Review: Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport

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I passed through Copenhagen Airport a few weeks ago and stopped by the CPH Apartment Lounge which caters to First Class and OneWorld Emerald card holders amongst others. This time around, as promised in that last review, I stopped by the Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport (next door) to see how it compared.

After you pass through security at Copenhagen Airport, follow the signs for the A & B gates and, just after where the signs tell you to take a left for the B gates….

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 28Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport

….is where you’ll see the stairs leading up to the lounge entrance which is located on a mezzanine floor.

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 26Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 25Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport

Despite the fact that it doesn’t appear on the OneWorld website, the Aviator Lounge is the official OneWorld lounge for Sapphire card holders (BA Silver, AA Platinum etc..) as well as being the go-to lounge for a number of SkyTeam and Star Alliance Airlines.

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 24Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport

If you don’t have access courtesy of airline status to or the cabin you’re traveling in, you can still get in with Priority Pass:

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 23Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport

As you walk in to the lounge the reception desk is straight ahead of you and the entrance to the Aviator lounge is on the left…just past the newspaper/magazine stand:

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 01Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Entry

The lounge is bigger than the CPH Apartment lounge….but not by that much. As airport lounges go this one is quite small.

The are a number of seating options for guests and, just like the CPH Apartment lounge, the Aviator lounge is set over two levels.

As you walk in to the lounge the bar/drinks/food area is immediately on your left:

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 18Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Drinks

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 09Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Drinks

The highlight of the food on offer at 6am is definitely the bread. Partly because it really is very good and partly because there really isn’t that much else on offer to compete with it.

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 02Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Food

The selection is pretty impressive….

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 20Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Food

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 19Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Food

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 22Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Food

….and, because it’s so fresh, is great for making sandwiches out of everything else the lounge offers (other than the cereal!):

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 03Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Food

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 05Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Food

You can’t accuse the lounge of confusing passengers with too much choice!

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 04Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Menu

For those on small, handheld devices, that reads:

  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Jam
  • Oat (Oatmeal)
  • Corn flakes
  • Butter
  • Rice crackers
  • Bread

To be fair there lounge also puts out pastries….

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 21

….and fresh fruit:

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 06

While the choice is hardly overwhelming, at 6am I’m not really in a mood for much more but, if you’re arriving a little bit later and are looking for a full breakfast, the lounge may not offer enough to keep you happy.

Ahead of the small food/drink area is a high table with stools as well as more stools looking out over the airport terminal and shops below:

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 07Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Seating

There are a couple of coffee machines in this area too:

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 08Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Coffee Machines

Opposite this area the lounge opens up into one of the two main seating areas…neither of which is very big.

The first area is a combination of kitchen-style tables and chairs and more comfortable armchairs and tables:

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 10Aviator Lounge Copenhagen Airport – Seating

The second area is on a slightly lower level (4-5 steps) and is longer but considerably narrower.

The steps divide this area in two. On the right you’ll find a series of small tables with a good number of high-backed relaxing chairs….aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 11

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 16

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 17

….as well as a high bench, with stools and a single iMac, overlooking the airport apron (hard to see in the dark):

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 15

The high-backed chairs are very comfortable…dangerously so which it’s very early in the morning, you’re had 3 hours sleep, and your flight leaves in an hour 🙂

On the other side of the lower level of the Aviator Lounge things are a bit more spartan. There are a few armchairs with tables….

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 13

…and another set of stools overlooking the airport shops and restaurants below the lounge:

aviator-lounge-copenhagen-airport - 14

Bottom Line

As a place to grab a coffee and a snack before a flight this is perfectly fine. If you’re looking for something more than you’re probably going to be disappointed.

I arrived to the lounge quite early so there was a lot of space and plenty of seats for me to choose from….but the story was different for this turning up 20 minutes later. By then the lounge was busy and doesn’t appear to have quite the resources to deal with the number of people who have a right to entry.

The lounge also put the CPH Apartment lounge into perspective. The Aviator lounge is, supposedly, a level below the CPH Apartment lounge but I couldn’t see much difference between the two – at least not at that time of day. The food offerings were near identical similar (the bread was better in the Aviator lounge) and I couldn’t see any difference between the drinks on offer (perhaps that changes later in the day?).

The Aviator lounge is the larger of the two lounges and the one I actually prefer (when it’s not crowded) but, because of the number of people who seemingly have access to the Aviator lounge, the CPH Apartment is probably a better bet if you want a seat during peak times.