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You Can Add Colombo To the List Of Qatar Airways Qsuite Routes

This latest Qatar Airways Qsuite update comes courtesy of reader Praveen who wrote in to let me know that he’s spotted the Business Class product being offered on a flight his Mom has booked.
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Are The Days Of “Cheap” Oneworld Status Over?

It used to be possible to earn oneworld status reasonably cheaply back in the days when American Airlines didn’t have a minimum spend criteria. With American Airlines Economy Class flights all earning 1 elite qualifying mile per mile flown a few super-cheap Economy Class fares could get you a long way towards mid-tier or even top-tier status for a pretty reasonable outlay – those were the good old days.
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Qatar Airways Now Offers Qsuite Business Class To Mumbai

New Qsuite routes are now launching on a far more frequent basis then they were a month or two ago and, following the news that Qatar Airways is to offer its premium Business Class product to/from Hong Kong and the news that it's already offering the Qsuite cabin on flights to Bangkok and Bangalore, we now have the news that Mumbai is being served by a Qsuite equipped aircraft too.
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Qatar Qsuites Are Coming To Philly (For One Roundtrip Only) And Awards Are Available!

The Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class cabin is recognised as being the best Business Class cabin in the world right now (by most people) and thanks to aircraft refits and an expanding Qatar Airways fleet it's getting easier to find flights offering the product.
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Qatar Airways Is Offering Qsuites On Yet More Routes To Asia

With Qatar Airways apparently no longer announcing when a route will get a Qsuite equipped aircraft, and with new & refurbished aircraft joining the airline's fleet every month, more routes that are offering Qsuites are slipping under the radar....and I've only just noticed two such routes.
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Qatar Airways Adds QSuite Business Class To Hong Kong

Although no official announcement has been made the latest schedules show that Qatar Airways plans to offer its premier QSuite Business Class product on one of its two daily flights between Doha and Hong Kong from later this year.
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Sydney, Canberra & Munich Get Qatar Airways Qsuites Business Class

You won't get too many people disagreeing with the statement that the Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class product is the best Business Class product in the world right now but, up until not that very long ago, there weren't many routes on which the Qsuites were actually offered. Fortunately the world's best Business Class product isn't quite so scarce anymore and it just got even less scarce.
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Qatar Airways Is Improving Dining In Premium Cabins

We haven't had much good news out of Qatar Airways recently. Last week the airline's CEO told us all to expect fuel surcharges to be reintroduced, over the weekend the airline's loyalty program was devalued to an astonishing degree and to cap it all I haven't spotted a great Qatar Airways Business Class fare in quite some time. Any bit of good news out of the airline would be welcome about now and, as insignificant as the latest announcement is, I'm taking solace in the fact that it doesn't involve anything bad!
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Another New Qatar Airways Qsuite Route Announced

There was a flurry of new Qsuites routes announced in February and March as Chicago, Frankfurt and Australia were revealed as future recipients of the enhanced Business Class cabin while Qatar Airways' CEO used the ITB Travel Fair to hint that Berlin and Munich will soon be getting Qsuites service too. Qsuites route news has gone a bit quiet in the last month or so but now we finally know which city will be the nest to receive Qsuites service....and it's not the rumored Berlin or Munich.
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Review: Qatar Airways A380 Business Class (Night Flight DOH-BKK)

Considering how many Qatar Airways flights I’ve been on in the past few years it’s amazing that this was my first flight in the Qatar Airways A380 Business Class cabin. I flew in the A380’s First Class cabin between Doha and Paris last year as an add-on to my Auckland – Doha flight and I wasn’t that impressed so I was interested to see what Business Class would be like.
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Fare Alert: Qatar Airways Business Class USA – India (From $2,851 RT)

I don't normally post fare alerts for one specific fare on one specific route but I thought I'd make an exception in this case as it's a pretty good deal. Qatar Airways is currently running a USA - India promotion from all the US cities it serves and while most fares are nothing to get excited about, one really stands out.
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Review: Qatar Airways A330 Business Class Day Flight (HEL-DOH)

I've flown in Qatar Airways Business Class quite a few times but this was my first experience of the Qatar Airways A330 Business Class cabin. Technically speaking I tried out an very similar product last year when I flew in the airline's A340 Business Class cabin but, because I'm determined to review every aircraft Qatar Airways offers, I'm keeping this one separate.
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Qatar Airway Introduces Oryx Kids Club – A New Loyalty Program For Kids

Qatar Airways' loyalty/rewards program is called "Privilege Club" but, to be a member, a traveler has to be at least 12 years of age. Now, however, in what appears to be an attempt to fill the age gap leading up to when a child can join the Privilege Club, Qatar Airways has introduced a new loyalty program for kids - the Oryx Kids Club
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Qatar Airways Visa Weekend Deal Is Back – Up To 40% Off Flights

Qatar Airways is back with another promotion it's running in conjunction with Visa (Visa Weekend Deals). As with the last Visa Weekend Deals promotion the discounts and offers will vary from country to country and, from what I can see, these appear to range from 20% (e.g. Italy) to an impressive looking 40% (e.g.UK)
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Qatar Airways Is Reducing The Number Of Qsuite Equipped Aircraft On Its London Route

If you were flying out of Doha or London on Qatar Airways today you would have the choice of three different flights that offer the airline's excellent Qsuites Business Class product. However, if you're planning on flying between London and Doha in the coming months you have to be very careful which flights you choose - the flights offering Qsuites today may not be the same flights offering Qsuites in a few weeks or months time.
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Frankfurt Will Be The Next Qsuite Route For Qatar Airways (And Two Other Destinations...

As Qatar Airways takes delivery of new aircraft and as the re-fits of its 777s continue, news of new routes which will offer the Qsuites Business Class product keep coming thick and fast. In early February the Qatar Airways CEO said that Australia would be getting Qsuite service from June (this has yet to appear on the schedules), a week later the airline confirmed that London would get yet more Qsuite service with the launch of the Airbus A350-1000 and just last week Qatar Airways announced that Chicago would be served by a Qsuite equipped 777 from April.
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Qatar Airways Launches Another Route To The UK

Qatar Airways has used the ITB Berlin travel fair to announce a series of new airports to which the airline is hoping to launch service. Bearing in mind Qatar Airways' history with route announcements, we can never be really sure how many of these airports will actually get service from Doha so it's wise to remain sceptical...but one airport is a shoo-in.
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Qatar Airways Adds Its Qsuites To Another Route

With no fanfare (or even announcement) Qatar Airways has scheduled one of its Qsuite equipped 777 aircraft on another US route starting at the beginning of next month. With New York and Washington already fortunate enough to be served by the best Business Class product around the US is clearly where Qatar Airways thinks it can get a lot of value out of its new Business Class product.
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British Airways Cancels Flights To Doha – Fantastic News For Business Class Flyers!

British Airways has announced that it is cancelling its flights between London and Doha for a period of 3 months from the end of March and, while this may not be the best news for flyers booked into World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) it's nothing short of fantastic news if you're booked to fly in Business Class.
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Good Qatar Airways Business Class Fares From Scandinavia To Asia

Qatar Airways is currently offering some good Business Class fares between Scandinavia and Asia but, unlike most Qatar Airways Business Class sales we see, the fares I'm seeing are only to a limited number of cities and for a comparatively small booking window.
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Qatar Airways Confirms First A350-1000 Route (And Hints At Others)

Qatar Airways was the launch customer for the Airbus A350-900 in July 2015 and now, a little over two and a half years later, the airline is the launch customer for the Airbus A350-1000 which was delivered yesterday.
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Qatar Airways Will Fly Its QSuites To Australia From June 2018

The Qatar Airways QSuites are undoubtably the benchmark for a world class Business Class hard product but, so far, they're only available on a very select number of routes as the airline gradually refits its 777-300ER aircraft. I was expecting the next QSuite route announcement to be whichever route gets the brand new (and soon to be delivered) Airbus A350-1000 but that's not to be the case.
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News: A New Kimpton in SoCal, United Copies Delta (Again), Try The QSuites At...

A roundup of some of the hotel and airline news from the past few days. Includes news of a new Kimpton property to be opened in southern California, details of how United is copying Delta (again) and clamping down on fake emotional support animals (expect American Airlines to follow any day now) and news of a new Grand Hyatt opening in the Caribbean.
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News: Qatar Airways A350-1000 Delivery Dates, Qantas Adds More 787 Service To The US...

A roundup of some of the latest news doing the rounds. Includes news of Qantas' changes to some of its US routes, the latest information we have on the delivery date of Qatar Airways' new A350-1000 (complete with QSuites), news of a new Hyatt property to be opened in the heart of Hollywood and details of Ethiopian's latest route to the US.
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On Which Routes Does Qatar Airways Offer Qsuites Business Class?

The question of which routes Qatar Airways operates aircraft offering the new QSuites in the Business Class cabin seems to be one I get asked on a daily basis so, rather than answering the same email question over and over again, I thought I'd put together a post of all the information we have right now.
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British Airways, Qatar Airways & Finnair Business Class To Asia From $1,451

British Airways, Finnair and Qatar Airways are all offering discounted Business Class fares to cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Bangkok and, as these are all oneworld carriers, you can earn a LOT of Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM)/Tier Points and Redeemable Miles/Avios when you credit these flights to AAdvantage of the British Airways Executive Club.
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Qatar Airways Delays A350-1000 Delivery – QSuite Blamed

Qatar Airways took ownership of the first commercial Airbus A350-1000 last month but the aircraft is still sitting on the ground at Airbus' Toulouse HQ. Delivery was expected to take place in December but snags with the installation of Qatar Airways' new QSuite Business Class product mean that the aircraft isn't yet ready for service.
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Ending Tomorrow: Excellent Business Class Fares From Europe To Australia & Asia

The latest Qatar Airways sale is ending tomorrow (16 January) so you're running out of time if you want to book some of the fantastic Business Class fares the airline is offering between Europe and Australia/Asia. While sometimes the better Qatar Airways deals are dependent on two people flying together (a companion fare) this isn't one of those occasions - all the good deals that I've looked at can be booked by one or more flyers.
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AMAZING DEAL: Europe – Australia Business Class For Under €1,700 RT!!!

Qatar Airways is starting the new year with a bang with some truly mind-blowing Business Class class fares between Europe and Australia which seem to start at around €1,678 roundtrip. The icing on the cake is the fact that the fares appear to be available for large parts of 2018 and aren't all that difficult to find (at the time of writing).
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NEWS: Alaska’s New Route To Hawaii Is Now Operating, Star Alliance Improves Beijing Transfers,...

A roundup of some of the news I've noticed over the past few days which didn't really merit a whole post of their own but that may well be of interest. Includes news that Alaska's latest route to Hawaii is up and running, details of United's latest give-away, news that Star Alliance carriers may soon offer a smoother experience for travelers in Beijing and news that Qatar Airways is increasing service to Australia.
Qatar Airways A380 First Class

Review: Qatar Airways A380 First Class (DOH-CDG)

Ok, I’ll admit it – I was excited. I’m not exactly shy about how much I enjoy flying in Qatar Airways Business Class so the thought of finally trying out the airline’s A380 First Class product was a very nice one indeed.
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Qatar Airways’ Latest European Expansion Is Great News For Flyers

Qatar Airways features quite a lot in Traveling For Miles and there's a very good reason for that - no other airline comes close to offering as many fantastic Business Class deals as Qatar Airways. Admittedly most of the great deals are for departures out of Europe but we have been seeing more deals out of Asia and Australia too so it's always worth paying attention when Qatar Airways launches yet another promotion.
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Qatar Airways Adds Another Greek City To Its Route Map

There have been a few new route announcements from Qatar Airways over the past few month including seasonal services to Pattaya and Chiang Mai as well as year round services to Penang. We've even seen service to Cardiff announced for May 2018. Now there’s yet another new destination on the Qatar Airways route map.
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The Fantastic Qatar Airways Business Class Companion Deals Are Now Available for Solo Travelers

Qatar Airways has been running a promotion to celebrate its 20th birthday that offers some truly amazing Business Class fares to various corners of the world - the problem for a lot of us has been that the Business Class fares were only amazing if you were buying two fares together (a companion fare offer).
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Qatar Airways Buys A Stake In Cathay Pacific & Makes Things Uncomfortable For American...

Qatar Airways already owns a little over 20% of IAG (the parent company of British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus), around 10% of LATAM in South America and now it has announced that it has taken a significant stake in another of its oneworld partners - Cathay Pacific.
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Qatar Airways Adds Another New Thai Destination To Its Route Map

Qatar may still be having issues with its neighbors but that doesn’t appear to be stopping Qatar Airways from adding new destinations to its route network on what feels like a monthly basis. Qatar Airways will be starting a seasonal service to Chiang Mai from 12 December, the airline already operates services to Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi and now it has announced that it will soon serve its fifth Thai destination – Pattaya.
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Earn Triple Avios At Hilton & Qatar Airways Adds A New Asia Route

A round up of a couple of pieces of news that I've noticed in the past few days which include an announcement from Qatar Airways that it intends to serve a new Asian destination from early 2018 and  details of how you can earn triple Avios when you book stays with Hilton.
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4 Days Left! Amazing Business Class Fares From €1,018 Roundtrip

Through 16 October Qatar Airways is offering some pretty fantastic Business Class fares between Europe and Asia/Africa but there's one slight catch - most of these fares are for companion booking which means you need to purchase two seats together to get the best deals.
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News: United Cancels A Route To Europe, American Downsizes A Route (Temporarily) & More

Snippets of news that I noticed in the past few days that didn't really warrant a blog post of their own but that may be of help/use/interest to readers anyway. Includes information on the latest route to be cut between the US and Europe, Qatar Airways finding more use for its idle A320s and more.
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Business Class Fares From Europe To China, Japan & Thailand From €1,421

Qatar Airways appears to have a decent Business Class sale on between Budapest and select cities in Asia which may interest readers looking to bank some cheap AAdvantage Miles or those looking to collect some badly needed Tier Points for British Airways status.
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3 Days Only: Qatar Airways UK Business Class Offers (And Economy Class Offers Too)

Qatar Airways has published a number of promotional fares for travel between the UK and various cities in Asia and Africa that will need to be booked in the next three days if they interest you. On the Business Class side there are one or two fares that may be of interest if you don't enjoy positioning into Europe to pick p the better fares and one or two Economy Class options aren't too bad either.
Qatar Airways Chauffeur Service

Qatar Airways Is Offering A Global Chauffeur Service….But You’ll Have To Pay

Airlines appear to think that customers want a paid for chauffeur service to take the place of the complimentary one that was once offered and, in that vein, Qatar Airways is the latest to announce that it will offer a "luxury global chauffeur service" at "more than 85 Qatar Airways destinations around the world".
Qatar Airways Amenity Kit

Qatar Airways Introduces “Refreshed Amenity Kits

Qatar Airways has announced that a new range of "limited edition" amenity kits are now being offered to First & Business Class passengers on medium- and long-haul flights. Qatar Airways long-haul amenity kits are now offered by BRIC's (not too long ago they were Armani) and this limited edition range comes in yellow, navy blue, a color the airline is calling "blush" (presumably some kind of pink?) and tan.
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Qatar Airways Aircraft Changes On USA Routes – Good News For Flyers

Qatar Airways has been doing quite a bit of tinkering with the aircraft it uses on its routes to the US over the past few weeks and, while some the changes are not really that interesting, a few are...and they're good news for US flyers.
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Qatar Airways Announces Cardiff Service Launch

You know that summer is drawing to a close when airlines start ramping up their new route/service/schedule announcements. Recently we've heard from United about its new routes to Europe for 2018, Delta scheduling its Atlanta - Shanghai service, United Airlines (again) announcing a new route to Sydney and Cathay Pacific announcing new routes to Europe. Now we have news that Qatar Airways has finally settled on a start date for its proposed route between Doha and Cardiff, the schedule has been set and fares loaded into the system. More importantly, Business Class awards are currently available on the new route.
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Qatar Airways Launches “Global Travel Boutique” Promotion

Qatar Airways has launched its latest global promotion which its calling "Global Travel Boutique". The headline discounts (which I'll discuss in the post) sound pretty impressive but, by Qatar Airways standards, this has to go down as being a pretty average promotion - so don't get your hopes up if you're hoping for a mega-bargain - but one or two fares may be interesting.
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How To Maximize Your British Airways Tier Points On Qatar Airways

There's an outside chance that I may reach the dizzy heights of British Airways Gold status next year if some of the trips I'm planning pan out as expected so I've been paying closer attention that normal to the whole concept of Tier Points.
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Qatar Airways Adds A Great New Route To Asia….But It’s Only Seasonal

I’ve been writing quite a bit about Qatar Airways recently and that has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve flown with the airline quite a few times this year and the fact that you can often get some very, very good Business Class fares on Qatar Airways for travel between Europe and Asia. I love the service you get from Qatar Airways crews and I like most of the airline’s Business Class products too (follow this link to find out which routes offer the best Qatar Airways Business Class cabins) so most new routes the airline opens up are bound to get me at least a little excited.
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News: Delta Launches New Route To Africa, American Airlines Just Gets Worse & Qatar...

Just a few of the more important and interesting news stories I noticed from the past couple of days which could affect your travel plans – the news out of American is particularly egregious!
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Up to 10% Off Some Of The Best Business Class Cabins Around (UK)

Up until recently things have been a bit quiet on the Qatar Airways Business Class sale front but suddenly things appear to be picking up. I recently wrote about some great fares available between Europe and Asia/Africa thanks to a Qatar Airways promotion celebrating a couple of its new European routes – now there’s a deal for those wishing to fly out of the UK.
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Qatar Airways Offering Some Great Sale Fares (Europe – Asia/Africa)

Qatar Airways has recently been adding to its European network and, to celebrate some its new destinations, the airline is offering some enticing looking deals from these European cities to Asia and Africa (via Doha).
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News: Launch Date For QSuites On Paris Route, Possible Delay To Singapore Airlines’...

While I’m up a mountain and with almost no internet access I’m having to catch up with the news on a less regular basis than I’d ideally like to…..but news is news so here are some of the stories that have appeared over the past few days that you may or may not have seen.
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Which Routes Offer The Best Qatar Airways Business Class Cabins?

I've flown quite a few Qatar Airways flights in the past 7 months so I feel like I'm getting a good idea of what sort of service you can expect on board and what kind of cabins the airline offers. While the service is rarely anything other than very good and while the food and drink are usually pretty good too, there are noticeable differences in the quality of the Business Class cabins that the airline offers.
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Review: Qatar Airways 777-300ER Business Class Overnight Flight (ICN-DOH)

I've reviewed the Qatar Airways 777-300ER Business Class in the past but, as that review was for a daytime flight and on this occasion the flight was overnight, I think it's worth taking another a look at what the offering is like. My flight was scheduled to take off from Seoul Incheon Airport at 01:20 and boarding was called at 00:20. As there is no First Class cabin on the Qatar Airways 777s I was first onboard and had a few seconds to take some unobstructed pictures of the cabin.
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Review: Qatar Airways A320 Business Class (PSA – DOH)

I had wanted to try out the Qatar Airways A320 Business Class product for quite some time so, when I saw a great fare between Pisa and Seoul (via Doha) which would allow me to see what it was like, I jumped at the chance.
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How Easy Is It To Connect to Qatar Airways In Pisa?

Qatar Airways is renowned for offering great Business Class fares to Asia  from various European cities and travelers who are in a position to take advantage of these deals can often get themselves a fantastic deal. The Qatar Airways deals vary from European city to European city but, over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of great deals specifically for departures from cities in Italy….but what if you don’t live in Italy? Well, I don’t live in Italy so I thought it would be useful to write a quick report on how easy or hard I found it to connect to a Qatar Airways flight departing from Italy (in this case the city of Pisa) after having booked an entirely unconnected flight to Pisa from where I was based – the UK.
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Qatar Airways Brings Forward A European Route Launch…But Be Careful Of The Aircraft

The recent collapse in diplomatic relations between Qatar and the majority of its Middle Eastern neighbors is probably not something the CEO of Qatar Airlines would consider to be a positive for his airline. But, while regional tensions are certainly not helpful to Qatar Airways, the airline does appear to be making lemonade as the world around it hands it lemons.
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In Brief: Delta Accuses Qatar Airways Of Taking $500m In Subsidies, Qatar Airway Lights...

A few of the stories that have caught my eye recently but that didn't warrant a post of their own.
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Qatar Airways QSuite Coming To New York In September….Possibly

Back on the 8th of March Qatar Airways used the ITB Berlin exhibition to announce the arrival of its new and revolutionary Business Class (the QSuite) to the world, on 20 June the world got its first view of the airline's new product and on the 24th of June the first 777-300ER fitted with the QSuite flew into London Heathrow. A few bloggers have been lucky enough to have tried this product already (I'm most definitely not one of them) but, until the product is brought to the US, I suspect most readers won't have too many opportunities to try it out. Well that time may be drawing nearer. A few bloggers have been lucky enough to have tried this product already (I'm most definitely not one of them) but, until the product is brought to the US, I suspect most readers won't have too many opportunities to try it out. Well that time may be drawing nearer.
a large white airplane with blue writing on it

Review: Qatar Airways 777-300ER Business Class Daytime Flight (KUL-DOH)

My flight to Doha from Kuala Lumpur was on a Qatar Airways 777-300ER and this would be the third new Qatar Airways aircraft I was going to experience on this trip. Before visiting Kuala Lumpur I hadn't reviewed the airline's 787 Dreamliner or A340 Business Class cabins and now I was about to see what the 777-300ERs Business Class cabin was like and what kind of service you get flying between Kuala Lumpur and Doha in the daytime.
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Qatar Airways QSuites Confirmed On Two More Routes

There are a myriad of demonstrations, presentations and announcements every year at the Paris Air Show but, for me, there was one thing in particular that I would have loved to see had I been able to go - Qatar Airways' new QSuites installed and fully operational on one of the airline's 777-300ER aircraft. Today the world got its first real view of what will probably be the best Business Class product on the market when Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker unveiled the QSuite in Paris.
a large white airplane parked in front of a building

Review: Qatar Airways A340 Business Class Night Flight (DOH-KUL)

One of the reasons I booked my trip to Kuala Lumpur was because the routing gave me a chance to try out three different Qatar Airways Business Class products none of which have been reviewed on Traveling For Miles before. Before this trip I already had a very good idea what the 777-300ER experience would be like (on the Kuala Lumpur - Doha return part of my journey) as I had already reviewed the sister aircraft (777-200LR) on my Auckland trip earlier this year....but I had very little idea of what to expect of the airline's A340 Business Class cabin.
an airplane on the runway

Review: Qatar Airways 787 Business Class Daytime Flight (FCO – DOH)

I was looking forward to trying out the Qatar Airways 787 Business Class cabin as I'd heard very good things about it from a number of people who have experienced it first hand. On top of that I had been impressed by the level of service on my Auckland - Doha flight earlier in the year so I was interested to see if that had been a one-off or if the airline could maintain those standards.
a plane flying over a city

Reminder: Qatar Airways Business Class Sale – UK & Europe

While one Qatar Airways Business Class sale ends today it's worth remembering that a second Business Class sale has another 3 days to run....so you still have time to book some good fares if you haven't already. The Qatar Airways Business Class sale which ends today allows travelers to book flights though to March 2018 while the one that doesn't end for a few more days only allows booking s through to 21 June 2017.
a large white airplane on the tarmac

Warning: Some Qatar Airways Schedule Change Emails Are Nonsense

Later this month I'm flying to Seoul as I try out two of Qatar Airways' cabins that I haven't yet reviewed on Traveling For Miles - the Business Class cabin in the Airbus A320 and the Business Class cabin in the Boeing 777-300ER. This will be my first trip to Seoul and, as I managed to snag one of the great fares I wrote about last year, I'm looking forward to traveling in quite a bit of comfort for a relatively low cost (it's why I love Qatar Airways so much). Still, while Qatar Airway undoubtedly offers some great cabins and a level of inflight service you don't see on US or European airlines, they do appear to have a weakness when it comes to the information they send out to passengers.

Qatar Airways New Business Class Unveiled – Meet The “QSuite”

Earlier today Qatar Airways used a press conference at the ITB Berlin exhibition to launch its highly anticipated new Business Class seat to the world. After years of waiting to see what Qatar Airways would come up with after its CEO His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker had promised us a "Super Business Class" that would rival the First Class offerings from a number of competitors, we finally got to see what all the excitement and fanfare was about.
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Review: Qatar Airways 777-200LR Business Class (AKL-DOH) – The World’s Longest Flight

On Sunday 5 February 2017 Qatar Airways launched its Doha to Auckland route which now holds the crown as the longest route (time-wise) in the world and, as luck would have it, I was booked to fly on day two of this new route - this is my review of that flight.
Auckland SkyCity

Tomorrow I’m Flying On The World’s Longest Commercial Flight (I Must Be Mad!)

This Traveling For Miles post is coming to you from sunny Auckland where I'm currently enjoying a particularly good flat white and thanking the weather gods for blessing my whirlwind trip with decent weather (every other time I've visited this city it's been mostly grey and overcast....and I've always visited in the summer!).
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Qatar Airways Will Add Florence To Its Route Network

Qatar Airways' CEO, His Excellency Akbar Al Baker, is probably best known for his no-holds-barred attitude to dealing with aircraft manufacturers and his outspoken views on just about anything to do with the airline industry. But he's also remarkably good at promoting his airline...or at least making sure his airline is in the news and relevant.
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BAD NEWS: No More British Airways Avios or Tier Points On Great Qatar Airways...

This is still very much a story in progress and the closest things we appear to have from an official channel are some tweets from the BA Twitter account...but the news isn't good. It would appear as if the cheaper Qatar Airways Business Class fares (the ones that book into fare code R) no longer earn any Avios or Tier points. It would also appear that this change has been put through with absolutely notice to customers whatsoever.
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Qatar Airways UK Business Class Sale – Fares From £1,320 Roundtrip

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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GREAT FARES: Business Class Europe – Middle East/Asia/Africa From €879!

Qatar Airways has launched another round of its "companion fare" promotions where, when you buy two Business Class tickets, you can get some truly fantastic fares for travel from Europe to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With Roundtrip fares to Dubai from under €900, Johannesburg under €1,250, Singapore under €1,180 and a whole lot more just like that, there is a great selection of fares and destinations to choose from.
Qatar Airways Business Class Sale

Excellent Oneworld Business Class Fares From Spain & Serbia

Qatar Airway has, unsurprisingly, once again published some very good Business Class fares for departures from Spain and Serbia. Business Class fares to the Middle East start at under €1,000, there's an excellent fare available for travel to Cape Town and, at under €1,400 round-trip, one of the fares to Hong Kong looks very, very good. Some of the fares offer a great opportunity to rack up AAdvantage Miles, Avios, Elite Qualifying Miles & Tier Points.
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Qatar Airways: Up To 10% Discount On Mobile Bookings, New Flights & New Amenity...

Qatar Airways has been busy this week. The airline has launched a promotion offering a 10% discount on all bookings made through its mobile app, announced the introduction of new amenity kits for First Class passengers and confirmed that it will commence a daily service between Doha and the Seychelles later this year. Three pieces of news none of which is bad - that's unusual for an airline.
Qatar Airways 787-8

AMAZING FARE: Business Class Europe – Australia From $1,340/£1,100/€1,215

Qatar Airways has published fares, for Business Class roundtrip travel between Europe and Australia, starting at just $1,340/£1,100/€1,215. To say that is is a staggeringly low fare would be an understatement so, if you have any interest in traveling to Australia in the next few months, I'd jump on this very quickly.
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Qatar Airways – European Sale Fares Roundup

Qatar Airways is running a number of sales out of various different countries right now and, as I've just published details of the Qatar Airways UK flash sale, I thought it would bea good idea to show what sort of fares are available from other European counties to give readers and idea of how the prices compare.
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UK FLASH SALE: Qatar Airways Business & Economy Class Fares Discounted

Qatar Airways has launched a flash sale for departures from the UK which will run to 10 October 2016. This being a sale out of the UK these fares are not going to be the cheapest you can find if you're prepared to position in to Europe but, for those that like to fly in and out of the UK with as few stopovers as possible, there could be value to be had out of some of these fares.
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Double Miles & Up To 20% Off Qatar Airways Fares

Qatar Airways is offering up to 20% off premium cabin fares and up to 15% off Economy Class fares for travel through 31 January 2017. It doesn't look as if the discount can be applied to promotional Business Class fares but the discounts do offer opportunities for some good value fares. On top of that, Qatar Airways is offering double Qmiles to all Privilege Club members who book during the offer period.
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Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Deals From Europe To Asia

The premium airline that seems to specialise in highly discounted Business Class fares is back at it again - Qatar Airways has posted some good and some truly excellent Business Class fares for travel between Europe and Asia starting right now and into 2017. With Qatar Airways being part of the oneworld alliance there are a lot of Avios and AAdvantage miles available with these fares.
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Qatar Is Relaxing Visa Rules For Travelers On Short Visits

I'm an unabashed fan of Qatar Airways and that's primarily because the airline offers some truly fantastic Business Class deals from various cities in Europe to any number of cities in Asia. Unsurprisingly all of Qatar Airways flights route through their home base in Doha so, although this can take a little longer than a direct flight, it also offers an opportunity to visit Qatar.
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British Airways Cancels An A380 Service To The US & Qatar Cancels An A350...

Airlines have been putting through a lot of schedule updates over the past couple of weeks and they keep coming think and fast on pretty major routes. In this post I'll take a look at two of the more significant changes I've seen over the past few days including British Airways changing its mind on an A380 service to the US and Qatar Airways withdrawing a planned A350 service to Europe.
Qatar Airways 787-8

Qatar Airways Route News – Numerous Aircraft Changes Will Affect Passengers

In its recent schedule updates Qatar Airways has put though some pretty significant changes to the aircraft it proposes to use on a number of important routes. In some cases passengers may be pleasantly surprised but, in others, the news isn't so good and there are definitely going to be disappointments. The changes Qatar Airways has put though are too numerous to list out in full without putting the entire blog readership to sleep.....so I'm just going to highlight the changes that appear to be the most significant.
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Etihad Announces Service To Venice & Qatar Airways Cancels Another Route

Etihad has officially announced details of its new service between Abu Dhabi and Venice which will see the airline competing against Qatar Airways for travelers heading to the Gulf and beyond. And, speaking of Qatar Airways, the Middle Eastern carrier has quietly cancelled the launch yet another route - this time to/from Europe.
Qatar Airways Business Class Companion Fares

Yet Another Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Offer – This Time For Companion Travel

Qatar Airways has published yet another excellent Business Class promotion and this time for two companions traveling together - solo travelers can't take advantage of this unfortunately. This time the Business Class deals are originating in Belgium (specifically Brussels) and are for travel to 35 destinations in Asia and Oceania. Prices start at $1,100/£835/€970 per person and there are over 20 destinations for which you can find fares under $2,000/£1,520/€1765 and there are particularly good fares to Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Qatar Airways 787-8

WOW! Qatar Airways Business Class Fares To Dubai From Just $898/£689/€797

Qatar Airways has come out with yet more mind-blowing cheap Business Class fares for travel between Finland/Sweden and Dubai and, as I'll show in this post, some of these fares could be a great way to earn some cheap miles if you're crediting to American Airlines AAdvantage or Tier Points if you prefer to credit your flights to the British Airways Executive Club.
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Qatar Airways Reduces Service To Australia & Emirates Cancels Colombo Flight

We've seen a lot of expansion and capacity increases from the major Middle Eastern carriers over the past year so it's a little bit surprising to see Qatar Airways puling flights from one of its Australian destinations and Emirates reducing its services to and from Colombo during the norther hemisphere winter.
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Finding The Great Qatar Airways Business Class Deals

I don't normally publish anything on a Saturday but, since I published news of the impressive Qatar Airways Business Class fares between Europe and Asia yesterday morning, I've had a few emails asking for help finding these fares...so here goes.
Qatar Airways 787-8

Excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Fares (Europe – Asia) – Ends 31 July

Yesterday I posted about a pretty fantastic Etihad Business Class sale between Europe and Asia (ending 30 July) and it looks like Qatar Airways has followed suit with its own set of great fares. While in the Etihad sale most of the routes had good availability throughout the sale period and most of the trips were of reasonable length, the Qatar Airways sale is slightly different - availability varies quite a bit depending on the time of year you want to travel and some of the fares involve long layovers in Doha...so be on the lookout for those. But make no mistake, there are some great deals out there! While in the Etihad sale most of the routes had good availability throughout the sale period and most of the trips were of reasonable length, the Qatar Airways sale is slightly different - availability varies quite a bit depending on the time of year you want to travel and some of the fares involve long layovers in Doha...so be on the lookout for those.
Qatar Airways A350

Qatar Airways Business Class To Various US Cities From $1,625…..But There’s A Catch

Qatar Airways has some of the better Business Class cabins on the market (especially in its newer aircraft) and, right now, you can book those cabins for travel to the US at some pretty amazing fares. With New York pricing at under $1,700, Atlanta and Washington D.C. pricing at under $1,800 and cities like Boston, Dallas and Chicago pricing at under $1,900 this is a great opportunity to try out the Qatar Airways Business Class product....but there is a little catch.
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Fantastic Business Class Fare! Stockholm – Dubai $1,065/£740/€945 RT

Last week I posted a few good Qatar Airlines Business Class fares for travel from Helsinki to the Middle East and Asia but, somehow, I didn't notice this great fare that's available for travel from Stockholm to Dubai on similar dates. The cost isn't the only reason I think this fare is great but I'll come on to why that' so a bit later in this post.
Qatar Airways 787-8

Good Qatar Airways Business Class Fares: Helsinki – Asia

It looks like Qatar Airways still has some good Business Class fares available from Helsinki to the Middle East and Asia for travel through to the end of March 2017. These aren't fares that are going to blow anyone away but, if you're looking for a comfortable way to get to destinations like Dubai, Thailand or even Vietnam then these fares could be of interest.
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How To Find Cheap Qatar Airways Business Class Fares With ITA Matrix

Qatar Airways is probably the most generous of all airlines when it comes to Business Class sales - at least when it comes to flights out of Europe. The recent sale they ran from the Scandinavian countries to various locations in the Middle East, Asia and even Australia/New Zealand was excellent...but it wasn't always easy to find fights that worked for everyone if you were just using Qatar Airways' website.
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RoundUp: Qatar Adds Chiang Mai, New Austrian Codeshare Partner & ANA’s “Doctor On Board”

A roundup of some of the recent airline news that's interesting and possibly even useful but that didn't really merit a whole post of its own - Qatar Airways adds a new route, ANA has a new inflight health initiative, Air France decides a new "sleep suit" is what their La Première customers want and Austrian Airlines partners with a low cost carrier in Asia.
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Qatar Airways UK Business Class Sale

Qatar Airways has published a Business Class sale for travel from the UK and, surprisingly for departures from the UK, some of the fares aren't too bad. The biggest catch to the sale is that flights must be booked by 31 May so you don't have too much time to think things over or to rearrange plans if you see a fare that interests you.
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Qatar Airways Delays Auckland Launch (Official) & Makes Me Very Happy!

As was rumored in the press a few days ago, Qatar Airways has had to push back the launch date for its Doha - Auckland route by 2 months due to a shortage of aircraft. Set to be the longest commercial route in the world, the new route to Auckland was predicated on Qatar Airways taking delivery of enough new aircraft to free up existing aircraft to service the route...but that just hasn't happened.
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Qatar Airways Adds A380 To Guangzhou & Sydney But Reduces Service To Bangkok

Qatar Airways has announced that it will be adding its flagship A380 aircraft to the Doha - Guangzhou route later in the year and, from the fall, the A380 will make an appearance on the Doha - Sydney route as well. While Qatar Airways flyers to Guangzhou and Sydney will be enjoying the A380 later in the year, flyers to Bangkok are seeing a significant reduction in A380 service on their route.
Emirates A380 at LAX

Emirates & Qatar Airways To Add More Wide-Body Service To Europe

The Middle Eastern carriers are continuing to add more capacity to their flights between their home bases and Europe with Emirates and Qatar Airways both announcing new wide-body services this week.
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Qatar Airways Awards Available For World’s Longest Flight

Last week I wrote about Qatar Airways officially announcing a new route between Doha and Auckland which, at a little over 9,000 miles, will be the longest commercial flight in the world. Qatar Airways has scheduled the route to start from 3 December 2016 and it looks like Business Class award availability on this flight is already looking good.
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Qatar Airways Confirms Auckland Route & Announces Flights To A Further 13 Destinations

Qatar Airways’ CEO, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker used the opening day of ITB Berlin - the world’s largest international travel fair - to...
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Qatar Airways’ Latest UK Promotion & Why You Should Ignore It

Qatar Airways has been sending out emails publicising its latest UK promotion which they're calling a "Valentine's Companion Offer". The offer is simple - book flights on certain routes before the end of the day on 11 February and 2 people can fly in Business Class at a special rate. The problem is that the offer is nothing short of terrible...and I'm going to show you why.

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