Iberia Is Selling Avios At Just 1.4 Cents Each & This Can Be A Great Deal

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Iberia has launched its second Avios sale of the year (is it me or are they becoming more frequent?) and, as last time, this is a sale that’s worth considering if you haven’t already reached the maximum number of Avios you can purchase in a year.

Latest Iberia Plus Avios Sale

  • Promotion is valid through 24 April 2019
  • Promotion is open to all Iberia customers
  • Payment will be taken in Euros
  • You can buy a maximum 200,000 Avios per calendar year (excluding bonuses)*

*Iberia has raised the limit for this promotion so it’s now in line with the limit the British Airways Executive Club sets.

The promotion is simple:

  • Buy between 2,000 and 200,000 Avios and get a 50% bonus

Link to the promotion page

Iberia A350 Business Class

The Math

Even though you’ll earn a 50% bonus just by purchasing 2,000 Avios, the cost of each Avios will still decrease the more you buy.

For example:

Buying just 2,000 Avios will see you net 3,000 Avios (after the bonus) at a cost of €54:

This works out to a price of ~€0.018/$0.020 per Avios

Buying the maximum permissible 200,000 Avios will see you net 300,000 Avios (after the bonus is accounted for) at a cost of €3,601:

This works out to a price of ~€0.012/$0.014 per Avios

In both cases you’ll get a 50% bonus but, because of the pricing structure, buying more Avios gets you a better deal.

Iberia A350 Premium Economy Row 11

Why Iberia Plus?

I’ve mentioned Iberia Plus before as it’s a loyalty program to which everyone who collects Avios should belong – there are 3 main reasons for this:

  • Lower fees added to reward flights booked using Iberia Plus Avios (compared to British Airways)
  • Fewer Avios needed on some long haul routes when compared to the British Airways Executive Club
  • Different peak and off-peak seasons to British Airways Executive Club

What all this means is that Avios in an Iberia Plus account can often be put to better use than a similar number of Avios in a British Airways Executive Club account.

Iberia A330-200 Business Class Cabin
Iberia A330-200 Business Class Cabin

Is This Points Sale A Good Deal?

€0.012 per Avios is approximately equivalent to $0.014 and because Iberia Avios bookings attract lower surcharges than British Airways Avios redemptions this makes them more valuable than BA’s version of the currency.

During off-peak season you can book an Iberia Plus Business Class redemptions for travel from the US to Europe from 85,000 Avios + taxes of ~$229….

…and, if you’re using Avios bought in this sale to book this award, that’s can be a very good deal.

At $0.014/Avios, an off-peak Miami – Madrid roundtrip Business Class redemption would cost approximately $1,419 including all taxes and fees and you’re unlikely to find many Business Class non-stop cash fares on full-service carriers that can compete with that price.

The further you fly the less good the deal becomes as the number of Avios required for the redemption increases disproportionately to the cash price you’d have to pay for the same flights….but there are still other good deals to be had if you put in a bit of time to find them.

Short-haul routes can be where Avios really shine – especially at $0.014 each and especially on traditionally expensive routes.

Very short routes (600 miles each way or under) cost 15,000 Avios roundtrip and, at $0.014/Avios that comes to a little under $210…and that’s a lot less than you’ll often have to pay for routes like Dallas – Austin or New York – Washington D.C.

Iberia A330-300

Bottom Line

As usual it’s all about the math.

If you fly a lot of short-haul flights that are often expensively priced then buying Avios at $0.014 each can be a very good deal.

If you can find Business Class award availability across the Atlantic (preferably in Iberia’s off-peak season) then buying miles in this promotion can be a fantastic deal.

The best way forward is to work out on which routes you’re likely to use Avios, check out how many Avios you’ll need and then check how easy it is to find award space. If things line up then it’s probably safe to buy in this promotion and you’re probably getting a very good deal…otherwise just move on.


  1. Does this qualify as “activity” on the IB account, enabling the option of transferring Avios between Iberia and British Airways? Are purchased Avios even transferable at all?

    • Yes it does…but don’t forget that the relevant Iberia Avios account will also have to have been open for 90 days before transfers can be made to/from the BAEC.

      • Thanks Ziggy! I signed up many months ago because I read they often have sales like this.

        As far as sweet spots, PHL-MIA on AA is my favorite. Direct Economy RT Apr 24 – May 1 costs:

        $241.60 cash
        or 25k AAdvantage + $86.20 (0.62 cpm)
        or 15k Avios + $11.20 (1.54 cpp)

        Buying all the Avios at $0.014 each “only” saves you $20/ticket (8%); but if you have some already and don’t want to transfer in UR/MR, this is a good way to top it off and still come out on top.

        I’ve also seen values above 1.8 cpp for the same itinerary on different (better) dates.

    • Very true…and that’s why no one should ever be buying airline/hotel currencies without a plan. Specifically a plan of how the currency will be spent in the next few months.

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