Travel Tidbits From Around the Blogosphere

There are a lot of travel blogs out there and there’s a lot of travel news being reported on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s a bit too much to keep up with everything that’s been happening (life gets in the way!). Each week we link to a few posts from various travel blogs that we read just to give you a flavour of what we’ve been reading and what we find interesting and/or useful (with a bias towards Marriott, Starwood & Air Travel).

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Quite by accident there’s a heavy bias towards travel paperwork in this week’s post.

From the Frugal Travel Guy6 Things You Need to Know About Passports, Visas and the State Department.

Travelling around the world is fun, but it becomes less fun when you find yourself in a foreign country without the right paperwork (either because you lost it or because you didn’t find out what paperwork you needed in the fist place!). These are a few good bits of information and tips to help you out.

From the Points Guy12 Crazy Forms of ID To Get Through Airport Security

Some of the stranger types of ID that may get you through security. We suspect you’ll be seriously trying the patience of the TSA if you try any of these but, if you’re in a jam, you never know your luck!

From View From The Wing – What is Immigration Preclearance, and Where can You Use It?

Unless you’ve actually experienced it you may not even know about the existence of US Immigration Pre-Clearance and may not have a clue what it is – although the name gives it away. Well, this is your chance to find out all about it and how it may affect your future travels. Global Entry members we feel your pain – Pre-Clerance is no friend of yours!

From TravelBloggerBuzzBlog Buzz

We put this one in for a bit of entertainment for those who read the well known ‘miles & points’ blogs. This is a pretty decent, and amusing, rant about recent postings on the higher profile ‘miles & points’ blogs – actually it’s a rant about the higher profile ‘miles & points’ blogs in general. The irony of Christopher Elliot possibly joining Boarding Area won’t be lost on anyone familiar with his tirades against loyalty programs.