Lufthansa Opens A New Lounge At Milan Malpensa Airport

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Lufthansa has announced that it has opened its new lounge at Milan Malpensa airport and, from the information provided by the airline, it looks as if flyers will have a nice new place to relax or get some work done before a flight.

The new Lufthansa lounge is in Terminal 1A of Milan Malpensa Airport and, according to Lufthansa, “represents a new and exclusive concept which will set the way for Lufthansa Group lounges in the future

So, essentially, what we have here is a blueprint for what we can expect future Lufthansa lounges to look like – this makes this lounge a little bit more interesting.

Image courtesy of Lufthansa

The airline has said that future new or renovated lounges will be specially designed to ensure they include a “local touch” and, in Milan, this means ensuring that the food offering is very Italian.

The 550 square meter (approx. 6,000 sq, ft.) lounge offers 117 seats and has been set out is a way that Lufthansa hopes will make guests feel “as if they’re at home in their living room“.

Room dividing elements and an integrated lighting concept provide individual seating arrangements and relaxation possibilities. Huge ceiling-high window fronts provide a fantastic view of the airport apron. High-quality furniture and design classics from Vitra round off the stylish ambience. The exclusive sanitary area was designed and equipped by Villeroy & Boch.

Te lounge offers a central bar where guests can enjoy everything from “freshly brewed coffee specialties” to Italian aperitifs like Aperol, Campari and Martini.

Separate from the bar there’s also a “cooking station” where lounge guests can pick up “typical Milanese culinary delights” in the form of freshly prepared meals made “to satisfy individual preferences”.

If it’s just a snack that guests want then the bar is the place to go as it serves finger food throughout the day.

Image courtesy of Lufthansa


There wasn’t all that much substance to the information that Lufthansa has put out so I’m left with the two images that were sent out to get more information…and that’s not a lot to go on.

I like the idea of local-style food and, as a fan of northern Italian cuisine, its good to hear that the lounge will be serving Milanese cooking as opposed to just serving up random pasta and pizza as a nod to “Italian food”.

I’m a bit sceptical of the idea that the lounge will serve food “to satisfy individual preferences” as, short of cooking meals to order, I can’t see how that will be accomplished…but at least the lounge is aspiring to something positive.

6,000 sq. ft. is a good-sized area and the fact that there are only 117 seats in the lounge would indicate that Lufthansa has shied away from packing guests in like sardines…and the images would appear to back that up.

The decor looks modern, comfortable and yet functional too….and there seem to be a lot of power outlets in view – that’s always a good sign.

Overall this sounds like and looks like a nice place to spend some time before a flight. Clearly we won’t really know just how good (or bad) the lounge is until the first reports from guests start filtering through but, from what I can see, I think I’d like to try this lounge out.