This Great No Annual Fee Card Now Comes With A 15,000 Point Welcome Bonus

The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card From American Express is a favorite card of mine and it's a card that rarely leaves my wallet. Now and a little unusually, this card is awarding new cardholders a 15,000 point welcome bonus when they meet a set spending target in the first three months of card membership at that just makes an already great card even better.

Big Changes Made To The Amex Platinum Card – My Take

The Platinum Card® from American Express got refreshed today and although it's a refresh that has been rumored for some time, the changes that have been made are significant and not entirely what a lot of us have been expecting. Opinions on how good or bad these changes are almost certainly going to vary quite a bit, so rather than try to predict how the wider world will view what Amex has announced today (a futile task), I'm just going to focus on how I view the changes to the Platinum Card.

It May Be Worth Holding Off Applying For Any Amex Delta SkyMiles Business Cards

Yesterday morning, a PR agency that works for Amex told me that we would be seeing increased welcome bonuses on three of Amex's four consumer SkyMiles cards and that the welcome bonuses on the business cards would be increasing as well. Well, the consumer cards have all now had their bonuses boosted but there's no sign of the increased offers on the business cards...yet.

Amex Is Targeting Select Platinum Cardholders For Another Easy 20,000 Bonus Points

For most of this year, American Express has been offering select holders of its consumer Platinum Card up to 20,000 points when they sign up for its 'Pay Over Time' option. Now, with that option still open, Amex is back with another 20,000 point offer for any Platinum cardholders that are fortunate enough to be targeted.

The Blue Cash Everyday® Card From American Express Review (2021)

With no annual fee, good cash back on key spending categories, and a nice welcome offer which should be easy for most to max-out, the Blue Cash Everyday Card is a card that looks tempting right now. Cash back may not be the coolest of rewards that you can get from a credit card but it's as reliable a reward as you'll find, and when the world is as it is, reliable is often preferable to cool.

The Ideal 4 Card American Express Membership Rewards Team

I'm a huge fan of flexible points currencies and while Chase Ultimate Rewards was my favorite currency to collect for a number of years, I've recently found myself favoring Amex's Membership rewards more and more. In this post, I outline the 4 cards which I think make up the best "team" for anyone looking to maximize their Membership Rewards points earnings.

Last Day To Use This Month’s Amex Special Dining & Wireless Credits

In February, American Express decided that it needed to do something to keep some of its co-branded cards front and center in people's wallets while travel remained far from most people's minds. Its solution was to introduce monthly dining and wireless credits for a number of its co-branded cards and today is the last chance you have to use up March's credits if you haven't already done so.

Amex Boosts The Points Bonus Offer For Pay Over Time (For Some)

Earlier this month American Express started targeting more cardholders for a promotion in which it offers bonus points in exchange for a cardholder signing up for its Pay Over Time Option. Now, even more cardholders are being targeted and some are seeing their original bonus offers improved considerably.

Big 100,000 Point Welcome Offer On The Marriott Bonvoy Business Card

American Express has boosted the welcome offer on the Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express Card so the card is now offering successful new applicants the opportunity to earn 100,000 bonus Marriott Bonvoy points as well as a $150 statement credit which would effectively offset the card's first-year annual fee.

The Platinum Card® from American Express Review (2022)

I'm on the record as saying that I think that the Platinum Card from American Express is the only 'must-have' premium card for most frequent travelers so as that comment was made over a year ago, I thought that I'd take a closer look at what the card offers travelers and Membership Rewards fans in 2021.

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