Flight Passenger Proves Just How Petty We Can Be

Spirit Airlines

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A story that surfaced a couple of days ago, first broken by ABC, has left me shaking my head and wondering what things are coming to.

It would appear that a Spirit Airlines flight attendant has landed herself in hot water with her bosses for having her picture taken while sat in the engine well of a plane she was about to help crew.

Erika Diehl had some photos taken while she posed with the jet engine and then, later, uploaded them to Facebook:

Spirit Airline Flight Attendant


Spirit Airline Flight Attendant Apparently, some passengers onboard the plane saw the flight attendant posing for the pictures and one took it upon himself/herself to contact ABC’s I-Team “in disbelief” asking if “it was part of a new pre-flight checklist”. When the attendant boarded the plane this same passenger took down her name and, after the flight was over, looked her up on Facebook and saw the photos had been posted.

ABC has since been in touch with Spirit Airlines who commented: “We investigated it further and we took the appropriate action that goes in accordance to the investigations’ results”.

The first thing that jumps out of all of this for me is that there’s no mention of the ‘disbelieving’ passenger contacting the airline – we’re just told (across all channels that have reported this story) that this passenger chose to contact ABC news. Straight away that makes me suspect that the passenger was more interested in making the news than confirming the safety of the aircraft.

The second thing that occurs to me is just how stalker-ish this whole thing sounds. Perhaps I’m showing my age but it would never occur to me to try to find someone on Facebook whom I don’t already know. Even if it did occur to me I wouldn’t do it because it just seem incredibly creepy. Who does that?

Lastly, the bigger question: Do passengers really have so little going on in their own lives that they feel the need to get in touch with news organisations about something like this? Fine, if you see something like this happening and you get concerned then approach the crew of the aircraft. If something dangerous has occurred they’re not going to be any keener than you to get up in the air.

It hasn’t taken long for fellow flight attendants to come to Erika Diehl’s defence. Photos have been appearing all over Facebook and Twitter showing flight attendants from other airlines in similar poses.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 15.53.53

Even ground crew have got in on the act….

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 15.54.15

And, to prove the point that these sort of photos are a historic, safe, right of passage for flight attendants through the years, we’re seeing collections of photos from the past….Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 15.53.33

There was nothing dangerous in what Erika Diehl did and the passenger that phoned the news channels should take a very close look at themselves. There are enough stresses and stains involved in modern day travel so we don’t need people making up imaginary ones.

The moral of the story: Keep your Facebook profile as secure and private as you can – you never know who’s going to look it up one day. Better still, don’t have a Facebook profile at all.

Featured Image: Frank Kovalchek


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