The Airbnb Rules In Los Angeles Are Emboldening Hotels To Rip Off Their Guests

From 1 July 2019 the City of Los Angeles will introduce a series of measures which will seriously limit the opportunities for residents to rent out their properties on sites like Airbnb, VBRO and HomeAway. The City of Los Angeles hasn't gone as far as two of its neighbors (Santa Monica and West Hollywood) who have already essentially banned short-term rentals outright, but the restrictions being introduced from July are still pretty severe.

Why I’m Starting To Choose British Airways More (And Why American & United Should...

I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of British Airways since I started this blog and I’m usually one of the first to point out the airline’s failings and shortcomings but, despite the fact that not much has really changed in how BA operates, I’m slowly starting to actively choose to fly with BA more than in the past.

I’d Love Airlines To Limit/Eliminate Seat Recline On All Short Flights

Right now Delta is in the process of reducing the amount of recline on offer to First and Economy Class passengers in over 60 of its Airbus A320 aircraft and it's a move I cheered enthusiastically when I first heard about it.

6 Unexpected/Odd Reasons I Loved Australia

There are plenty of reasons why Australia can be a great place to visit (the weather, the scenery and the food are just three of them) but I'm not going to discuss those here - that's what travel guides are for - here I'm just going to offer up a brief list of a few less obvious and, in some cases, slightly odd reasons why I really liked the parts of Australia we visited.

I’m Taking A Proper Vacation (Of Sorts)….And I Can’t Wait!

I'm more than a little aware that from the outside it can appear as if all the traveling I do is a recipe for a fantastic lifestyle and that my life is essentially a never-ending carousel of premium cabin luxury and hotel room upgrades....but that's not really how things are.

Boeing Will Release “Fixes’ For Its 737 MAX Aircraft By Tomorrow

We still don't know for sure what caused the tragic Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 disasters but we do know that neither Boeing nor the Federal Aviation Administration are coming out of the investigations looking particularly good.

No, It’s Not A Good Thing That The FAA Delegated Certification To Boeing

It's always fun when two bloggers disagree and right now I have a diametrically opposing view to Gary (View From The Wing) on the way the FAA appears to have handled the certification process for the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

The 737 MAX Disasters Have Opened Up Serious Trust & Credibility Issues For Boeing...

Having two new aircraft of the same type involved in tragic and fatal accidents in the space of five months is a very unusual state of affairs but, without any solid information from the authorities investigating the crashes, it's important that we resist the urge to start apportioning blame for those disasters.

Who Actually Checked That The 737 MAX Was Safe? (Did The FAA Devolve Responsibility...

An article in yesterday's Seattle Times makes for worrying reading if you're a flyer, a Boeing shareholder or a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) manager because it suggests that the certification process for the Boeing 737 MAX was hurried, botched and, to a significant degree, passed back to Boeing engineers to do themselves.

Boeing 737 MAX: Is The US FAA Playing Politics With Passenger Safety?

The European Union, Australia, China and India are just an example of the regions and countries where the 737 MAX aircraft may no longer operate (temporarily) but the US airline regulator (FAA) and the US airlines who operate the aircraft are, at the time of writing, sticking firm in their stance that the aircraft is perfectly safe. Why?

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