Qatar Airways Is Selling Access To Its Exclusive Al Safwa First Class Lounge

The Al Safwa First Class lounge is one of the few oneworld First Class lounges where a top-tier Emerald status card won't get you in. Up until now travelers wanting to access the exclusive First Class facility have had to present a boarding pass for a First Class Qatar Airways flight at the reception desk or settle for the Al Mourjan Business Class lounge....but apparently not any more.

Review: Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge Doha

The Al Safwa First Class Lounge in Doha is one of those places you really have to see to believe because it's unlike any other lounge airline lounge I've ever been in. The Al Mourjan Business Class lounge in the same terminal is probably one of the best Business Class lounges around....but, in its own way, the Al Safwa Lounge is on a whole other level.

Review: Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge Doha

There are a number of Business Class lounges in Doha but the mother of them all is undoubtably the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class lounge. I'm not entirely sure why I haven't reviewed it before but, as I paid the lounge a visit on this trip and remembered to take some notes, I thought it was about time I did just that. I'd enjoyed my all-too-short Qatar Airways 787 Business Class flight from Rome and we'd landed in Doha more or less on time. The next stage of the trip involved passing though Doha security which can be a bit of a lottery. Fortunately there is a dedicate premium lane on offer and, while the lines for non-priority passengers appeared quite long, I was though security in under 5 minutes.

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