Possible Great Value: Buy Avios From €0.0120/$0.0136

Iberia A350 Business Class

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Iberia Plus is currently selling Avios with a 50% bonus and it has increased the maximum number of Avios that an individual can purchase in a year to 200,000 (excluding bonuses). As long as you don’t plan to stockpile any Avios you buy in this sale there’s potential to extract some great value here.

Iberia Avios Sale

  • Buy 2,000 or more Avios and get a 50% bonus on top
  • Sale ends 31 December 2018
  • Maximum number of Avios you can purchase in this sale is 200,000 (excluding bonuses)
  • Maximum number of Avios you can purchase in a calendar year is 200,000 (excluding bonuses)
  • Transactions processed by Points.com

To access the sale:

  • Visit Iberia’s homepage
  • Log in to your Iberia Plus account
  • Click on “Iberia Plus” in the menu bar
  • Click the “buying or transferring Avios” link
  • Click on the “All Iberia Customers” button next to the Purchase” sign you should see

The Math

Although everyone who buys at least 2,000 Avios gets a 50% bonus the actual cost per Avios can vary  significantly depending on how many Avios you buy – the more you buy the cheaper the cost per Avios is.

Here’s what I mean:

If you buy 2,000 Avios for €54.00 you’ll end up with 3,000 Avios after the bonus is applied:

3,000 Avios at a cost of €54.00 comes to a cost/Avios of €0.0180/$0.02

If you buy 50,000 Avios for €935.00 you’ll end up with 75,000 Avios after the bonus is applied:

75,000 Avios at a cost of €935.00 comes to a cost/Avios of €0.0124/$0.0141

That’s a BIG decrease in cost and it means that the best deal you can get is when you buy the maximum number permissible:

300,000 Avios at a total cost of €3,601.00 works out to a cost/Avios of just €0.0120/$0.0136

That can be a very good deal if you choose your redemptions well.

How To Get Value From This Avios Sale

Even though Iberia is owned by the same parent company as British Airways the surcharges it adds to its award aren’t nearly as heinous as those of its sister airline – they’re still not great but they’re also not terrible.

This opens up some nice possibilities.

The key here is Iberia’s Award Chart (click to enlarge):

One of the best deals I’ve found when searching for uses for Iberia Avios is a roundtrip Business Class award between Madrid and Brazil as Brazil doesn’t allow airlines to add surcharges to award for flights departing its cities – that keeps costs low.

Rio de Janeiro is in Band 6 so an off-peak roundtrip Business Class award costs just 42,500 Avios each way for a total of 85,000 Avios.

You can buy 85,000 Avios in the current sale for just €1,020/$1,158 and once yo add in the taxes and surcharges ( approximately €170/$190) you’ll have yourself a roundtrip Business Class fare for just €1,190/$1,348…and that’s a fantastic deal.

If you’re based in the US there are some good deals available here too…

A one-way non-stop off-peak Business Class award between New York and Madrid will cost 34,000 Avios and €75/$85 in taxes and fees….

…and a roundtrip routing would cost 68,000 Avios and €181/$205 in taxes and fees:

Buying Avios at €0.012/$0.0134 in this promotion would mean you could book a one-way Business Class award between NYC and Europe for €483/$541 (which is incredible value) or a roundtrip award for €997/$1,130 (which is fantastic).

Note: Don’t forget that peak-pricing will cost more

Bottom Line

If you’ve recently found yourself with a negative Iberia Plus account balance courtesy of the Iberia summer promotion this promotion probably isn’t for you…but everyone else should be checking if this sale makes sense for you.

Remember the key rules to buying Avios:

  • Don’t stockpile
  • Check awards are available before you buy
  • Work out exactly how much the awards will cost (including taxes and fees)
  • Compare the cost of an award to the cost of a cash fare
  • Only buy Avios if the Math works in your favor

Don’t forget that Iberia will use Points.com to process the sale of Avios so you won’t get a travel/airline category bonus with your credit cards – use a credit card whose points you value highly or use a good cashback card instead.

Cash Back Credit Cards


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