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Amex Membership Rewards Transfer Partners – Which Programs Are Included?

This week I'm taking a look at the four major transferable rewards currencies individually and listing out the airline and, where relevant, hotel rewards programs those currencies can be transferred into. In this, the third of four posts, I'm taking a look at Amex Membership Rewards.

Friend’s Question: ” Should I Get The Amex Business Platinum Card With A 100,000...

A friend got in touch with me recently and asked if I thought he should take up an offer American Express has sent him for the Platinum Business card. The friend, let's call him Mike, isn't into miles and points in the way most people reading this blog probably are so the answer to the question isn't as obvious as you may think.
Amex Offers USA

New Amex Offers Are Out – Some Will Earn You A LOT Of Bonus...

One of the principle reasons I hold as many American Express cards as I do is that I often get targeted for some highly lucrative offers via the Amex Offers section of my Amex account page. Recently these offers haven't been so much about saving me money as about boosting my Membership Rewards balance very nicely indeed. Now the latest set of offers is out and there are some more great ones to choose from.

GOOD DEAL: Buy 1,000 Amex Membership Rewards Points For $10 [Targeted USA]

I love Amex offers and I'm addicted to checking what (if any) new offers have appeared on my cards on a near daily basis. What can I say? I love the money the offers save me and I love the fact that the offers help me offset the cost of holding my Amex cards in the first place (I love the offers on my fee-free cards even more because that's just free cash!)

UPDATE: Amex Offers Are Still Working On Multiple Cards

A little over a week ago I noticed something strange with the offers I loaded on to my Amex cards - for the first time ever I had an offer disappear from my card before I had a chance to use it and I have been trying to find out what's going on. Is this a glitch or is this is Amex finally clamping down on those of us who know how to load the same offer on to more than one Amex card?

SPG Amex Now Offering An Improved Referral Bonus

I like the Starwood American Express fact I like it so much I have one in each country I'm allowed to hold one. Starpoints are one of the harder currencies to collect but, as they convert pretty generously to most major airlines loyalty programs (we've seen some great offers in the recent past), they're a currency I consider to be worth collecting.

Has Amex Killed A Very Useful Workaround?

Earlier today I posted a piece highlighting a great offer Amex is currently running where targeted cardholders can earn bonus membership points for shopping at Both of my Membership Rewards cards were targeted for the promotion (good news for me) and I registered both of the cards as soon as I saw the promotion in my account. But now I've just noticed something very strange.

Great New Amex Offer (USA) – 2,000 Membership Rewards Points For Amazon Spend

Of of the main reasons I like having a good number of American Express cards is that, quite often, I get targeted for some very useful offers via the Amex Offers section of my account page. Not only can these offers save me quite a bit of money but they also effectively lower the cost of holding my Amex cards in the first place.

Why Latest Amex Platinum Changes Make The Card A Lot Less Attractive

American Express has announced a series of changes to the Amex Platinum Charge Card which, while masquerading as improvements, are almost certainly going to be a net loss for most cardholders. After showing quite a bit of promise in late 2016 the Amex Platinum Card just took a big step back.

The New Amex Platinum Bonus Category Is Even Better Than I Thought!

My personal American Express Platinum card had been living in my wallet on borrowed time but, thanks to Citi removing a benefit from the its Prestige card, the Amex Platinum card became a bit more valuable to me a few months ago. Up to that point this was almost certainly going to be the last year I would hold the Amex Platinum card but Citi earned it a stay of execution.

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