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Frequent Miler has reported that it’s now possible to get top-tier status with National just by registering through a link aimed at Amex cardholders and, having just gone through the sign-up process myself, I’m happy to confirm that it works and that it takes just a few minutes.

National Executive Elite Status

Outside of promotions you need to make 25 paid rentals or have 85 paid rental days in a calendar year to attain National’s top-tier Executive Elite status.

In return, these are the benefits you can expect:

The highlight here is the access you get to the “Executive Area” when booking a midsize car. I’ve used a similar benefit through Hertz President’s Circle and saved a LOT of money when I’ve needed larger cars than normal.

Getting National Executive Elite Status

You can either get an existing National Account upgraded or you can create a new account from scratch – I chose to do the latter.

This is the link you’ll need and, when you see a button which reads “Elite Executive Enrolment” on the page that opens up, click on it.

From here you just need to follow the instructions.

I went through the process in under 5 minutes and, at the end of it, National confirmed my new found status:

This is particularly useful to me as my Hertz President’s Circle status is about to run out at the end of January and I’ve been wondering how I’ll survive without it 🙂

The icing on the cake is this:

As I’ve clicked the link and signed up procedure in January 2019 my National Executive Elite status should be valid though February 2021….and that will be useful for a status match back to Hertz in a couple of year’s time 🙂

Good Info To Have

Greg at Frequent Miler has this good piece of info to add:

When booking with a 3rd party via a prepaid rate you can still pickup the car in the emerald aisle (or executive aisle in this case) and give them your National Club number when you exit. Sometimes autoslash offers post-paid rates where you can add your National Club number from the get-go.

That’s very good news as, often, I find considerably better rates through 3rd party providers than I do through National.

I may not earn status credits or credit towards future rentals if I book through a 3rd party but I don’t really care about those – getting access to the Executive Aisle is the big thing for me.

Bottom Line

I can’t see a downside here and this should be a great offer for just about everybody (except perhaps for those who earn National status the hard way and will now have freeloaders like me picking up cars in the Executive aisle too 🙂 ).

If anyone has experience with National please let me know what they’re like – I’ve been ties to Hertz or Avis for years so any info will be gratefully received.