UK Regulator Clamps Down On Online Travel Agency Practices

One of the best things about using the UK version of an online travel agency's (OTA) website is that it shows you the actual cost of your stay upfront when searching for hotels . The prices shown include any taxes payable and, usually, any resort fess are reasonably obvious too...but the OTAs are still coming under pressure from the UK's competition watchdog.

Delta & JetBlue Announce Extra Flights To/From Atlanta For Super Bowl LIII

Over the weekend the LA Rams and the New England Patriots won their respective championship games to seal their places at Super Bowl LIII which is due to be played in Atlanta on 3 February.

Silvercar Will Now Rent You An Audi Q7 SUV

I've used Silvercar once in my life and I loved the experience. It was probably one of the best rental experiences of my life but, because I'm a cheap when it comes to car rentals, I have never been back for more. The truth is that I don't rent cars domestically all that often and, when I do actually have to rent a vehicle, I'm usually either renting in locations where Silvercar doesn't have a presence (Hawaii) or I have the luxury of booking so far in advance that Silvercar cannot compete with the rates I'm locking in (especially as I don't really ever need a "nice car" just needs to work).

You Can Now Use TSA PreCheck At LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal….But When Did...

I fly in and out of LA quite a bit but most of my recent flying has been centered around Terminal 4 so I haven't flown out of airport's "international terminal" for a few months. That's the only explanation I have for how I've managed to miss the news that the Tom Bradley Terminal now offers a TSA PreCheck facility.

The UK High Court Forces A Virgin Atlantic Pilots Union To Cancel Its Christmas...

Here's a bit of good news for Virgin Atlantic flyers this holiday season - your travels should now be free from industrial action and, all things remaining the same, Virgin's flights should be operating as normal for the next few weeks.

Delta Is Complaining About Qatar Airways Again (And No One Is Surprised)

It's not all that difficult to dislike the three legacy US airlines based purely on how they treat their customers but it's their truly abhorrent hypocrisy that annoys me most....and Delta really leads the way on that front.

London Gatwick Airport Closed By A Drone – Sabotage Suspected

London's Gatwick Airport is currently closed and is expected to remain closed until at least 10:00(UK)/05:00(ET) because of a drone incursion that has been going on for over 12 hours.

Los Angeles Cracks Down On AirBnB – Good News For Renters, Bad News For...

Santa Monica essentially banned residents from renting out their properties via AirBnB over a year ago (AirBnB lost an appeal earlier this year), the City of West Hollywood followed suit in the first half of 2018 and now the City of Los Angeles (covering by far the biggest area of the three) has announced new rules to curb the rapid growth of AirBnB within its borders.

New York’s LaGuardia Airport Will Open A New Concourse Tomorrow

Joe Biden famously once compared New York's LaGuardia airport to a third world country and not many people disagreed with him (although the comment may have been a bit unfair on third world countries). Since then LaGuardia has been undergoing some significant changes and there was a big reshuffle a little over a year ago when Delta, JetBlue and American Airlines all moved around to new locations. Now we're about to see the next phase of LaGuardia's regeneration.

Flying To Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Your Medications May Be Illegal!

A cautious friend of mine is currently planning his first visit to Dubai and he recently pointed out something to me on the British Foreign Office's website that made me stop and wonder what the UAE is thinking. I've visited the UAE a number of times and have had good experiences on all visits but it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone when I say that some of the rules you'll find in the UAE aren't exactly what most of us may be used to.

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