British Airways Is Relaxing Lounge Access Rules Over The Holidays (For Some)

Over recent years British Airways has taken to relaxing its lounge entrance criteria during times when business travel is slower and when families are more likely to be traveling together. For a period during this past summer British Airways relaxed its entry rules at its Heathrow lounges to allow its Gold status holders to bring at least two guests into its Business Class lounges

British Airways Relaxes Heathrow Lounge Rules For Top-Tier Elites (Temporarily)

Every now and again (usually around the popular vacation months) British Airways temporarily changes the access rules to its Heathrow lounges and, with the summer school vacations around the corner, BA has done it again.

British Airways Opens A New Lounge In Rome

British Airways has opened a brand new lounge facility for passengers traveling through Rome Fiumicino airport. The new lounge is part of a broader lounge revamp program that the airline is undertaking as part of its often mentioned £4.5bn ($6.3bn) investment into aircraft, cabins and the passenger experience.

British Airways “Revamps” Concorde Room At Heathrow T5

British Airways has announced that it had given its Concorde Room at Heathrow Terminal 5 a make over. It's not a complete make over like we've seen with the Cathay Pacific lounges in Terminal's more of a renovation of the existing furniture and small changes to the existing areas. 

Review: British Airways First Lounge At London Gatwick

British Airways moved into London Gatwick's South Terminal back in January this year and this was my first chance to take a look at what the airline has done at its new Gatwick home.

Review: British Airways First Class Lounge San Francisco (SFO)

Joanna and I were flying out of San Francisco on British Airways but, because I'd done some research ahead of time, we knew that the Cathay Pacific lounge was our best option for somewhere to relax at SFO before our flight. I'd heard that the British Airways lounge at SFO gets quite crowded and that whatever the airline provides its First Class passengers isn't up to much so I wasn't exactly in any hurry to see what was on offer.

British Airways Getting Strict On Lounge Access

With the busy summer season firmly underway British Airways has been reminding staff and agents to enforce lounge access rules to the letter of the law. In a memo posted on the British Airways Speedbird Club site the airline underlines the importance of managing overcrowding in its airport lounges by ensuring that passengers are not allowed to guest more people into the lounge than their status or class of travel allows.

Review – British Airways Galleries Club Lounge Heathrow T5 (B-Gates)

My trip out to Cyprus a little over a week ago turned out to be a useful one from a blogging perspective - I finally managed to get some pictures of the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge at Heathrow T5 South, I got to confirm that I don't particularly like traveling on British Airways A320 aircraft for any longer than I have to and I discovered a British Airways lounge I never knew existed - the one at Heathrow T5's B-gates.
British Airways Galleries Lounge - T5 South

Review – British Airways Galleries Club Lounge Heathrow T5 (South)

On most of my trips through Heathrow's Terminal 5 I find myself in the British Airways First Class lounge courtesy of my American Airlines Executive Platinum status but I've been meaning to review the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge (Business Class lounge) for quite some time. I've actually looked in the Galleries Club Lounge a couple of times in the past year (specifically so that I could review it) but its always been just busy enough to make photo taking I've always ended up back in the First Class lounge. This time, however, things were a bit different.
British Airways Lounge Dubai Concourse D

British Airways Opens New Lounge In Dubai

British Airways has opened its new lounge and First Class Concorde Bar in Dubai Airport's new Concourse D. Some are categorising the British Airways offering...

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