Review: The Club At LAS – Terminal 3

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This review forms part a trip I took with Joanna to Las Vegas and San Francisco (introduction and full details of the trip are here).

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There are two “The Club” airport lounges at Las Vegas McCarran airport (one in T1 and one in T3) and, rather confusingly, they’re both called “The Club At LAS”. Joanna and I were traveling to San Francisco on Virgin America so we visited the lounge in Terminal 3.

The Club At LAS in Terminal 3 is located across from gate E2 and acts as the airport lounge for British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Alaska Airlines (amongst others) and is also part of the Priority Pass network of lounges. The lounge is open daily from 8 am until midnight.

the-club-at-las - 01The Club at LAS

Even though Joanna and I were traveling in First Class Virgin America doesn’t provide lounge access at Las Vegas airport so we used my Priority Pass membership (courtesy of my Citi Prestige credit card) to get in.

The lounge is laid out in a rectangle with three distinct areas within it.

After you’ve got past the agent at the door the first area you come to is one with a bar….

the-club-at-las - 06The Club at LAS

….some tables and chairs…..

the-club-at-las - 05The Club at LAS

the-club-at-las - 07The Club at LAS

…and a “high bar” seating area:

the-club-at-las - 04The Club at LAS

This is also the area where you’ll find the food and drinks but I’ll come on to those later in this post.

The next section of the lounge was a seating area which I found to be quite narrow and, considering the number of tables and chairs in it, would probably feel a bit claustrophobic when the lounge is busy:

the-club-at-las - 18The Club at LAS

the-club-at-las - 21The Club at LAS

the-club-at-las - 19The Club at LAS

There were a few more chairs between the second and third areas of the lounge…..

the-club-at-las - 20The Club at LAS

…before the lounge opened up into the third and last area:

the-club-at-las - 15The Club at LAS

This area is a huge improvement over the area I’ve just been describing in that it has a lot more space and there’s a lot more light coming in.

Just off this this section is a small business area with desks, power ports, a single PC and a printer/scanner/copier:

the-club-at-las - 16The Club at LAS

the-club-at-las - 17The Club at LAS

The food that was on offer was to be found back in the first section of the lounge and included….

Cup noodles….

the-club-at-las - 23The Club at LAS

…. a salad bar….

the-club-at-las - 25The Club at LAS

the-club-at-las - 27The Club at LAS

…and a reasonable selection of fruit:

the-club-at-las - 24The Club at LAS

We were in the lounge at around 11am but, had we been there later in the day, the lounge would have also provided soup:

the-club-at-las - 26The Club at LAS

On the other side of the first section of the lounge is where the well-stocked and free bar is…..

the-club-at-las - 22The Club at LAS

…together with a whole host of more stuff that’s really not conducive to staying healthy while you’re traveling.

Four types of popcorn, assorted jelly beans and a nut mix is just the start….

the-club-at-las - 08The Club at LAS

This is followed up with mini pretzels, a variety of potato chips, and three or four kinds of cookies:

the-club-at-las - 10The Club at LAS

the-club-at-las - 11The Club at LAS

There’s also a coffee machine in this area…..

the-club-at-las - 09The Club at LAS

….but don’t worry that your coffee may be a bit too healthy compared to the other things around it…..there are a number of syrups you can add to make sure you put yourself into that diabetic coma you’re aiming for!

the-club-at-las - 29The Club at LAS

To be fair to the lounge no one forces anyone to eat all that sugar….and fruit and salad are provided so I guess that balances things out a little bit.

The one thing I wish that the lounge would provide is larger plates:

the-club-at-las - 28The Club at LAS

I realise that small plates mean that people tend to eat less and that in turn makes things more cost-effective for the lounge….but side plates are a real pain in the *** when you’re trying to eat salad!

Still…first world problems!

The lounge doesn’t provide its own dedicated wi-fi as the airport wi-fi comes though powerfully enough as it is….and the speeds seemed pretty good for a public network which, presumably, has a lot of people using it at any one time.

the-club-at-las - 30The Club at LAS

Bottom Line

Judging this lounge by US domestic lounge standards it’s not a bad little lounge at all. The staff were friendly, the WiFi worked well and, at the time we visited, there was a lot of space.

The food offerings were very average, but that’s the same in most lounges you visit in the US and the free drinks (which we didn’t bother with) are a nice touch considering this isn’t an airline lounge.

The one worry I would have is what this lounge would be like if two of the bigger foreign airlines (like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic) both had flights leaving around the same time. That could make things a little crowded and I’d definitely want to avoid the center section of the lounge under those circumstances.

If you find yourself in the lounge when it’s crowded my advice would be to look for somewhere in the furthest section from the door (the third section) – that’s likely to be the least congested.

Still, while we were there it wasn’t crowded at all and, for the time we spent in the lounge, it was a perfectly pleasant space to kill some time before a flight.


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