Virgin Atlantic 747 Services Ending Sooner & Vueling Adds Another Gatwick Route

Virgin Atlantic are clearly in a hurry to send their Boeing 747-400 aircraft to the boneyard. Originally the last Virgin Atlantic 747 services out of Heathrow were scheduled for 17 & 19 April 2016...but that was brought forward to 20 & 21 February in August of this year. Now the airline has announced that its last 747-400 flights out of Heathrow will take place on 12 & 13 January 2016.

Will American Airlines’ Flights To Sydney & Auckland Yield Lower Prices?

In the space of a few months American Airlines has gone from having zero presence in the South Pacific to having two prestigious routes to Australia and New Zealand. On 17 December, American Airlines will commence a daily service between Los Angeles and Sydney, giving American its first Australia service in nearly 24 years. And, as we found out just last week, in June 2016 American Airlines will commence service between Los Angeles and Auckland breaking Air New Zealand's four-year monopoly on the route.
Emirates A380 at LAX

Inside the Emirates 615-Seat Airbus A380 – Is It Really That Bad?

How aircraft stay in the air is still a little bit of a marvel to me. Yes, I know all about the aerodynamics, the different speeds the air is moving over/under the wings and all that good stuff but, whenever I see the larger planes coming in to land, something just doesn't look natural (probably because it's not!).
Low Cost Carriers vs British Airways

British Airways Vs Low Cost Carriers & A “Trick” That Could Save You Money

The most common questions I get when people find out that I write this blog are "where do you go to book your tickets?" and "how do you find the cheapest tickets" The answer to the first question is "there's never one place/site that I use" - there's no silver bullet. The answer to the second question is "by jumping through a lot of hoops" (even then, I don't necessarily book the cheapest tickets).

Explore Virgin America’s Aircraft Via Google Street View

At the beginning of October, buried in one of my travel roundups, was a piece on how you could explore a British Airways A318 all business class aircraft on Google Street View. The technology is pretty cool and you can "wander" through the cabin, looking around, just like you can wander down a street on Google Maps. Now, it would seem, Virgin America has followed suit:

Qantas & American Airlines Promise Improvements

As we wait to see if we're going to get regular cheaper fares on flights to Australia and New Zealand, the airlines are already doing their bit to improve things from a passenger experience point of view. Or at least they're telling us that they'll be doing their bit soon.
Korean Air First Class

Korean Air Accelerates 747-800 Service to New York

The Boeing 747 is without doubt the most iconic aircraft every built for mass transit - but it's a dinosaur in the age of...

Finnair Forced To Deny IAG Takeover Rumors – Is Europe Going the Way Of...

With the ink on the Aer Lingus take over barely dry is IAG already setting its sights on its next take over target? Possibly, as yesterday Finnair was forced to issue a statement denying that negotiations with IAG are ongoing or that any contact had been made.

EasyJet Flight Club – Is This The World’s Least Rewarding “Recognition Scheme”?

Over the past 18 months EasyJet has been trialling, what they're calling, a new recognition scheme and it appears that they're now ready to roll it out in full. "Flight Club" will launch in early 2016 and will be very different from the regular airline loyalty programs we're used to.
New Routes

American Airlines, Delta & United Airlines: New Routes & Schedule Changes

A roundup of the latest new route announcements and route changes from American Airlines, Delta and United Airlines including news of new wide-body flights from Delta, more Dreamliner service from American and, coincidentally, less Dreamliner service from United.

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