Traveling For Miles Is One Year Old!

I first published a post to Traveling For Miles on 31 August last year but it wasn’t until 15 September 2015 that the blog was fully up and running – It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year!

I have no idea where the last year has gone (mostly in aircraft probably) but it has been a lot of fun, a lot of hard work and a huge learning experience. I have a new-found respect for all the bloggers I’ve read over the years because I never knew just how much time it takes to research, write and publish blogs on a regular basis – it’s surprisingly time-consuming.

Over the past year I’ve tried to aim for 3 posts a day 5 days a week (when I’m not somewhere without internet access and when Joanna hasn’t banned me from working!) and that works well for me….but I have no idea how bloggers like Gary over at View From The Wing churn out as many posts as they do 7 days a week. I don’t think I’m capable of that!

Thank you very much to everyone who’s read this blog over the past year and to those who have signed up for the daily post summary to see what gets posted to TFM – there wouldn’t really be much point to this blog without you all and I really do appreciate each and every reader that Traveling For Miles gets.

It’s been fantastic to see the readership grow as quickly as it has and hopefully that means that I’m doing something right…..either that or people just visit the blog to see what new way I’ve found to bash British Airways 🙂

The past year has taken me to some truly fantastic places (Bora Bora, Milan, Copenhagen, Abu Dhabi, San Francisco, Helsinki amongst others) and the next twelve months look like they’re going to be even busier – I can’t wait!

I should have lots of reviews to write over the coming weeks with trips to Hong Kong, Aruba, New York, Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi all coming up before Christmas and things staying just as hectic into 2017.

I’m trying to work my way through the airlines and products that seem to interest the TFM readership the most so that means I have the following premium cabin trips already booked:

  • Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner, A380, A320, A330, 777-300ER & the 777-20oLR
  • The new American Airlines 787-9
  • The new Cathay Pacific A350 and the 777-300ER
  • Etihad’s A380
  • JAL’s Dreamliner
  • Air France’s 777-300ER
  • Delta’s 767

On top of all that there will be various hotel and airport lounge reviews along the way and I’m even going to get a chance to review British Airways’ Economy Class on a transatlantic flight – oh joy!

I’m also always keen to hear if there’s anything I’m not covering that readers want to hear about.

If there’s a product, a loyalty program, an airline, a hotel chain or even an individual hotel that you’d like me to look into and review then get in touch via the blog and I’ll see what I can do. I’m not making any promises but I’m always looking for another trip to book and ideas from readers are always very welcome.

Thanks again for reading.