Updated List Of All Hyatt SLH Properties & A Few Statistics Too

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Few people will argue against the idea that one of the bigger hotel success stories of the past 18 months has been Hyatt’s incorporation of over 300 Small Luxury Hotel properties (SLH) into its World of Hyatt loyalty program.

Without having to open or manage a single new property Hyatt has significantly expanded its worldwide footprint and given World of Hyatt members a lot more choice when it comes to spending their hard-earned points and a lot more options when it comes to earning points too. Most importantly, all of this has come with no real downside whatsoever – it’s not a bad time to be a World of Hyatt loyalist.

A while back a reader commented that “[m]ost SLH properties are on the top of the spectrum” so, while I’m well aware that Hyatt created a new top-tier Category 8 band just to incorporate some of the higher-end SLH properties, it occurred to me that I didn’t really know what the full SLH list looks like…so I asked Hyatt.

Hyatt’s SLH Properties – A Few Stats

The full list of SLH properties that are currently in the World of Hyatt is reproduced a little later in this post but, for now, here are a few facts that the list has provided.

As things stand (and following the additions made in February) there are 354 SLH properties in the World of Hyatt program.

The breakdown of World of Hyatt SLH properties by category is as follows:

    • Category 1 – 0
    • Category 2 – 0
    • Category 3 – 30 (8.5%)
    • Category 4 – 33 (9.3%)
    • Category 5 – 61 (17.2%)
    • Category 6 – 111 (31.4%)
    • Category 7 – 68 (19.2%)
    • Category 8 – 51 (14.4%)

The breakdown of World of Hyatt SLH properties by region is as follows:

    • Europe – 226 (63.8%)
    • Asia – 60 (16.9%)
    • North America – 28 (7.9%)
    • Caribbean – 12 (3.4%)
    • Oceania – 8 (2.3%)
    • Central America – 6 (1.7%)
    • Africa/Indian Ocean – 6 (1.7%)
    • The Middle East – 4 (1.1%)
    • South America – 4 (1.1%)

The top five countries represented in the list of SLH properties participating in the World of Hyatt are as follows:

  1. Italy – 51 (14.4%)
  2. France – 38 (10.7%)
  3. Greece – 29 (8.2%)
  4. United Kingdom – 28 (7.9%)
  5. Thailand – 18 (5.1%)

The United States is represented by 16 SLH properties

Quick Thoughts

The charge that most SLH properties have entered the World of Hyatt program in the higher categories appears to be born out by the facts with ~65% of SLH properties in the top 3 World of Hyatt categories and no SLH properties in the bottom 2 categories.

This isn’t really a surprise as the “L” in SLH stands for “luxury” so it’s unlikely that any SLH properties would be placed on a par with the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport-North or the Hyatt Place Edmonton-West…but it’s still interesting to see just how top-heavy the SLH properties are.

It’s also interesting to see just how much the SLH hotels have increased Hyatt’s presence in Europe (228 hotels or ~64% of all the SLH properties in the World of Hyatt) with a significant percentage of these properties spread across just 4 countries (~41%).

I had no idea that the SLH portfolio has such a major bias towards Europe but it does shine a light on the fact that the new entrants to the World of Hyatt haven’t exactly been spread evenly across the world.

It’s great that Hyatt now has a much more impressive presence in Europe than it did just 18 months ago but from now on it would be nice to see a few more properties added from regions like the Caribbean, Oceania and South America rather than more of the same from Europe.

Full List Of SLH Properties Participating In The World Of Hyatt

Click to enlarge

Bottom Line

I love how Hyatt has managed to significantly increase its worldwide footprint in such a small space of time and there’s no doubt that the addition of over 350 SLH properties to the World of Hyatt has been a big bonus for Hyatt loyalists…but it would be nice if we started to see a little bit more diversity.

I think we can safely say that Europe is pretty well represented now (especially countries like Italy, France, and the UK) so let’s hope that a significant percentage of future additions to the World of Hyatt will be from a few other regions.

It may be a bit much to expect to see a significant number of lower category properties being added (I’d start to wonder if SLH properties really were all of a “luxury” standard if that was to happen) but it shouldn’t be too much to ask for a little bit more regional differentiation.

Note: Hyatt has a habit of removing SLH properties from the World of Hyatt program without letting anyone know so if you notice any properties in the list above which have been silently removed, let me know and I’ll put through the necessary edits. Thanks.

Featured Image: Vista Palazzo Lago di Como courtesy of Hyatt


  1. My big concern is that Hyatt has not only created another entirely new tier at the absolute top of the price spectrum, but that the fact that a large majority of SLH hotels vary from pricey to extremely pricey on points. In conjunction with the new variable pricing from Hyatt, this goes further down the road to increased prices on redemptions. In a best case realistic scenario, we’re looking at an upward creep in prices, and the outlook only worsens from there.

  2. I stayed 3 nights at the Bank Hotel in Stockholm in October, category 5. We burned 20 K per night (soaked up my wife’s bonus from her Hyatt credit card signup). It was a great stay. Location, service, and hotel hard product were fantastic. Hotel resto is great – yes they serve meatballs, and reindeer too). I have stayed at other SLH properties (Quinta das Lagrimas and Palacio Estoril in Portugal last year) and have always enjoyed them. These are welcome as I am a Hyatt fan and seek them out wherever I go. We are off to Argentina in a couple weeks to get out of the New England winter and have a week booked at the Park Hyatt Mendoza and another at the Centric in Santiago. I used to be a Marriott and Hilton kind of guy, but now I steer towards a Hyatt property whenever I can. SLH just makes it better.

  3. Europe has never had a great Hyatt footprint, so for us in Europe, the addition of the SLH properties has been most welcome as we now have more places to earn and burn WoH points. We do not have credit card points earning opportunities, American Express does not have a partnership with WoH for points to be transferred.

    A couple of months ago, I stayed at one SLH property and was quite impressed by it. So I am now looking forward to staying at many more, but not just in Europe of course!

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