Air New Zealand Releases “The Nicest Christmas Ever” Video (And Mocks Someone Famous)

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Air New Zealand seems like the kind of airline that likes to have a bit of fun. It’s pretty well-known for its elaborate safety videos (like the Hobbit inspired video from 4 years ago), it released a mash-up video mocking American Airlines and Qantas when American announced service to Sydney, its Twitter team frequently engages in amusing exchanges with other airlines (usually when there’s a bit of sporting rivalry taking place) and the airline has also taken to releasing a Christmas video every year.

The latest Air New Zealand Christmas video (“The Nicest Christmas Ever”) is now available to watch and this year the video manages to combine a bit of festive spirit, a bit of Christmas tradition and a not-so-subtle bit of mockery that will probably go down well with quite a few people (and will no doubt enrage a select few too).

The theme of this year’s Air New Zealand Christmas video is centered around a mistake by Santa as he accidentally emails one of the world’s “naughty kids” his list of all the naughty kids in the world.

This kid (a New Zealander) convenes a summit of all the world’s naughty kids to see what they can all do to get back into Santa’s good books in time for Christmas….and Air New Zealand is charged with bringing all the kids together for this one-off event.

The official name of the video (The Nicest Christmas Ever) sounds innocent enough but, with a little bit of hindsight, it’s clearly the first of two bits of mockery aimed at one person in particular.

Sadly, I doubt the person being mocked will ever get to see this video but, when I tell you that the press release accompanying the video’s release claims that “Air New Zealand Makes Christmas Great Again”, I suspect most of you will know exactly who the butt of the joke is 🙂

Right, enough with the build up…here’s the video itself (key moment around 2:00)

Anyone who’s not sure what’s being referenced here should watch this video of a certain president’s address to the United Nations earlier this year.


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