Can You Earn Hotel Points & Elite Credits On Multiple Rooms?

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The question of elite credits normally gets raised as the end of the year approaches and travelers realise that they’re still short of the few nights to re-qualify for whatever hotel status they hold. This year I’ve been asked the question a little earlier but I thought I’d address it nonetheless.

Reader Suzi asks “If I book three rooms for my family at a Marriott property but reserve them all in my name will I get the elite nights and Marriott Rewards points credited to my account for all three rooms?

Good question and, as I’m sure there are others out there wondering similar things about their own choice of hotel chain, I run through them all in alphabetical order.

Club Carlson Properties

Quoting from the Club Carlson T&Cs:

Gold Points may be earned by only one Club Carlson member per Eligible Stay, and that member must appear on the reservation and be the registered guest.  Gold Points may be earned on up to three rooms booked under the same reservation, but credit for multiple rooms must be requested at or before the time of check-in and the member must appear on the reservation for at least one of the booked rooms and be a registered guest for the duration of the Eligible Stay.  Gold Points may not be earned for any other reservations that do not include the Club Carlson member’s name on the reservation and for which the member is not the registered guest.

Although not expressly stated in the T&C’s (at least not that I could find) you can only earn elite night credit for one room per night.

Hilton Honors Properties

Hilton Copenhagen Airport

Quoting from the Hilton Honors T&C’s:

A Member may earn Base Points for up to two rooms per stay, if all eligible charges for both rooms are paid on one folio. Base Points will be earned for all eligible folio charges incurred on both rooms.

Bonus Points issued on Base Points, including tier bonuses (15%, 25% or 50%, depending on Member tier), Bonus Points earned through the Hilton Honors Points and Hilton Honors Points Earning Style Option and double or triple Base Point promotions, will apply to the total Base Point credit earned for both rooms. For any other bonuses, including Hilton Honors Marketing Partner Bonus Points and other promotional bonuses, Bonus Points will be awarded on one room only.

For purposes of obtaining tier status, a Member will receive stay and night credit for one room only. For purposes of earning miles for stays, miles may only be earned on one room only.

This is a slightly sneaky one as you have to make sure that you have the front desk combine the bills for both rooms at check-out in order than you may receive points for both room s into your account.

IHG Rewards Club Properties

Quoting from the IHG Rewards T&C’s:

At U.S. and Canadian hotels (except InterContinental® Alliance Resorts), you can collect points or miles on all Eligible Charges for multiple hotel rooms (less than 10) provided those rooms are used in conjunction with the member’s stay at the same hotel, and that their IHG® Rewards Club member number is recorded on each reservation, or the charges from those multiple room reservations are referred to on the hotel room bill associated with the member’s reservation.

Put simply, you can earn points on up to 9 rooms booked at US/Canada properties but you’ll only earn points on your own room elsewhere in the world.

Points and nights that go towards elite qualification can only be earned on one room per reservation.

Le Club Accor Hotels

Sofitel London Heathrow Terminal 5

Quoting from the Le Club Accor Hotels T&C’s:

Expenses for Member accommodations and, if applicable, for one other room at the same hotel on the same date (for a maximum of two invoiced rooms), provided that (i) the Member is staying in one of these rooms and that (ii) the second room is not occupied by another Member; note that if the Member books two rooms, Points are earned for these rooms, but the number of Eligible Nights is based only on the Member’s room

That’s simple enough – you can earn points for up to two rooms but you can only earn elite night credit for one.

Marriott Rewards Properties

JW Marriott Hong Kong

Quoting from the Marriott Rewards T&C’s:

A Member is eligible to receive Points/Miles for a qualifying stay at participating Marriott brand hotels or Ritz-Carlton hotels for his/her room and up to two additional rooms. At least one of the rooms must be reserved and registered in the Member’s name and the Member must pay for all rooms, which payment arrangement must be requested at time of hotel check-in. The Member must also stay in one of the rooms. To ensure Points are automatically posted to the correct Membership Account, the Member’s Rewards Program Membership Number must be present on his/her room folio and up to two additional rooms, as applicable.

Point or elite night credit accrual is limited to individual traveland the room must be paid for individually by the Member or direct billed to the party responsible for paying the bill.

In short – you can earn Marriott Rewards points for up to 3 rooms per stay but you’ll only earn elite night credit for one room.

Starwood Preferred Guest Properties

Per the Starwood Preferred Guest T&C’s a guest can earn Starpoints on eligible charges which are then defined as:

[C]harges incurred during a stay in a guest room at an SPG Participating Hotel by an SPG Member on his/her folio for up to three guest rooms

The T&C’s go one to say:

An SPG Member may only earn Starpoints, Eligible Nights and Eligible Stays for up to three guest rooms during any Stay if he/she stays in one of the reserved guest rooms and pays an Eligible Rate or redeems an SPG Award or an SPG Promotion Reward for all of the guest rooms.

This makes Starwood the most generous of the major hotel chains as you can earn Starpoints and Elite night credit for up to three rooms per stay.

World of Hyatt Properties

Quoting the World Of Hyatt T&C’s:

A Member may earn points for up to three (3) rooms per night (Member’s room and two (2) additional rooms) within the same hotel or resort. The Member must be a registered guest, occupy at least one of the rooms, and pay an Eligible Rate for all applicable rooms.

The Member will earn Base Points for each of the rooms, but the Member will only earn Tier-Qualifying Nights (defined in Appendix C) for one (1) room.

That means the World of Hyatt program is exactly in line with both Marriott Rewards and Club Carlson.