Hilton Launches Winter Sale (Europe, Middle East & Africa)

Hilton has launched its winter sale for properties in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the booking window is so large it should be virtually impossible for you not to find dates that work for you. Better still, if you stay before 31 December you can earn up to triple Hilton HHonors points if you book through the Hilton app and you can earn 5,000 bonus points per stay for all stays made before 31 January 2017.

Hilton Offering 100% Bonus On Points Purchases

The last Hilton promotion ended a few weeks ago and, as that promotion was targeted, different people had different offers made available to them. I was offered a 40% discount on the price of points while the more fortunate Hilton HHonors members were offered a 50%. Now Hilton has uploaded a new promotion to its site and this one looks a little bit better.

Hilton Flash Sale For Europe, Africa & The Middle East

Hilton has launched a flash sale for its properties in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with discounts of up to 30% available for weekend stays before 29 January 2017. The full 30% discount includes a 5% discount for being a Hilton HHonors member so, if you haven't already signed up, now may be a good time to do just that.

Hilton Improves Year End Promotion – Get Triple Points On All Stays

Since the beginning of September Hilton has been running a "Double Points" promotion which, for most casual travelers, is probably the best year end promotion on offer from any of the major hotel chains. The Hyatt promotion requires too many stays, the Marriott promotion is better than some of its other promotions but it's still not great, the Starwood SPG Fall promotion isn't exactly generous, and the IHG Accelerate promotion is good (if you got an easy offer) but can require quite a bit of work if you're to extract maximum value. The Hilton promotion is simple and rewarding...and it just got better.
Hilton Status Match

Hilton Is Changing Its Best Price Guarantee

All of the big hotel chains offer some sort of a "best price guarantee" but, as the hotel chains have started to use any excuse to weasel out of their own guarantee, they have become more of a marketing gimmick than an actual benefit to customers. Hilton is the latest of the big-chain hotels to change its best price guarantee and, as long as you can get the chain to honor it, the change could be a positive one for a lot of travelers.

Hilton Offering Points With A Discount Of Up To 50% (0.5 Cents/Point)

Hilton is offering to sell you HHonors points at a discount but you won't know what that discount is until you log in to your Hilton HHonors account. The offer runs through 16 September 2016 and, from what I've seen, sees the discount capped at 50%. For what it's worth I was targeted for a 40% discount on any points purchase and I'm probably going to pass.

Hilton Asia-Pacific Flash Sale – 40% Discount

As the headline says, Hilton has opened up a flash sale for its Asia-Pacific properties with the booking period closing on 4 April. I'm a little bit late with this news but then I'm on holiday so it's amazing I noticed in the first place! :)
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