Airfare Alert: Air France/KLM Business Class Sweden – Bangkok From $1,716

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Air France/KLM have published a very good fare for travel between Sweden and Bangkok throughout most of the current booking period. If you’re careful with your flight choices and fly with Air France the long-haul flights to and from Asia will be operated by the airline’s new Boeing Dreamliners meaning that flyers are guaranteed to be traveling in the excellent Air France reverse herringbone Business Class cabin.

Headline Fare Rules

  • Reservations required at least 60 days before departure
  • Minimum stay of 6 days (5 nights) or, for shorter trips, a Saturday night stay is required.
  • Maximum permitted stay is 12 months
  • 1 stopover permitted in each direction (in CDG or AMS) at a cost of €75 each
  • Infants/Children with their own seat cost 75% of the adult fare
  • Infants (<2 years) without their own seat cost 10% of the adult fare

There doesn’t appear to be a published end date for this fare so it may be around for a while or it may disappear at any moment.

Fare Routing

The very cheapest fares appear to require travelers to start their journey in either Stockholm or Gothenburg and return to the city other than the one they originated in.

However, having said that, the premium to start and end your journey in the same city can often be highly insignificant.

Depending who you fly with the fare will either route you through Paris (Air France) or Amsterdam (KLM) but most of the cheaper prices I’ve seen have been for flights on Air France – YMMV.

Fare Availability

Because of the 60 day advance purchase requirement the best deals aren’t available immediately….but there are a few dates in April which are offering reasonable pricing:

The best fares kick-in at the beginning of May….

…and you’ll find pricing between $1,716 and $1,727 on most dates in June…

before the great price all but dries up in July:

There are a limited number of dates offering the low-price in August….

…but pricing in the $1,716 – $1,727 range is back in September….

…before disappearing almost entirely in October…..

…and then reappearing in force in November….

…and at least half of December.

The good price reappears after the December holidays.

Searching For The Fares

You can use Google Flights to find these fares if that’s the search you’re used to using but I prefer to use the Matrix Search as it seems to show more flight options.

Here’s an example of the search parameters I used to find these fares:

If you want to expand your search to include KLM flights simply remove the “AF+” filters in the search parameters.

Booking The Flights

All the flights I’ve found via the Matrix search tool are easy to find through Google Flights….and they sometimes appear a little cheaper too:

…and they seem to be equally easy to find though the Air France and KLM websites too.

Bear in mind that some credit cards only offer bonus points for booking directly with an airline (like the Platinum Card from American Express) so make sure you don’t use an OTA if you plan on using such a card.

Where To Credit The Flights

Air France and KLM are members of SkyTeam so there are a good number of loyalty programs to which you can credit these flights.

Booking this fare will see you book “J” coded fares on the short-haul segments and “Z” coded fares on the long-haul segments and, according to, this is what those fares will earn you (depending on where you credit the flights):

J Fares

Z Fares

Make sure you look through these tables carefully before deciding how to book your fare and where to credit it to…..and make sure you understand how credits towards elite status will work too.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent Business Class airfare for travel to Bangkok and it’s made better by the fact that you’re guaranteed a great Business Class product if you book the Air France Dreamliner.

Unless the Air France timings don’t work for you I would avoid booking the KLM flights as the Business Class seats on offer will be nowhere near as good as what you’ll get on Air France. Where Air France offers a 1-2-1 cabin will all-aisle access seats the KLM 777 offers a denser cabin layout with 6 seats per row.

Anyone plan on making the most of this fare?