No Maintenance and No Maintenance Fees: The Convenience of Vacation Rentals

Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club Pool

If you enjoy relaxing on beautiful beaches or visiting new locations around the world you may want to consider the Vacation Rentals we have for offer on our site. Vacation Smarter allows users to find affordable rentals in many of the most popular destinations around the word including Aruba, Hawaii, California, Europe, Mexico, Las Vegas and the Caribbean. We really do have something for everyone.

Features of Typical Vacation Homes We Have Listed

Each of the Vacation Rentals listed on our website have features which are guaranteed to add enjoyment and comfort to your whole vacation. Browsing the vacation rentals we have on offer you’ll quickly discover the variety of amenities the resorts have that will enhance your stay. From infinity pools to lazy rivers and from fully equipped kitchens to outdoor BBQs there are countless amenities and features that add convenience and fun to your vacation. Vacation Smarter rentals offer units with beautiful views ocean views and stunning mountain scenery. You can rest up in comfortable and spacious beds, sunbathe on your balcony or relax in your living area with all the comforts of home .

Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club Pool

And the best bit of renting at a resort?

The best bit of renting a unit from Vacation Smarter is that it comes with none of the responsibility associated with timeshare ownership and there are no yearly maintenance fees pay. It’s just like a regular vacation – only, quite often, considerably cheaper.

Don’t overpay for your Resort Vacation

If you’re planning on a family resort vacation, choosing one of the Vacation Rentals listed on our site could cut significantly cut the cost of your trip without compromising on quality. And, with all of the money you’re saving on your accommodation, you’ll find yourself with plenty to spare to spoil yourself on vacation. – and isn’t that part of what vacations should be all about?

If you’re new to vacation rentals or to renting timeshares our FAQ and help pages will be an invaluable resource to help you get started. New listings are added to our site on a regular basis so visit regularly or set up an alert for your ideal vacation rental to make sure you don’t miss out. If you’ve checked out or FAQs and used all the resources we suggest but still find yourself with question, then contact us via our contact form and we’ll do our best to help.