners like Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Delta (amongst others).
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My unexpected but excellent Amex retention offer

American Express has probably done more than any of the other major card issuers to try to keep its cards relevant while the world around us changed beyond recognition, and it has done this by introducing new benefits and new spending offers to help cardholders justify their annual fees. Today, as if that wasn't enough, Amex gave me another reason to hold on to my Platinum Card for another year.
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LAST CHANCE: Select a carrier for your Amex airline fee credit

Three American Express cards offer cardholders airline fee credits that can go a long way to canceling out the annual fees that these cards charge, but with only two days of January left, time is running out for cardholders to actively choose the airline whose fees they'd like to have rebated.
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The Citi Prestige 2021 Travel Credit Is Also Valid For Dining & Groceries

The Citi Prestige Card must be one of the most highly devalued cards of recent years (it’s gone from being a “must-have” card to a card whose existence can, for some, be hard to justify) so it's nice to be able to confirm that the card is bringing back a very useful benefit that we first saw in 2020.
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Chase is discontinuing the legacy Hyatt Credit Card + offering bonuses to all Hyatt...

The original Chase Hyatt Credit Card has not been open to new applicants for a number of years (the World of Hyatt Credit Card took its place) and although existing cardholders have been able to use their card as normal since the card was withdrawn from circulation, Chase and Hyatt have now decided to retire the card for good.
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Citi Offering Bonus ThankYou Points On Select Credit Cards [Targeted]

Citi is in the process of sending out emails to select credit card holders offering them bonus points for spending in select categories. This is far from the first time Citi has done this in the past 8 months although the credit cards that have been targeted have varied.
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My experience applying for & using the World of Hyatt credit card

Towards the beginning of October I mentioned that I was planning to apply for three new credit cards in the coming months so, now that my first application is out of the way, I thought I'd write a post on how the application process went and on the timeline I encountered when it came to being able to make use of the various benefits that the World of Hyatt credit card offers.
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Chase is changing the timeframe for earning a free night with the World of...

As well as giving cardholders a certificate for a free night at any Category 1 - 4 Hyatt property every year (just for holding the card), the World of Hyatt credit card also gives cardholders the opportunity to earn a further free night certificate through spending. Starting next year, Chase is changing the timeframe cardholders are given to earn that second free night. The change isn't bad or majorly significant, but it's a change that for one year only, opens up an opportunity.
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Credit Card Strategy: The Cards I Plan To Get Via Upgrades & Product Changes

On Friday I wrote about the three credit cards that I'll be applying for in the coming weeks and months, and I also mentioned that there are two further credit cards that I'd love to add to my portfolio but that I won't be applying for. Instead, I'll be upgrading/product changing two of my existing credit cards and hopefully getting these cards without any pulls on my credit file. This post is about those two cards.
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Earn 5 Points/Dollar On Online, Cable & Streaming Spending With The Citi Prestige Card...

Citi has been pretty quiet for a few months and the last bonus or added benefit we saw the bank offer holders of the Citi Prestige Card expired at the end of August. Now, however, the bank is back with another small bonus as it tries to keep holders of its premium travel card engaged at a time where travel isn't an option for most people. 
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Chase Sapphire Spending Bonuses & Statement Credits Ending – 3 Days Left

The Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred credit cards have been offering special benefits and enhanced earnings in select shopping categories since the beginning of July, but with the end of September rapidly approaching, cardholders have just days left to make the most of what these cards currently offer.
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Hotels.com Launches Its First Credit Card…And It’s Free

Hotels.com is a site that I frequently suggest most people should be using a lot more and in combination with Wells Fargo, it has just unveiled its first co-branded credit card - the Hotels.com Rewards Visa Card. With no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and a useful first-year benefit this is a card that may have its uses.
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I’m Taking A Cautious Approach To The Ritz-Carlton Card’s $300 Credit

The Ritz-Carlton credit card that's issued by Chase offers an annual $300 credit for incidental spending with airlines but with most people either not able to travel or not interested in travel, Chase has extended the credit to cover grocery spending and dining expenditure too.
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Chase Quietly Extends Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card Bonus Earnings

Since July 15, Chase Marriott Bonvoy credit cards (including credit cards that are no longer available to new applicants) have been offering bonus points for spending on dining and at gas stations and although this promotion was scheduled to end in a little over a week's time, it looks as if Chase has extended the offer without actually telling anyone.
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Citi Is Emailing Out Authorized User Bonuses [Targeted]

Citi is in the process of emailing cardholders with offers of bonus ThankYou points for adding authorized users to various credit cards. The offers appear to be varying from person to person so there's no one single definitive offer out there but it's worth keeping an eye on your inbox if you're considering adding someone to your account.
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American Express Gold Cards Are Offering Improved Targeted Welcome Offers

I'm always checking to see if American Express has targeted me for any special welcome offers or special deals to upgrade (it's how I got a 150,000 point bonus when I upgraded to the Hilton Honors Surpass credit card) and, as things stand, there appear to be improved offers available on the American Express Gold Card and the Business Gold Card for anyone fortunate enough to have been targeted.
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Confirmed: Chase Ritz-Carlton Card’s Travel Credit Can be Used On Groceries & Dining

The Ritz-Carlton credit card from Chase comes with a $300 travel credit that, under normal conditions, can only be used to offset incidental travel costs like seat selection fees, baggage fees, and lounge memberships (airfares, hotel costs and the like can not be reclaimed). Now, however, with the travel world still at a standstill, that travel credit has been expanded to include spending made at grocery stores and on dining.
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Select Chase Ink cards now offering bonus points & cash back in new categories...

Chase is emailing select holders of its Ink Business cards to announce that, for a limited time, their cards will now offer bonus points in two new spending categories. I've seen this bonus targeted to my Chase Ink Plus card (which is no longer open to new applicants) and to the Ink Business Cash card, but there's every chance that other Ink cards are being targeted too.
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Why The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card’s Club Level Upgrades Can Be Deceptively Bad

I've recently tried to use one of the major benefits of the Ritz-Carlton credit card and I quickly found myself counting my blessings that it wasn't one of the benefits I'm relying on to help me get real value out of the card. The experience turned out to be more than a little disappointing.
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Lesson Learned: Don’t Mess With Chase!

The annual fee on my Chase Ink Business Plus credit card posted earlier this month and over the weekend I decided to see if I could get Chase to waive the annual fee or, at the very least, to give me a spending bonus to help offset the fee. Things didn't go according to plan.
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Caution: You May Not Be Searching For American Express FHR Properties Correctly

I'm in the process of trying to plan a trip to a Ritz-Carlton on the Spanish island of Tenerife and, as part of my research into the best way to book the property, I decided to check what offers I could find for the property on the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts site. Annoyingly, the property wasn't there.
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Rakuten Is Offering New Members 3,000 Membership Rewards Points As A Welcome Bonus

Rakuten is a portal I write about reasonably frequently because it offers miles & points fans a very easy way to collect bonus American Express Membership Rewards points when they shop at a large variety of well-known online retailers. Right now, and for a limited time, Rakuten is offering new members a very easy path to 3,000 bonus Membership Rewards points.
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UK British Airways Amex Offer – Bonus Avios At Big Name Retailers [Targeted]

American Express has started targeting holders of UK British Airways American Express credit cards with a very nice offer which allows cardholders to earn bonus Avios at some big-name retailers until 12 September 2020. I hold the British Airways Premium Plus Card and I have been targeted for bonus Avios at Waitrose, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Apple & Deliveroo.
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How I’m Using The New Platinum Card Statement Credits

At the beginning of May, American Express confirmed that holders of its Platinum Card would be given two new ways to earn monthly statement credits as the card issuer looked for ways to help cardholders get value out a card whose primary benefits all center around travel. For most people, this was very good news. For me, it presented a challenge.
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Save A Miniumum of $120 At Dell With These Amex Offers [Targeted]

American Express is currently targeting cardholders for two good deals for spending at Dell. One offer is good for a $120 statement credit while the second offer is for a substantial number of Membership Rewards points which I value at significantly more than $120.
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My Very Small But Very Annoying Issue With Chase

On the whole, I'm a fan of Chase. I've never really had any problems with the bank and I'm a big fan of a number of its travel-related credit cards which I'm very happy to hold. Just recently, however, I've had one small but annoying issue with Chase that I thought I'd share.
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Select Citi Cards Offering Bonus Points In New Shopping Categories [Capped & Targeted]

I’ve had a number of targeted offers set to me by Citi in recent months and the last offer I used (targeted to my now closed Prestige Card) even worked for purchases outside of the US. Now Citi is back with another round of offers which, if you’ve been targeted in the past, you may well recognize.
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A Bit Of Fun: How Many Membership Rewards Points Can I Earn Through Amex...

Over the weekend I was stuck on hold waiting for a customer services representative at a utility company to take my call and I found myself browsing through my American Express account to stave off the boredom. As I scrolled through my Amex Offers hoping to find a deal I could turn into easy points, I was struck by how many bonus points some of the retailers were offering, and I started to wonder how many points I could pick up if I triggered every fixed-points offer I had been targeted for and how much it would cost...so I checked!
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AAdvantage credit cards now earn miles towards Million Miler status

Up until 2011, all miles earned through credit card spending counted towards American Airlines Million Miler status while the miles earned from the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card counted through 2012. Since then, only miles earned by flying (better known as "butt-in-seat" miles) have qualified to move the needle in the Million Miler program...until now.
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Citi Extends Its Welcome Offer Earning Period & Improves The Prestige Card

Citi has just announced two new measures to make life easier for new credit card holders and its Prestige cardholders. The measures are nowhere near as significant as the measures we have already seen announced by Amex and Chase earlier in the day, but they're important nevertheless.
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Amex Confirms Good News – New Benefits & Earning Rates On Multiple Cards

It's a busy day in the credit card world! A little earlier I wrote about how the majority of Marriott Bonvoy credit cards issued by Chase and American Express will earn 6 points/dollar on grocery spending, that was followed by a post detailing how Chase is offering bonus points for grocery spending on a further 21 of its credit cards, and now American Express has announced that it is improving benefits and earning rates on cards across its portfolio.
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Amex Is Offering 20,000 Points For Platinum Card Referrals [Targeted]

If you currently hold a Platinum Card from American Express you may have been targeted for an improved referral offer which is doing the rounds. The referral offer is showing up in my account and a number of other cardholder accounts that I have seen so the targeting may not be particularly narrow.
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A bit of good news for Citi Premier® Card holders

Last week Citi revealed that it will be overhauling the Citi Premier Card and making significant changes to the card's bonus categories and to the bonus points on offer. One key piece of news was that from later this year the Citi Premier Card will no longer earn bonus points on all travel...but a lot of us missed one key element to that part of the announcement.
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Amex Is Adding New Offers To Its Cards To Help Cardholders

We've been hearing quite a bit from various airlines and hoteliers detailing what measures they're taking to help out their guests but we have been hearing comparatively little from the credit card industry. Up until now, the only really major announcement we've had has been from American Express when it revealed that it has increased the period given to cardholders in which they can earn the welcome bonuses that their credit cards offer. The other major credit card companies have been mostly silent.

Earn 75,000 IHG Rewards Points From A Credit Card That Costs Nothing

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of IHG or IHG Rewards right now (I haven't been for some time) but that doesn't mean that I don't know a good IHG deal when I see one...and right now there's a very good deal on offer for the IHG Rewards Club Traveler credit card.
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The Citi Premier® Card is changing…for better & for worse

I'm new to the Citi Premier® Card. I've had it for less than two months and it's only in my credit card portfolio because I'd had enough of the Citi Prestige® Card but didn't want to give up on Citi's ThankYou program entirely. Now we're hearing news that the Citi Premie®r Card is changing and that it's changing significantly enough to affect most cardholders.
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Get A Very Easy $5 Statement Credit From Citi [Targeted]

I don't know how busy Citi's call centers are right now but the credit card issuer appears to be trying to bribe some (possibly all) of its customers to use its website or app to manage their accounts instead of calling in.
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Introducing The No-Annual-Fee U.S. Bank Business Cash Rewards Card

The U.S. Bank Business Cash Rewards Mastercard is a business credit card that comes with no annual fee, that offers cash back on key business expenses, that offers an annual bonus on all the cash back earned and that offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers.
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Amex Offer: Earn Up To 10,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points At Tumi

A new Amex offer has recently dropped into my account which may be of interest to anyone shopping for some new luggage - there are up to 10,000 bonus Membership Rewards Points on offer for shopping made at Tumi stores throughout the US and at Tumi.com.
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I Downgraded My Citi Prestige Card And Confirmed Something Good

Over the past month, I've been reviewing my credit card portfolio and the result of the review has been that I've canceled once credit card, upgraded two and downgraded one and, in the process, I confirmed (re-confirmed may be a better term) something about the Citi Prestige card that I think is worth passing on.
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Los Angeles Amex Centurion Lounge to open on Monday (9 March 2020)

The long wait for a Centurion Lounge is finally over for those of us who pass through LAX on a frequent basis as Amex has now revealed that its Los Angeles Centurion lounge will open on Monday 9 March 2020.
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GOOD DEAL: Citi Is Back With More Spending Offers On ThankYou Cards [Targeted]

I've had a number of targeted offers set to me by Citi in recent months and the last offer I used (targeted to my now closed Prestige Card) even worked for purchases outside of the US. Now Citi is back with another round of offers which, if you've been targeted in the past, you may well recognize.
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Amex Is Offering A Hilton Transfer Bonus Of Up To 50% [Targeted]

American Express has launched a new bonus of up to 50% for transfers between Membership Rewards and Hilton Honors made by 14 April 2020. Historically such transfer bonuses have been targeted and have ranged between 10% and 50% so you'll have to log in to your online account to see what bonus Amex has chosen to offer you.
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Two Upgrades, A Downgrade & A Cancellation – My Month With Credit Cards

This month saw more activity in my credit card portfolio than any other month in the last 4 years and that's entirely down to the fact that I realized I was missing out on good value benefits by sticking with two of my cards, the fact that I realized that I was paying an annual fee for a card that I could no longer justify and the fact that I finally got around to ditching a card I've been threatening to ditch for months.
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Amex Is Offering A 20% Transfer Bonus To Qantas Frequent Flyer [Possibly Targeted]

American Express added Qantas Frequent Flyer as a transfer partner for the Membership Rewards program back in June last year and we’ve seen it offer a few transfer bonuses in the intervening months…and now we have another one.
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The Hotels.com benefit is ending on the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card

Capital One has had a relationship with Hotels.com for a number of years and through this relationship holders of the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card have been able to earn 10 miles/dollar for all spending made through Hotels.com. Traditionally this relationship has run January through January so we've been waiting to see if this earnings bonus would be renewed for 2020... but it doesn't look like this will be happening.
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Capital One adds two hotel partners & improves a transfer ratio

Capital One has just announced that it will be adding two hotel loyalty programs to the list of partners to which holders of select Capital One cards can transfer their miles (these are programs to which no other credit card currency can be transferred) as well as improving the transfer ratio to one of its existing partner programs.
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Book Great “Round The World” Awards With This Citi Transfer Bonus

We've used to seeing Amex Membership Rewards offering frequent transfer bonuses to some of the loyalty programs it partners with but transfer bonuses offered by Citi's ThankYou program don't appear all that often...so it's always nice when one turns up.
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Oops!…Chase Did It Again!

It was only yesterday that I was giving Chase a well-deserved hard time for altering credit card benefits without any advance warning and sometimes even without informing cardholders at all  (cardholders are left to find out by chance or from the various blogs that write about this stuff...and that's if they ever find out at all!) and now it seems that the card issuer has repeated the trick with another one of its credit cards...albeit a credit card that's no longer open to new applicants.
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The Chase Sapphire Cards take a hit (a small but important one)

One of the big reasons why I think the Chase Sapphire Reserve card still has its uses is because, despite the highly annoying news we got last week, the card still offers some of the best consumer travel protections around...as does its sister card the Chase Sapphire Preferred.
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Oh Chase, what are you thinking?!

There have been rumors floating around about possible changes to the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card for at least a year and these rumors came to a head a couple of days ago when a few specific changes were mooted. Now, despite the fact that Chase has yet to officially inform any cardmembers of impending changes, we're being reliably told that January 12th will see the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card get a mini-makeover...and it's not going to be a good one.
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Amex offer: Earn 4 bonus points per dollar spent at Amazon [Targeted]

Just in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday American Express is targetting cardholders for bonus Membership Rewards points on Amazon purchases through the end of the year. The number of bonus points you can earn is capped but this should still be a very nice effective rebate on top of whatever deals Amazon is offering.
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GREAT DEAL: Earn 20,000 Membership Rewards Points With Air Canada [Targeted]

Following on from its great offers on Air France and ANA flights American Express is back with another big offer a little closer to home with targeted cardholders able to earn 20,000 Membership Rewards Points for bookings made with Air Canada.
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American Express Is Adding Benefits To Its Corporate Cards

American Express has announced that starting today and going forward, it will be adding new benefits to all three of its Corporate Cards as it brings some cards into closer alignment with their personal and business counterparts and as it incorporates new partnerships with Uber and CLEAR. 
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Refer Friends & Family For Amex Cards With No Lifetime Language

American Express has long allowed cardholders to refer family, friends, and acquaintances for one or more cards that they hold, but now some of these referral offers have been enhanced...and enhanced in a good way. Some American Express referral offers now omit the terms and conditions that usually exclude former cardholders from making the most of whatever welcome bonus is on offer.
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Chase Is Starting To Make Slight Changes To Some Cards’ Benefits

When I get an email from a credit card issuer with a subject line that reads "Please read: Important changes to your credit card benefits" I usually expect the worst. Following the drastic cuts made by Citi, the changes being made by Barclays and the recently announced benefit reshuffle at American Express I think I'm entitled to feel a little concerned when I get an email from a fourth credit card issuer to let me know that changes are on the way
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Earn Up To $50 In Statement Credits On Dining With Hilton American Express Cards...

I don't log into my Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card online account very often so I've only just seen a dining offer for $10 back on $200 of spending at US restaurants (can be used up to 5 times) for which my card appears to have been targeted.
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AMEX Will Open A Bigger Lounge In Sydney This Month

The better known American Express airport lounges are the Centurion Lounges that are primarily found in the US as well in a limited number of international airport locations, but these aren't the only AMEX airport lounges around. 
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Earn 70,000 Or 75,000 AAdvantage Miles With These Two Credit Card Offers

Citi has brought out a couple of new welcome offers on its CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastercard and although both offers are very similar there's a slight difference between them that may see you prefer one offer over the other.
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Five More AMEX Offers You Shouldn’t Miss [Targeted]

I've been highlighting a number of various AMEX offers of late (some of the great hotel deals are still available and there are a lot of Membership Rewards Points on offer at MGM properties right now) and now I've noticed 5 more offers that look like they'll be great value.
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Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The Citi Prestige Card?

I've been on the verge of canceling or downgrading my Citi Prestige Card a number of times over the past few years but each time I got close to making the call I either talked myself out of it or Citi put through a genuine enhancement that persuaded me to give the card another go. Now, with my cardholder year ending in a few months' time and with Citi having just gutted most of the Prestige Card's protection benefits, I'm once again wondering if it makes sense to keep the card for another year.
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Updated AAdvantage Aviator Red Credit Card Benefits

It now looks like Barclays has finally updated the rewards and benefits section of its Aviator website so we can finally see what benefits have been left in place for holders of the Red Card (Silver cardholders may see slightly different benefits).
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Earn Up To 15,000 Membership Rewards Points At MGM Properties [Targeted]

American Express is back with another set of offers which should offer an easy path to a lot of Membership Rewards Points for anyone considering booking one or more stays at MGM properties in the US (primarily Las Vegas).
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AMEX Is Now Offering A 15% Bonus On Transfers To Avianca LifeMiles

AMEX is currently running a transfer bonus to various Avios loyalty programs (ending today), it's running a transfer to Marriott Bonvoy and now the card issuer has launched a 15% bonus on points transfers between Membership Rewards and Avianca's LifeMiles.
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Live Now: Activate Chase Freedom 4Q 2019 Bonuses

As we move into the final quarter of 2019 its time for Chase Freedom Card holders to make sure that they have activated the new category spending bonuses that their credit card offers, and to make sure that they're maximizing the cashback/points available for spending in those categories.
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Last Day To Convert AMEX Points To Avios With A 40% Bonus

American Express has been offering a 40% bonus on Membership Rewards Points transfers to the British Airways Executive Club, Iberia Plus and Aer Lingus' Aer Club since the beginning of August, but today is the last day to take advantage of this offer.
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Almost Certain: The AAdvantage Aviator Red Card Is Losing Protection Benefits (And Gaining Some)

Something big is going on in the world of credit cards right now with a number of major card issuers making some serious changes to the benefits they're prepared to offer their customers.
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10 AMEX Hotel Offers You Shouldn’t Miss [Targeted]

I'm always writing about the various AMEX offers that I see turning up in my online American Express accounts but I have to confess that sometimes some of the offers slip my mind and I forget that I've loaded them to my card(s).
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AMEX Benefits Shake-Up – Big Changes Coming In 2020

From 1 January 2020 American Express cardholders will see a number of protection benefits being added and removed from the cards they hold and whule the net effect of these changes is almost certainly positive, there are some definite negative moves too. 
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Get Bonus AMEX Points For Meeting Spending Targets [Targeted]

We've seen quite a few good specific AMEX offers appearing in members' accounts in the past few weeks with great deals with the likes of Air France, AMEX travel, AT&T Business and Cathay Pacific (just to name a few), but now we're seeing American Express offer some cardholders bonus Membership Rewards points for hitting various spending targets.
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A New AMEX Deal Is Offering Savings On Delta Bookings & Add-Ons [Targeted]

In comparison to some of the pretty impressive AMEX offers we've been seeing lately this latest offer aimed at cardholders booking Delta flights is a little tame...but it's still nice to get free cash back for doing not very much at all! 
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The New Apple Credit Card Isn’t Looking So Pointless Now

When the first details of the new Apple Card were announced there were a lot of people who jumped at the chance to ridicule the offering and to call it pointless...and that was a little harsh. The card wasn't pointless and it wasn't bad, it just wasn't aimed at the people criticizing it.
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Earn 6,000 AMEX Membership Rewards Points With GoPro [Targeted]

American Express has been launching a number of lucrative offers of late and the latest one to drop into my online account is an offer that offers a 6,000 Membership Rewards points bonus when shopping online at GoPro.com.
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Capital One Announces New Walmart Credit Cards With Up To 5% Cash Back

Capital One has announced that it is launching two new credit cards in partnership with Walmart and we're less than two weeks away from seeing the cards go live.
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Now Barclays Is Starting To Remove Protection Benefits From Its Cards

Reports are currently emerging which suggest that Barclays is sending out warnings on select credit card statements to let cardholders know that it will be removing extended warranty and price protection benefits from 1 November 2019.
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Why American Express Has Become My Favorite Card Issuer

Chase has a fantastic selection of miles & points cards for customers to select from and if you're a frequent flyer with Southwest or United or if you're a frequent guest at Hyatt, IHG or Marriott, their co-branded cards should still form an integral part of your credit card portfolio...but I'm now pretty clear in my mind that AMEX offers the better transferrable currency and that's a big part of why I find myself liking American Express more than ever.
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AMEX OFFER: Get $300 Back On Cathay Pacific Bookings [Targeted]

We've seen a number of very good deals from American Express of late and on top of the fantastic offer for Air France/KLM bookings and the great offer on AT&T Business purchases (both of which are still available to cardholders who have been targeted) we now have a very nice discount available on bookings made with Cathay Pacific.
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NOW LIVE: Capital One Is Offering A Bonus On Transfers To Qantas Frequent Flyer

Between Monday 16 September 12:01 AM Eastern and 31 October at 11:59 PM Eastern, Capital One Venture, and Spark Miles account holders will receive a 33.3% bonus on all miles transferred to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.
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Earn Points & Help A Great Cause With Citi Credit Cards

I’ve just got an email from Citi announcing a great opportunity for anyone with a Citi credit card or Citibank debit card to help out with a great cause. The cause is the “No Kid Hungry” campaign and it takes minimal effort on the part of cardholders to do a little good so there’s very little excuse not to join in.
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Are You Protecting Your Personal Data As Well As You Could Be? (Probably Not!)

With massive hacks seemingly increasingly commonplace (Equifax, Marriott, and British Airways are just three that immediately leap to mind) and with more and more people using the internet to conduct a variety of private and financial transactions, it has never been more important for individuals to do all they can to ensure they're as protected as possible from the threats that are being posed.
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Avoid This “Deal” – AMEX Is Offering A 30% Bonus On Transfers To Marriott...

American Express Membership Rewards offers transfers to just three hotel loyalty programs and one of these is Marriott Bonvoy. Right now AMEX is offering a 30% bonus on all Membership Rewards points transferred over to Marriott by 31 October 2019 but this is a "deal" that almost everyone should be ignoring.
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GREAT DEAL: Earn 20,000 AMEX Membership Rewards Points With AT&T Business [Targeted]

With all the recent offers we've been seeing it's a good time to be an American Express cardholder and now AMEX has come out and targeted me (and presumably a whole lot of other cardholders) for another great offer which can help rake in a LOT of Membership Rewards points - up to 20,000 Membership Rewards points to be precise.
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Why I Still Don’t Like The Chase British Airways Visa Card

Towards the end of last month Chase made a small but noticeable improvement to its British Airways Visa card when it added "taxes and fees" statement credits to the list of benefits the card offers but, having attempted to reassess my negative view on this card, I still can't escape the conclusion that this really isn't a very good credit card at all.
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Save Up To 20% At Select Waldorf Astoria & Conrad Properties [Targeted]

Hot on the heels of a truly fantastic offer for travel on Air France American Express is now targeting some of its cardholders for a very nice deal at select Waldorf Astoria and Conrad properties around the world.
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Be Aware – New AMEX Membership Rewards Rules Are Now In Force

Back in June American Express announced a number of changes to its card offerings and Membership rewards which were to be phased in over a number of months. The key change to the Gold Card from American Express kicked in on 6 June but the main changes to Membership Rewards only came into effect over the weekend and a further change is coming at the end of the month - here's what you need to know.
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New Targeted Welcome Bonus On The AMEX Business Gold Card (No Lifetime Exclusions)

I’m not sure why, but American Express appears to be very keen for me to apply for one of its Business Cards right now. A few weeks after targeting me for a special offer on its Platinum Business Card the card issuer has now targeted me for a special offer on its Business Gold card (the Platinum Card offer is still showing in my account). More importantly, the offer doesn’t appear to restrict past cardholders from applying or earning the welcome bonus.
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Ending Tomorrow: Earn Cashback & Bonus Miles With Delta AMEX Credit Cards

American Express has been offering a cashback + bonus miles sign-up deal on two of its co-branded Delta credit cards over the past few weeks and, with under 48 hours to go before the offer expires, I thought I’d highlight the options that are currently available for anyone who may not have seen them.
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Chase Is Sending Out Upgrade Offers To Select Marriott Bonvoy Cardholders

I’ve held a Chase/Marriott co-branded credit card for years, and when Chase refreshed its Marriott credit card offering my card (the Marriott Rewards Premier card) was closed to new applicants and renamed the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Card. Chase also released the new Marriott Bonvoy Boundless credit card.
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Seven Good AMEX Offers To Boost Your Membership Rewards Balance [Targeted]

Over the past few days and weeks American Express has been targeting a significant number of its cardholders for some really great offers (like the 16,000 Membership Rewards points offer with Fine Hotels and Resorts that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago), so I thought I’d highlight seven offers which can all be a great way to boost a Membership Rewards balance.
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AMEX Offer: $100 Or 10,000 Membership Rewards Points At Peninsula Hotels [Targeted]

Right now AMEX is offering targeted cardholders two very good deals when they book a stay with Peninsula Hotels by the end of November 2019.
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AMEX Offering 40% – 50% Transfer Bonuses To Avios (And There’s Something Odd Too)

American Express Membership Rewards has launched a great targeted transfer offer for cardholders looking to boost their Avios balances in the British Airways Executive Club, Aer Lingus Aer Club, and Iberia Plus...and something which may be a glitch (or a nice new option) looks very interesting too.
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AMEX Takes More Steps To Stop You From Earning Easy Points

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
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DEAL: Earn 16,000 Membership Rewards Points With AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts [Targeted]

Right now AMEX is offering targeted cardholders a fantastic deal in which they can earn a LOT of Membership Rewards points when making a single booking through the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts service.
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Get Up To 30% Back When You Add Select Citi Cards To Apple Pay...

At the beginning of the month, Citi emailed ThankYou Preferred and Citi Rewards+ cardholders an offer in which they can earn between 5 and 10 ThankYou points per dollar spent in select categories, and now more emails are going out offering a similar selection of cardholders the chance to get a statement credit after adding their cards to Apple Pay.
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AMEX Is Offering Bonuses Of Up To 50% On Transfers To Hilton Honors [Targeted]

AMEX Transfer bonuses to the likes of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and JetBlue are not uncommon, and now we're seeing a range of transfer bonuses on offer to the Hilton Honors loyalty program.
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Earn An Easy 75,000 AAdvantage Miles With This Credit Card (Offer May End Soon)

Right now, the Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Business credit card is offering an impressive 75,000 AAdvantage miles as its sign-up bonus but, as a recent email I received suggested this was my “last chance” to earn this bonus, it’s possible that this offer will not be around for much longer.
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I Got A Very Nice Surprise From My IHG Rewards Credit Card

It was in March last year that we first started receiving information that Chase and IHG were planning some changes to their IGR Rewards credit card and it was less than a week later that we finally got confirmation that one of the best benefits in the miles & points world was being significantly devalued.

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