I’ll Be Traveling Without Internet & It’s Going To Be Bliss!

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For most of this week I’m going to be away from home and without regular access to the internet. I may be able to get the occasional email when I find cell phone service but internet access is going to be almost non existent and, even if I do find a connection, it will almost certainly only offer speeds last seen in the 1990’s. I can’t wait!

I’ve not long got back from a great family break in Hawaii so you’d probably expect me to be well rested and raring to go…but that’s not quite how it has worked out.

The truth is that I did a lot more work in Hawaii than I was planning to do (at least 3 posts still went out every day) and, although I had a fantastic time on the trip, I didn’t really get to switch off from the blog or from my other responsibilities for any extended period of time – I’m simply not very good at not working (or not thinking about work).

Being away and without proper access to the internet this week means that I don’t have much choice but to switch off for a few days as keeping up with what’s going on in the world is not an option.

The first 48 hours are going to be the hardest as my brain struggles to get to grips with the idea that there isn’t any work I can do without access to the internet….but after that it’s going to be fantastic!

I’ve been in this position before (last year) so I know that the sense of freedom you get when you finally come to terms with being cut off from your devices (and therefore most of the world) is a truly wonderful feeling and a very liberating one too.

You’re never as aware of just how attached you have become to your smartphone until the moment you realise that the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check your phone for emails.

It’s worse when you do that knowing there’s no cell service or internet and that you actually switched your phone off days ago!

Traveling For Miles won’t be going dark this week but there will be a reduced number of posts being published. There won’t be much miles and points news on the blog over the next few days as the posts that you’ll be seeing will either be opinion pieces or informational/educational pieces that I’ve written in advance of my trip.

Hopefully nothing major will be announced this week so I won’t miss too much but, knowing my luck, we’ll see a major devaluation, a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime deal and the return of supersonic passenger flight all in the few days I’m off the grid….and I’ll miss them all 🙂

Normal service will resume next week (hopefully!)