Ooops – I’m Going To Be Without Internet Access For Weeks!

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Regular readers may remember that I occasionally fly out to the Mediterranean to help out a friend who’s in the middle of a long rebuilding project and, as it happens, that’s where I am right now.

More specifically, I’m most of the way up a mountain with glorious weather, fantastic views and great food but (there’s always a “but”) the house we’re staying in has no internet access.

Not only does the house have no internet access but there’s no internet access nearby either.

There are very few other houses around here and the only restaurant in the area appears to have closed down. That’s not really a surprise considering just how isolated this place is but the restaurant was the only internet access point for miles and I was relying on it to help me keep up with the blog.

I can connect up to the internet if I drive down the mountain and into the nearest town but, while that’s ok if all I want to do is to post articles to the blog, it’s not ideal when I need to research posts, work though my email backlog and read all the various press releases that come out every day.

Things wouldn’t be all that bad if I was only out here for a few days but I’m booked to be up this mountain through the end of August and that gives me a monster headache!

There’s absolutely no way I have the time to drive down the mountain to get internet access at a coffee shop somewhere, spend a few hours working on the blog, drive back up the mountain again and then help with the rebuild project every day – I’d be worn out within a week!

So I’m going to have to cut back on the blog quite significantly for a few weeks.

I’ll make time to catch up on what’s happening in the miles & points world every few days but what this means is that there will be a lot fewer posts on Traveling For Miles over the next few weeks.

I have a few reviews I still need to write so I’ll make those a priority (I can write those without the need for internet access) and I’ll do my best to keep up with any major bits of news that come out….although they may get posted to the blog a bit later than they would under normal circumstances (I’m already behind on the latest Point Breaks list and the news that American Airlines is reducing the number of Business Class seats in some of its aircraft).

Thanks very much for your understanding and sincere apologies to you all for the break in regular service – Traveling For Miles will be back up to full speed from 3 September (possibly earlier) but, in the meantime, please check back or subscribe to the blog to keep up with whatever is posted in July and August.



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