Emirates Adds Non-Stop Newark Service & Reinstates Daily Service To Two Other US Cities

Over the past year Emirates' scheduling team has been very active when it comes to the airline's routes to/from the US with Emirates apparently happy to tinker with its schedule on what seems like a very frequent basis. We've seen Emirates reduce services to Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and Florida and, as recently as 16 January, I noted that Emirates is no longer taking reservations for one of its JFK flights through 26 November 2018.

Emirates Tentatively Orders More A380s & Potentially Saves The Aircraft

Recently Emirates has been making noises to indicate that it's not happy with the current offering from Airbus (the airline would like to see the aircraft fitted with new and considerably more efficient engines) while Airbus has been suggesting that Emirates' requests are uneconomical to bring to fruition. Things have been coming to ahead for some time and Emirates has been making noises indicating that it may drop the A380 if it can't come to an agreement with Airbus.

News: Lufthansa Eliminates First Class From Two US Routes, New Singapore Cabins For London...

News that Lufthansa is eliminating First Class from two routes to the US (at least for summer 2018), news of a new Hilton opening in a beautiful part of Europe, details of an Emirates schedule change which sees an extension to the cut in service to New York and news that Singapore Airlines has scheduled its new A380 on its routes to London and Hong Kong.

[VIDEO] Emirates’ Latest Marketing Campaign – Upgrade Your Airline, Not Just Your Seat

Emirates has unveiled a new marketing campaign in which it encourages travelers to upgrade the airline they're flying on and not just their seat. The latest campaign pokes fun at travelers who try all kinds of tricks to try to score an upgrade (we've all seen them!) and ends with an apparently contented traveler checking in with Emirates.

Emirates Makes Frankfurt An All-A380 Destination

Emirates operates 3 daily flights between Dubai and Frankfurt and, as things stand, one of those flights is operated by an Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft while the other two flights are operated by the A380s that are now almost synonymous with the airline.

Emirates Adds Another Flight To Sydney As Cathay Pacific Cuts A European Route

Emirates has decided that 2 daily flights between Dubai and Sydney simply isn't enough for the European summer season (which is actually Australia's Winter) and Cathay Pacific has announced that it's cutting a route to Europe almost two years to the day from when the route was launched.

Emirates Launches Its New Onboard Lounge

The onboard bar that Emirates offers Business Class and First Class passengers in its Airbus A380 aircraft is one of the things that the airline used differentiate itself when it introduced the concept back in 2008. Other airlines like Virgin Atlantic offered a version of the onboard bar before Emirates came along with its concept, but it's the Emirates version that most people seem to think of when you mention a bar at 38,000ft.

Emirates Says It “Boosts U.S. Economy By $21 Billion”

Feelings are still running high when it comes to relations between the big three Middle Eastern carriers and the big legacy US carriers and Emirates has just fired the latest shot in a war of words that shows no sign of abating. In recent weeks we've seen Qatar Airways setting out its aim to take a 10% stake in American Airlines, Doug Parker penning a rather weak missive to American's employees attacking the Middle Eastern carriers and Delta releasing a factually flawed video which was also aimed attacking the Middle East three....so there's not much loved lost between the rival airlines.

In Brief: Fly On Delta’s 747 From Hawaii, El Al Expands Newark Service &...

A few of the stories that have caught my eye recently but that didn't warrant a post of their own. Includes a one-off opportunity to fly on a Delta 747 between Honolulu and the mainland, news of El Al's greatly increased service to Newark, Singapore Airlines launching a corporate loyalty program and Emirates adding back flights to Orlando.

Emirates Makes Beijing & Shanghai All A380 Routes

Since November last year Emirates has operated a fleet of just Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft. There isn't another aircraft type in there and the airline loves it's A380s which it flys to as many destinations as it can get away with. Premium class passengers love the Emirates A380 too because, unlike on the 777, the A380 offers an excellent (if a bit bling-y) Business Class cabin which compares well with just about any other Business Class cabin out there (although I still prefer the Etihad A380 product).

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