I’m Taking A Proper Vacation! (Sort Of…..)

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I have a really good time flying to all the various places I get to visit and I love exploring new cities and cities I can’t resist revisiting but, when it comes right down to it, I’m almost always working. I don’t get on an aircraft without taking at least a hundred pictures and I can’t walk into a hotel room without taking at least a hundred more. When I’m in airport lounges I’m almost always writing (and taking yet more pictures) and, even when I’m a few thousand miles away from home and visiting a fantastic new city, I’m usually doing something blog-related before I allow myself to go out and explore.

I really enjoy what I do but a combination of a lot of traveling, short trips (a lot of jet lag) and managing my responsibilities outside of TFM mean that things can get a little tiring….and I’m no spring chicken any more! 🙂

I have no idea how bloggers like One Mile At A Time keep going (I’m guessing that youthful exuberance helps) but I’m definitely at a point where I need to recharge my batteries…..so that’s what I’m doing over the next two weeks.

For the next 14 nights the family and I are enjoying 14 nights on some islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and getting some much-needed sun, sleep and a lot of relaxation. I plan on spending a lot of time under palm trees, reading good books and eating more fish tacos than can possibly be good for me (a few embarrassingly pink drinks will probably also be consumed).

It’s going to be good.

I said that I’m taking a “proper vacation” but that’s not entirely true. Traveling For Miles will not be going dark – I’m not very good at doing absolutely nothing – but readers will probably notice a reduced number of posts over the next two weeks.

I’ll try to keep on top of any big miles & points news that breaks while I’m in a hammock so anything really important should still appear on the blog…but I’m going to try to spend more time looking at the ocean and less time looking at my laptop screen for a couple of weeks.

In very untypical fashion I’m actually booked to fly in Economy Class for every flight I take on this trip (and there have already been a few!) so I should have some interesting reviews and comparisons to post once I get back home (my comparison of two transatlantic Economy Class experiences should be useful for a lot of readers).

It’s not been entirely plain sailing on this trip so far – I’ve been reminded of why I value my airline status as much as I do and why at least one of the US legacy carriers will never be a premium (or even semi-premium) airline – but when you arrive at your destination and have views like this to look out at…..

….none of that really matters.


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