Hilton Offering Points With A Discount Of Up To 50% (0.5 Cents/Point)

Hilton is offering to sell you HHonors points at a discount but you won't know what that discount is until you log in to your Hilton HHonors account. The offer runs through 16 September 2016 and, from what I've seen, sees the discount capped at 50%. For what it's worth I was targeted for a 40% discount on any points purchase and I'm probably going to pass.

Buy Hilton HHonors Points For 0.56 Cents Each (5 Days Only)

Hilton has opened up a new Buy Hilton HHonors Points promotion that runs for just 5 days (14 July - 18 July) and that allows Hilton HHonors members to purchase up to 80,000 points with an 80% bonus thrown in. This is a very egalitarian promotion as it doesn't matter how many points you buy - whether you buy the minimum number of points (1,000) or the the maximum (80,000) you'll still get an 80% bonus and you'll still pay 0.56 cents per point:

Hilton HHonors Hotel Category Changes – March 2016

Hilton HHonors does its hotel category changes a little differently to most of the other large hotel loyalty programs. Rather than putting though all the hotel category changes (for a year) in one big sweep, Hilton prefers to publish its hotel category changes on a quarterly basis. As of 30 March 2016, 24 Hilton properties will cost more HHonors points for an award night while 14 properties will require fewer points - this is a comparatively tame set of changes.
Hilton Status Match

Buy Hilton HHonors Points With Up To 80% Bonus (0.56 Cents/Point)

Hilton HHonors is running what appears to be a targeted promotion that allows HHonors members to purchase points with a bonus of up to...
Hilton HHonors Points Sale

Hilton Points On Sale For 0.56 Cents

Hilton HHonors has launched a promotion whereby customers can purchase HHonors points for 0.56c (approximately) through 8 February 2016. The offer entitles customers to an 80% bonus on purchased points and, as the bonus isn't tiered (i.e. you get an 80% regardless of how many points you buy), the cost per point is the same if you were to buy the minimum amount of points (1,000) or the maximum (80,000).

Los Angeles: Using Points At Big Chain Tourist Hotels – Part 1

Los Angeles is a city I know reasonably well after having lived there for over 5 years. It's a city for which I have...
Hilton HHonors Double Points Promotion 2016

Hilton HHonors Double Points/Miles Returns For 2016

The hotel loyalty programs are all starting to release their promotions for the first quarter of 2016 and it's interesting to see how they differ. Yesterday I posted details of IHG's Accelerate 2016 promotion which, for new joiners to its loyalty program, is nowhere near as generous as before but is still pretty good for some existing members (like Joanna). Now Hilton has announced its first promotion of 2016.
Hilton Status Match

Now Hilton Offers To Match Your Status And It Could Be More Useful Than...

It's the season to be generous in the Hotel Loyalty stakes. Hilton appears to have taken a leaf out of Hyatt's book and announced (sort of) that they're willing to match status from other hotel loyalty programs - and you don't even need to have made any stays with that program.

Hilton, Hyatt, IHG & Starwood – Buy Hotel Points & Get A Bonus

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach we're seeing more and more hotel programs bringing out their seasonal offers for those looking to top up their account balances. American Airlines have had their offer out for a while now but here's a round-up of the hotel points-buying offers out there.
Hilton Summer Sale 2015

Hilton’s Summer Sale: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Hilton has kicked off the summer season sales with an "Up to 30% Off" sale on properties across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Hilton HHonors...

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