Mileage Runs – They’re Not Dead…You Just Need To View Them Differently

Mileage runs are flights taken for no other purpose than to accrue miles. A true and pure mileage run won't even include a hotel

British Airways – Double Avios To New York (UK Only)

British Airways has launched a "Double Avios" promotion for flights between London and New York. If you're not a UK resident (or don't least have a UK address on file with the British Airways Executive Club) then you're out of luck, but UK based Executive Club members should be able to do ok out of this.
Valuing AAdvantage Miles

Valuing AAdvantage Miles Post Devaluation

American Airlines devalued the AAdvantage Award charts on Tuesday 22 March so we're all now living in a world where AAdvantage Miles aren't worth...

Do Malaysia Airlines Codeshares On Emirates Earn AAdvantage Miles?

A reader recently emailed me to ask whether he would earn AAdvantage Miles for a flight he's taking with Emirates that he booked as a Malaysia Airlines codeshare. I'm guessing this reader isn't the first person to ask this question so here's what you need to know.

AAdvantage Devaluation Tomorrow – How To Buy More Time

I'm sure that just about everyone reading this blog knows that today is the last day to book awards using AAdvantage Miles at their historic rates so there's probably going to be a bit of a frenzy today. As of tomorrow the cost of awards is going up, in some cases by quite a significant amount, but what can you do if you're not ready to book an award today or if you can't find the award you want? What do you do if you need more time?

American Airlines AAdvantage Devaluation – 4 Days Left To Book

The American Airlines AAdvantage devaluation is just 4 days away so time is running out to book awards at the current levels. You have up...

American Airlines Awards You Should NOT Book Yet

Devaluation Day (D-Day ) is approaching rapidly for those of us with American Airlines AAdvantage miles and, with a lot of the better awards increasing in...

Qatar Airways Awards Available For World’s Longest Flight

Last week I wrote about Qatar Airways officially announcing a new route between Doha and Auckland which, at a little over 9,000 miles, will be the longest commercial flight in the world. Qatar Airways has scheduled the route to start from 3 December 2016 and it looks like Business Class award availability on this flight is already looking good.

Spending AAdvantage Miles Before The 22 March Devaluation

If you have any kind of meaningful balance of American Airlines AAdvantage miles then you almost certainly know that 22 March 2016 is not...
Buy Avios With 30% Bonus

Buy Avios With Up To 30% Bonus (US: 2.17c / UK: 1.24p)

The British Airways Executive Club is running a promotion whereby members can buy Avios and get a bonus of up to 30% on top...

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