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Andaz West Hollywood

Back in January I had my first stay at the Andaz West Hollywood and, on that occasion, I stayed in one of the View King rooms overlooking the Sunset Strip. Not only was that my first stay at the Andaz WeHo but it was also my first stay at a Hyatt property after I was lucky enough to get matched to their top-tier Diamond status.

On the last trip I was only staying for two nights so I didn’t think it was worth redeeming one of my Diamond Suite upgrades but, on a recent trip, I was there for a night longer and I couldn’t resist splashing out.

In this post I’m going to concentrate on the suite that I stayed in as well as a few features of the hotel that I didn’t cover fully in my last review so, if there’s any information you feel you need and that you can’t find here, there’s a good chance it’s in my earlier post here.

Andaz West Hollywood Suite King

I managed to book a very good AA rate for the Andaz WeHo and was grateful that Hyatt allows such rates to be upgraded with Hyatt Diamond Suite upgrades – there’s nothing like finding a good rate, making it better by applying a AAA discount and then upgrading to suite for zero dollars more 🙂

Andaz WeHo 6-9 Feb 2015 copy

The suite I was allocated was on the third floor on the West side of the property overlooking the Sunset Strip to the front (south) and the Comedy Store to the right (west):

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 05Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – View looking west

As you walk in to the suite you’re greeted by sunlight flooding through the front windows of the suite as well as a high-bar with stools:

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 15Andaz West Hollywood Suite King

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 14Andaz West Hollywood Suite King

The living area that you first walk into is a good size (as it should be in a suite that’s around 800 sq ft in size) and, as well as the high-bar, it houses an L-shape sofa (which is not a sofa bed), a desk, a cabinet and a large-screen TV.

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 09Andaz West Hollywood Suite King

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 11Andaz West Hollywood Suite King

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 13Andaz West Hollywood Suite King

I wasn’t a fan of the sofa …it didn’t look particularly upscale and reminded me of a lot of sofas I’ve seen in discount warehouses. Comfort-wise it was ok but, for a room that regular sells for in excess of $500/night (when you include taxes)….

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 15.33.39…I’d expect something a lot better.

On a positive note the desk was very comfortable to work at and it had plenty of power outlets for all my devices.

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 42Andaz West Hollywood Suite King

Also, to be fair to the suite the pictures make it look a lot more sparse than it actually was and, although it was decorated in a very “modern” way, it really wasn’t in any way bleak.

As with the Andaz King room that I stayed in last visit, my favorite part of the suite was the sun room overlooking Sunset Boulevard:

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 06Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Sun Room area

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 35Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Sun Room area

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 37Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Sun Room area

This really was a great place to relax after a day of walking around WeHo and the fact that, in this instance, the room was south and west-facing meant that there was a lot of sunshine for most of the day. I even saw some pretty nice sunrises over Downtown LA….although my photography clearly isn’t up to much!

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 04Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Sunrise over Downtown LA

The suite comes with two full  bathrooms and this is great if you’ve made the most of the unit and had a rollaway bed placed in the living area – it means that whomever you’re sharing the suite with (probably the kids) can have their own bathroom and the master bedroom and en suite are completely separate from the rest of the suite.

The first bathroom is just off the living area portion of the suite:

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 16Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Bathroom 1

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 17Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Bathroom 1

As far as I can tell the Andaz West Hollywood doesn’t have bathrooms with baths (it is way to warm in LA for baths anyway) so both bathrooms have the same facilities.

The master bedroom and en suite can be closed off from the rest of the suite and take up around a third of the total suite area….so they’re not small.

In this instance the bedroom faced west towards the Comedy Store and, while that didn’t turn out to be an issue (even on a raucous Saturday night on Sunset), what was annoying was the fact that it overlooked the alleyway the garbage vehicles use. The early morning noise from these vehicles as they reversed back and forth down this alley was maddening and explained why the hotel provides these…..

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 82Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Earplugs

….although I didn’t need them for the Strip!

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 20Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Bedroom

Putting the noise issues to one side, the bed was very comfortable and the hotel has thought to supply power outlets next to the bed….sot that’s a big plus.

The bed faces a big flat-screen TV which is positioned above a cabinet that really doesn’t have too many uses…..

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 28Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Bedroom

…..and, as minor as this is, I really didn’t like the controls for the TV…..they were too fiddly (first world problems!).

There was a chair and stool on one side of the bed….

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 24Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Bedroom

….while a large mirror, a set of drawers and a wardrobe rounded off the room’s contents:

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 29Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – Bedroom

The en suite bathroom (located opposite the big mirror) isn’t the biggest but was more than adequate for my needs…..

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 31Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – En suite

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 32Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – En suite

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 30Andaz West Hollywood Suite King – En suite

….and came with the usual ample supply of Andaz WeHo toiletries:

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 19

That rounds off the description of the Andaz Suite King so I thought I’d sum up what I likes and didn’t like about the room:


  • Noise from the garbage vehicles – super annoying
  • Sofa wasn’t to my taste (others may disagree)
  • The TV controls were over-engineered
  • There wasn’t a separate wardrobe/closet in the living area, just drawers.


  • The size
  • The sun room area
  • The desk and chair
  • The ample power outlets
  • The two bathrooms

The issue with those lists is that 3 out of my 5 likes all also apply to the Andaz King that I stayed at back in January so they don’t really help to make the suite stand out.

Other Areas Of The Andaz (In Pictures)

I forgot to take pictures of the Andaz WeHo gym on my last visit so here they are now:

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 70Andaz West Hollywood – Gym

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 67Andaz West Hollywood – Gym

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 71Andaz West Hollywood – Gym

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 72Andaz West Hollywood – Gym

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 73Andaz West Hollywood – Gym

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 74Andaz West Hollywood – Gym

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 69Andaz West Hollywood – Gym

It’s by no means the largest hotel gym I’ve come across but it’s well equipped and should be good enough for pretty much everyone’s workouts.

Also, on my last visit, LA wasn’t having the greatest of weather so I thought I’d add in a couple of pictures of the roof deck/pool with a stereotypical Californian blue sky:

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 54Andaz West Hollywood – Rooftop pool and cabanas

andaz-west-hollywood-king-suite - 60Andaz West Hollywood – Rooftop pool and cabanas

Bottom Line

I had very good service during my stay at the Andaz and, as I’ve said before, I think this is one of the best located hotels in Los Angeles, but I’m not sure the suite is worth it unless you actually have need of the extra space.

For a family with kids it could be a good way to save some cash (especially if using a Diamond Suite upgrade) but, other than that, I enjoyed my time in the Andaz King room just as much so I can’t see myself paying for a suite if I didn’t ned the room.

I’m still a fan of the Andaz West Hollywood as, on my two visits, I’ve had good interactions with the staff and I haven’t had to choose between finding breakfast out of the hotel or paying over the odds for breakfast in the restaurant (I get complementary breakfast as part of my elite benefits).

I’ll definitely be staying here again but, next time, I’ll be sure to insist on a high floor (to get further away from any noise) and I’ll only be in a suite if I have an upgrade to burn.

Reminder: If you want more information on the hotel in general, including things like the service and the breakfast, take a look at this earlier review of the hotel.


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