Airbus A380 Challenge – Which Airlines Have The Most Spacious Economy & Premium Economy...

While reading up on the various attributes of Korean Airlines' A380 I came to realize that there are some pretty big differences between the seats offerings in Economy Class on the various airlines, so I thought I'd take a look and see just how all 13 airlines that fly the A380 compare.
American Airlines Auckland Service

American Airlines Announces Los Angeles – Auckland Service

The rumors started a few months ago and grew louder as the year wore on. Last month they reached levels that couldn't be ignored anymore - it sounded like American Airlines was preparing to launch a service between the US and New Zealand. While most airline rumors remain just rumors, these were coming from a couple of sources that had a very good track record of getting things right - but American Airlines was keeping tight-lipped about anything in their pipeline.
Singapore Airlines A350

Singapore Airlines A350 – Cabin Layout Announced

A first look at the Singapore Airlines A350 cabin layout. With the aircraft due into service in early 2016 here's an early look at the seating layout selected by Singapore Airlines for the latest addition to their fleet. I was interested to see if the airline would keep to its policy of not packing the economy class cabin as tightly as a lot of its competitors - so what did they do?
British Airways WiFi

British Airways Confirms WiFi Plans (Again) But they’re In No Hurry To Roll It...

British Airways' parent company, IAG, used an investor day last week to confirm plans for WiFi on its aircraft. The airline has confirmed that it is looking to offer WiFi on both short-haul and long-haul routes but, despite their comments, don't expect to see the technology available regularly any time soon.

Review: American Airlines Business Class 777-300ER (JFK-LHR)

Out of all the flights on this trip, this was the one I most wanted to get upgraded it was nice that the Systemwide upgrade cleared before our trip had even started. The long haul flight from London to Miami had been a daytime flight and all the other flights, up until now, had been around 3 hours long and during daylight hours - so economy class was more than survivable. This flight was different. It was overnight and long haul, so comfort would be a nice thing to have.
New Routes

Aer Lingus Schedules Hartford Service, Lufthansa Adds & Cancels US Routes And Southwest Keeps...

News of Aer Lingus continuing to add services to the US while Lufthansa kills off a route completely before reopening an old route they haven't deserved in years. Not to be left out of the new route announcements, Southwest's spring schedule shows a number of interesting new options.
Korean Air A380 First Class Awards

Korean Air A380 Coming To London With 1st Class Award Space

It's finally happening - From 27 March 2016 Korean Airlines will replace the Boeing 777-300ER that currently serves the Seoul - London route with an Airbus A380 super jumbo. Business Traveller has pointed out that this will be third time lucky for London after Korean was expected to use the city for its European A380 launch (but went for Paris instead) and then chose Frankfurt over London as its second European A380 destination.
Inverness New British Airways Route

British Airways To Serve Inverness & EasyJet Adds Routes From Manchester (UK)

A few new route announcements from British Airways and EasyJet. British Airways is finally reconnecting Heathrow to the Scottish Highlands and EasyJet has some good new routes out of Manchester for summer 2016 - and some pretty decent prices too.
American Airlines First Class 737 Review

Review: American Airlines First Class 737-800 (MIA-LGA)

Boarding started around 15 minutes late, but the doors were closed by 2:11 (just 4 minutes after our scheduled departure time) and we pushed back at 2:15 - not too bad. There were no major issues during the boarding process. The gate agents were good at making sure that passengers boarded only when it was their turn but they were as lax as usual when it came to ensuring that passengers weren't bringing on ridiculous sized "hand baggage". I saw some truly colossal cases brought onboard.
Norwegian & Ryanair

Low Cost Carriers Continue UK Expansion

Low Cost Carriers like Norwegian and Ryanair a seem to be on an expansion mission right now with a rapid series of announcements detailing new routes and increased frequencies on short-haul flights from UK regional airports. In addition, Norwegian has been outlining some ambitious plans for log-haul expansion out of London Gatwick.

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