Citi Is Emailing Out Authorized User Bonuses [Targeted]

Citi is in the process of emailing cardholders with offers of bonus ThankYou points for adding authorized users to various credit cards. The offers appear to be varying from person to person so there's no one single definitive offer out there but it's worth keeping an eye on your inbox if you're considering adding someone to your account.

Citi Prestige Card & Citi Premier Card Now Offering Bonus Points In New Categories

Citi has announced that the Citi Prestige Card and the Citi Premier Card are now awarding bonus points in categories that were previously unbonused. In the case of the Prestige Card this move is temporary while in the case of the Premier Card, Citi is bringing forward some changes planned for August.

Select Citi Cards Offering Bonus Points In New Shopping Categories [Capped & Targeted]

I’ve had a number of targeted offers set to me by Citi in recent months and the last offer I used (targeted to my now closed Prestige Card) even worked for purchases outside of the US. Now Citi is back with another round of offers which, if you’ve been targeted in the past, you may well recognize.

Citi Is Extending AA Certificates & Offering A Credit On The Executive Card

Recently, the corporations that issue credit and charge cards with a strong focus on travel benefits have come to realize that they need to take action if their cards aren't to be consigned to the shredder and Citi is the latest issuer to announce a number of positive measures for holders of select American Airlines AAdvantage co-branded cards.

AAdvantage Credit Cards Now Earn Miles Towards Million Miler Status

Up until 2011, all miles earned through credit card spending counted towards American Airlines Million Miler status while the miles earned from the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card counted through 2012. Since then, only miles earned by flying (better known as "butt-in-seat" miles) have qualified to move the needle in the Million Miler program...until now.

Citi Extends Its Welcome Offer Earning Period & Improves The Prestige Card

Citi has just announced two new measures to make life easier for new credit card holders and its Prestige cardholders. The measures are nowhere near as significant as the measures we have already seen announced by Amex and Chase earlier in the day, but they're important nevertheless.

A Bit Of Good News For Citi Premier Card Holders

Last week Citi revealed that it will be overhauling the Citi Premier Card and making significant changes to the card's bonus categories and to the bonus points on offer. One key piece of news was that from later this year the Citi Premier Card will no longer earn bonus points on all travel...but a lot of us missed one key element to that part of the announcement.

The Citi Premier Credit Card Is Changing…For Better & For Worse

I'm new to the Citi Premier Credit Card. I've had it for less than two months and it's only in my credit card portfolio because I'd had enough of the Citi Prestige Card but didn't want to give up on Citi's ThankYou program entirely. Now we're hearing news that the Citi Premier Card is changing and that it's changing significantly enough to affect most cardholders.

Get A Very Easy $5 Statement Credit From Citi [Targeted]

I don't know how busy Citi's call centers are right now but the credit card issuer appears to be trying to bribe some (possibly all) of its customers to use its website or app to manage their accounts instead of calling in.

I Downgraded My Citi Prestige Card And Confirmed Something Good

Over the past month, I've been reviewing my credit card portfolio and the result of the review has been that I've canceled once credit card, upgraded two and downgraded one and, in the process, I confirmed (re-confirmed may be a better term) something about the Citi Prestige card that I think is worth passing on.

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