Video: Marriott’s Lakeshore Reserve (Pool Area)

Marriott's Lakeshore Reserve Pool View

Continuing on from last month’s announcement that we will, slowly, be adding videos of all the resorts we visit, today we’re releasing the third of our videos on Vacation Smarter TV – Some external footage (mainly of the very large pool area) at Marriott’s Lakeshore Reserve in Orlando. Florida.

We filmed this footage during our January 2015 visit to the resort so everything you see is as up-to-date as it can get- click here for our review of the property.

If you tune in to see some of our other videos (especially ones shown the inside of the villas), it’s important to remember that resorts can have more than one type of room/villa (most resorts have at least 2 or 3). The videos that we upload are only meant to give an indication of the quality of the furnishings and the fixtures and fittings that you can expect to have on your vacation.