Singapore Airlines A350 Routes – The Definitive Guide

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UPDATED 14 May 2018 to reflect new Christchurch service

One of the most popular Traveling For Miles posts of the past 18 months was a post I wrote (and occasionally updated) detailing the Singapore Airlines A350 routes as the airline rolled them out with each new aircraft delivery.

I have to admit to having allowed that post to go stale but, as people still seem to be visiting it in significant numbers, I thought I’d revive the post and bring it completely up to date (and hopefully keep it that way).

So here we have it….

The Definitive Guide To The Singapore Airlines A350 Routes

Note: Airlines swap timings between winter and summer schedules so check carefully before committing to any bookings.

In alphabetical order:


Singapore Airlines used its Amsterdam route to launch its new Airbus A350 on to the international long-haul scene at the beginning of May 2016 and the route is still going strong.

SQ324 SIN 23:55 – 07:15+1 day AMS (Daily A350 service)
SQ323 AMS 11:15 – 05:55+1 day SIN (Daily A350 service)

InterContinental Amstel Hotel AmsterdamThe InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam


Singapore Airlines used its A350 to launch a twice-weekly non-stop service between Singapore and Barcelona in July 2017. Since then the frequency of the A350 service to Barcelona has been raised to 5x/week as Singapore Airlines flys its A350 to Milan and then on to Barcelona on the same flight number

SQ378 SIN 23:45 – 08:30+1 day BCN (Tue, Wed & Sat) **service via Milan**
SQ388 SIN 23:45 – 06:35+1 day BCN (Thu & Sun)

SQ387 BCN 11:55 – 07:35+1 day SIN  (Mon & Fri)
SQ377 BCN 09:50 – 07:35+1 day SIN (Wed, Thu & Sun) **service via Milan**

a room with a large window overlooking a beach and a cityA “fabulous” sky room at the W Hotel Barcelona – Image Starwood


Singapore Airlines kicks off its A350 flights to Brisbane from 16 October 2017 but the schedule doesn’t appear to settle down until 16 January 2018 by which time the airline will operate 3 daily A350 flights between Singapore and the Gold Coast:

SQ255 SIN 00:45 – 10:45 BNE (Daily)
SQ245 SIN 09:45 – 19:45 BNE (Daily)
SQ235 SIN 21:15 – 07:15+1 day BNE (Daily)

SQ256 BNE 09:10 – 15:10 SIN (Daily)
SQ236 BNE  14:40 – 20:40 SIN (Daily)
SQ246 BNE 23:35 –  05:35+1 day (Daily)

a man in a suit talking to a woman

Cape Town (via Johannesburg)

Cape Town was added to the Singapore Airlines A350 route network in October 2016…but not as a non-stop route. Singapore Airlines has been flying to Cape Town via Johannesburg on a daily basis and 4 of the 7 flights have offered a full A350 service while on the remaining 3 flights the Johannesburg – Cape Town sector has been operated by an A320 or a A340.

Not for much longer.

From 25 March 2018 Singapore Airlines is eliminating the narrow-body aircraft on this route and changing the schedule to:

SQ478 SIN 01:25 – 06:10JNB 07:10 – 09:25 CPT (Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun)
SQ478 SIN 02:00 – 06:35JNB 07:35 – 09:45 CPT (Mon, Thu & Sat)

SQ479 CPT 10:40 – 12:40 JNB 13:45 – 06:10+1 day SIN (Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun)
SQ479 CPT 11:00 – 12:55 JNB 13:55 – 06:10+1 day SIN (Mon, Thu & Sat)

a living room with a large window overlooking a cityWestin Cape Town – Image Starwood


As of January 2019 Singapore Airlines will fly its Airbus A350 between Singapore and Christchurch replacing the Boeing 777-200ER that currently flys one of the flights on this route.

Here’s what the schedule will look like:

SQ297 SIN 19:50 – 10:40+1 day CHC (Daily A350 service)
SQ295 SIN 22:00 – 15:20+1 day CHC (Mon, Wed & Sat seasonal 777 service)

SQ298 CHC 12:00 – 17:40 SIN (Daily A350 service)
SQ296 CHC 14:20 – 20:00 SIN 772 (Tue, Thu & Sun seasonal 777 service)

[HT: Routes Online]


Singapore Airlines added its A350 to the Düsseldorf route back in July 2016 (the airline’s 3rd A350 route). Since then the A350 has flown the route 3x per week on the following schedule (more or less):

SQ338 SIN 23:55 – 06:20+ 1 day DUS (Mon, Thur, Sat)
SQ337 DUS 11:00 – 06:15 SIN +1 day (Sun, Tue, Fri)

Note: the schedule timings change slightly from season to season

This route will increase to 4x/week from 27 March 2018 with the addition of another flight on Tuesdays (outbound) and Wednesdays (inbound).

Hong Kong

Back in 2016, when the first Singapore Airlines A350 started flying to Hong Kong, the aircraft could be found on this route up to four times a week but, since then, the A350s have been assigned new routes and now Hing Kong just has one daily A350 flight from Singapore:

SQ856 SIN 09:55 – 13:55 HKG (Daily)
SQ861 HKG 15:45 – 19:45 SIN (Daily)

a body of water with a city in the backgroundView from the InterContinental Hong Kong


Singapore Airlines used to operate a route to Houston via Moscow but in January 2017 the airline added an A350 to the route and switched the connection to Manchester in the UK.

As things stand the schedule is as follows:

SQ52 SIN 02:05 – 14:20 IAH (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun) **1 hr 30 min layover in Manchester**
SQ51 IAH 18:40 – 07:55+2 days SIN (Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat & Sun ) **1 hr 30 min layover in Manchester**


Jakarta was another of the early routes to which Singapore Airlines added A350 service (back in May 2016). The route initially started out with 2 A350 flight but, since then, this had dropped to just one:

SQ956 SIN 09:30 – 10:15 CGK (Daily)
SQ957 CGK 11:15 – 14:00 SIN (Daily)

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Kuala Lumpur

On 8 March 2016 Kuala Lumpur was the launch route for the Singapore Airlines A350 and was used for numerous crew orientation flights. Since then the frequency of the service has decreased significantly (this isn’t really a route the A350 was designed to operate) but Singapore Airlines still flys its A350 to Kuala Lumpur daily:

SQ118 SIN 18:40 – 19:40 KUL (Daily)
SQ119 KUL 22:30 – 21:30 SIN (Daily)

Note: Between 25 March and 31 May 2018 the A350 on this route will be replaced by a combination of A330-300 and 787-10 aircraft.


Johannesburg was the second long-haul destination for the Singapore Airlines A350 and it now forms part of the Singapore – Johannesburg – Cape Town route (see Cape Town details above).

SQ478 SIN 02:10 – 06:50 JNB (Mon, Thu & Sat )
SQ478 SIN 01:30 – 06:10 JNB (Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun)

SQ479 JNB 13:45 – 06:10+1 day SIN (Daily)

From 25 March 2018 Singapore Airlines is changing the schedule to:

SQ478 SIN 01:25 – 06:10 JNB (Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun)
SQ478 SIN 02:00 – 06:35 JNB (Mon, Thu & Sat)
SQ482 SIN 14:00 – 18:35 JNB (Wed, Fri & Sun) **1 July – 31 August 2018**

SQ479 JNB 13:45 – 06:10+1 day SIN (Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun)
SQ479 JNB 13:55 – 06:10+1 say SIN (Mon, Thu & Sat)
SQ481 JNB 19:55 – 12:20+1 day SIN (Wed, Fri & Sun) **1 July – 31 August 2018**


Singapore Airlines started flying it’s Airbus A350 to Manchester as part of its service to Houston in January 2017. The route operates 5x/week on the following schedule:

SQ52 SIN 02:05 – 08:30 MAN (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun)
SQ51 MAN 11:00 – 07:55+1 day SIN (Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat & Sun )


The A350 first appeared on Singapore Airlines’ Melbourne route back in August 2016. Initially the A350 only operated the route 4x/week but it’s now up to a full daily service on the following schedule:

SQ207 SIN 07:45 – 18:10 MEL (Daily)
SQ208 MEL 19:25 – 00:05+1 day SIN (Daily)

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Milan Malpensa (MXP)

Milan is one of the more recent routes to get the A350 service from Singapore (it started in May 2017). Currently the winter schedule runs 6x/week on the following schedule:

Note: There are no changes in timings but for some reason there’s a change in flight numbers

SQ368 SIN 23:45 – 05:55+1 day MXP (Thu, Fri & Sun)
SQ378 SIN 23:45 – 05:55+1 day MXP (Tue, Wed & Sat)

SQ377 MXP 12:40 – 07:35+1 day SIN (Wed, Thu & Sun)
SQ367 MXP 12:40 – 07:35+1 day SIN (Mon, Fri & Sat)


Singapore Airlines first scheduled A350 service to Moscow Domodedovo from 15 December 2016. Initially there were only 2 Airbus A350 flights available but, since the airline took delivery of more aircraft, this has increased to 5.

SQ362 SIN 00:15 – 06:20 DME (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat)
SQ361 DME 14:45 – 06:15+1 day SIN (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat)

a building with many windowsMoscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel


Singapore Airlines launched its Airbus A350 service to Mumbai on 1 July 2017. The airline operates multiple service to Mumbai but, as thing stand, only one  is operated by the A350.

The schedule is as follows:

SQ422 SIN 07:45 – 10:35 BOM (Daily)
SQ421 BOM 11:50 – 19:50+1 day SIN (Daily)


Singapore Airlines introduced the A350 to its Munich route on 1 July 2017. Initially the aircraft operated on this route 4x/week but from 5 August 2017, the route went “all A350”.

SQ328 SIN 00:25 – 06:30 MUC (Daily)
SQ327 MUC 12:20 – 07:00+1 day SIN (Daily)

Rome **New Route**

The Singapore Airlines A350 started operating on this route on 1 September 2017 (it was originally slated for launch on 29 October). The aircraft now operates all 4 of Singapore Airlines’ weekly flights to Rome on the following schedule:

SQ366 SIN 01:55 – 08:10 FCO (Mon, Tue, Fri & Sun)
SQ365 FCO 11:15 – 06:05+1 day SIN (Mon, Tue, Fri & Sun)

a large chandelier in a large roomSt Regis Rome – Image Starwood

San Francisco

At approximately 8,450 miles in length this is the longest route on which Singapore Airlines operates its A350 aircraft but this record will be shattered when the airline takes delivery of the ultra long-haul variant of the A350 and commences flights to New York – that’s going to be some flight!

The airline operates the A350 on this route daily on the following schedule:

SQ32 SIN 09:20 – 07:50 SFO (Daily)
SQ31 SFO 09:30 – 19:05+1 day SIN (Daily)


The Singapore Airlines A350 route to Stockholm actually flys via Moscow (see above) so there is no non-stop service right now. However, with a short-ish layover in the Russian capital this is still a useful route for the airline to operate.

Currently this is what the schedule looks like:

SQ362 SIN 00:15 – 06:20 DME 07:15 – 07:45 ARN (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat)
SQ361 ARN 09:10 – 13:30 DME 14:40 – 06:15+1 day SIN (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat)

Tokyo Haneda

Since 13 December 2016 Singapore Airlines has been operating its A350 aircraft on the Singapore – Tokyo Haneda route. Initially the aircraft operated just 5 flights per week but with new aircraft coming online this had now been increased to a daily service.

SQ632 SIN 08:05 – 15:35 HND (Daily)
SQ633 HND 16:40 – 23:20 SIN (Daily)

This webpage will be updated as Singapore Airlines A350 routes continue to expand.

Full details of the Singapore Airlines A350 cabin layout can be found via this link,



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