Dine Like An Astronaut On Lufthansa – Seriously!

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I’m listing this as one of the stranger airline food promotions to have come out over the past few years but it’s definitely very real.

Lufthansa has announced that during the month of July it will be offering its long-haul Business Class passengers the “opportunity to experience what life is like in outer space – at least in culinary terms“.

Ok, I’ve watched a lot of programs about space on various TV channels and at no point did anyone in those programs mention just how great space food is. In fact the opposite is appears to be true…..so what’s Lufthansa doing?

Well, this is what this is all about:

When astronauts head up to the International Space Station they take with them two types of food – the normal meals that all astronauts have to put up with as they orbit the earth and “bonus” meals which, according to Lufthansa, are “consumed on special occasions by the crew as a team event to foster team spirit and motivation during their six-month stay in space“.

Right now German astronaut Alexander Gerst is up on the International Space Station participating in the “Horizons” mission and, earlier in the year, Lufthansa’s catering company (LSG Group) was charged with creating the bonus meals for the mission….

With particular consideration to the unique requirements of space food, which will be consumed in zero gravity, [LSG] developed six special, innovative and delicious meals which were specifically requested by Alexander Gerst. The collection of meals includes typical dishes from the astronaut’s home region, Swabia, such as Maultaschen and Spätzle, and his preferred international dishes, such as Chicken Ragout with Mushrooms. In order to ensure that the meals fulfilled the specific health and safety requirements of the mission, the LSG Group team needed to design them to be low sodium and able to maintain a shelf life of two years.

So, as a result of all that, passengers on Lufthansa long-haul flights departing Germany in July 2018 will be offered the “Chicken Ragout with Mushrooms” dish as a choice on their in-flight dining menu.

There you have it. If you’ve ever wanted to eat a meal that was produce specifically with space flight in mind then book yourself a Lufthansa Business Class flight for this month….just make sure it’s a flight that’s departing from Germany.