Earn 3x Rewards Points On Your Next Accor Hotels Stay (Possibly Targeted)

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Update 5 July: Be aware that some readers are seeing a caveat in the t&cs which limits this offer to members based in select countries – check your t&cs carefully before assuming you will earn the bonus points.

There really isn’t too much more to say about this Le Club Accor promotion than what you already see in the title – Accor Hotels is offering all its Le Club Accor members triple rewards points on their next booking.

The terms and conditions are simple:

  • Registration is required (here)
  • Earn 3x points on stays made between 15 July and 15 September 2019
  • Book by 31 July 2019
  • All Accor properties are participating

How Many Points Can You Earn?

Just like with most other hotel loyalty programs, Le Club Accor offers members more points the higher they progress up the elite status ladder:

In this promotion, an entry-level Le Club Accor member (Classic status level) will earn 75 reward points for every €10 Euro spent at most Accor properties worldwide, while top-tier Platinum members will earn as many as 132 points/€10.

How Valuable Are These Points?

With 2,000 points being worth a €40 rebate on a future booking, a single Accor point is worth €0.02.

So, with that valuation in mind, this promotion is offering effective rebates of between 15% (Classic members) and 26.4% (Platinum members) – those are rebates that are definitely worth having.

Sofitel Bora Bora – Image Accor Hotels

Bottom Line

It’s disappointing that Accor has limited this promotion to just one stay but, given how lucrative this would be if the earnings weren’t capped, it’s not surprising to see Accor place a 1-stay restriction on the offer….and this is still a nice deal to be offered.

As this promotion is only valid for the first stay after registration, Accor loyalists should be careful to only register once they know that their next stay is going to be the most expensive they’ll be making during the dates the promotion is running – it would be a shame to trigger this promotion for a 1-night stay at an Ibis property when you also have a 7-night stay at a Fairmont or Raffles property coming up.

Are any readers going to be able to make the most of this?


  1. So if I got the math right for my next 4 night stay @$200/nt nets E70 x 75 = 5250 points at E.02 = 100 Euros. Very generous compared to other programs!

    • More precisely:
      $200 USD x4 = 800 = 728 EUR

      728 eur * 2.5 pts (base rate earn) = 1820 points
      3x multiplier : 3640
      = 5460

      This is if your at classic status.
      Also assuming the rate was $200+ tax/fees. If that included tax/fees, you have to deduct the tax first because tax does not earn any points.

  2. The big problem with the Accor program is that it’s a simple rebate situation, so there’s just no way to get an aspirational value from your stays under remotely normal circumstances.

    • True, but for people who don’t like having to find award space that fits with their vacation dates and who don’t like having to work out if it’s better to use points or cash, it works quite well.

  3. Is it me or it’s limited to members in selected countries ? “4.This offer entitles Le Club AccorHotels members living in the following countries to triple Rewards points for a stay of at least one (1) night: Aland Islands, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Scalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, or the United Kingdom.”

    • That’s strange. My Accor account is US-based and I’m not seeing that in the T&Cs when I log in.

  4. These promo do not work like that. The terms are confusing I know, but I’ve completed some and know they only post like this:
    Base points (2.5p/EUR) * multiplier.So 3x on 100 eur spend you get. The elite accelerated is never boosted, just added after:
    250 base
    +750 bonus
    Platinum accelerator: +1.9p/€ = 8.8% = 190
    = Total : 1190

    Here’s a section from where I compared all the loyalty program earn rates, accors for gold/platinum:
    “2.5p/€ = 5%
    +1.2p/€ = 7.4%
    +1 AM = 9.4%”
    “2.5p/€ = 5%
    +1.9p/€ = 8.8%
    +1 AM = 10.8%”

    That’s even factoring in the AM(Airmile) you with air france, if you value it at 2cpp.
    vs marriott:
    +6% CC = 21%”
    +6% CC = 22.5%”

    Also consider marriotts larger base earn (10% – thus when they have double points on, you get up to a huge 20%)

    For accor to even match the base for marriots double point promos earn, they need to offer quadruple points – their base earn is 5%.

    The worse kicker is the fact accor also explicitly states and dis allows you from ever stacking promos. You only get the best one. So you might have a triple points promo on. and the one they often give 500/2500/3000 for 1/2/3 stays. So maybe on your second stay, it was just enough to pass 2500 bonus multipliers.. So you get your triple points, but not the 2500. Then on your third stay, well that 3000 was a bit more than you earned normally, so you get no 3x at all. (These do at least track together but wont stack fully).

    All in all, it’s not terrible because accor does have TONS of point boost promos all the time generally open to most everyone, while marriott only does a small handful a year, with the best ones being randomly targeted. My last trip I did infact manage to get a good 4x booking in (They 4x on all my resorts in SE Asia.) and they are currently offering even 5x at a few fairmonts in the US/Canada.

    Plus 5 star accor hotels tend to be cheap/bigger sales hten marriotts.

    So factoring all those difference , its a wash if you go for all the promos. But if you don’t, accors system is quite bad earn rates without promos.

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