Airline Miles/Points For Newbies – Introduction

Travel blogs around the internet are always discussing the various uses of airline miles/points, but most of those discussions are aimed at travellers who are already well versed in travelling around the world using anything other than their own cash (mostly).

Starting tomorrow I’ll be running a mini-series of posts aimed at those who are less accustomed to accumulating miles/points but who like the idea of cheaper and more comfortable travel.

Most travel blogs write about award travel for an audience that is already pretty passionate about amassing as many miles/points as possible and a large portion of that audience dedicates a good deal time to that effect. But most people don’t have the time or inclination to go to great lengths to understand how best to use their airline miles or how to boost their miles balances – this series of posts is for them.

Hopefully these posts will help inform the infrequent traveller who would like to, now and again, fly in a bit more comfort without having to spend any more money than they would have done otherwise (and hopefully a lot less).

While these post are written from a US based traveller’s standpoint the ideas being discussed can, in most cases, be extended to other countries as well.

This series will take a look at the following aspects of airline miles/points:

1) Collecting airline miles & points – The Basics

2) Valuing airline miles & points (and why you need to)

3) Using airline miles & points – The Basics

I’m aware that posts such as these can raise as many questions as they answer so please feel free to use the contact form to send in any questions you may have – I’ll do my best to answer them where I can.

Next Up : Collecting Airline Miles & Points – The Basics