Delta Will Now Let You Pay To Secure Status For 2019

If you're a frequent Delta flyer but not frequent enough that you've managed to reach your status targets for 2019, Delta has reintroduced a program that may be of use to you - Delta's Elevate Your Status is back!

Delta Silver Medallion Members Now Get An Extra Checked Bag On Virgin Atlantic

I hold absolutely no status with Delta or Virgin Atlantic but as I look to possibly change my airline allegiances going forward I'm paying a lot more attention to what the like of Delta and Virgin Atlantic offer....and that's why an update posted today caught my eye. An alert I received today let me know of a change posted to the Skymiles News & Updates page today (15 November 2018) which suggests that Delta Silver Medallion members now get at least one checked bag on Virgin Atlantic operated flights.

Earn Up To 50 Miles/Dollar At Airline Shopping Portals This Labor Day

It's a holiday weekend so naturally there are sales and deals appearing all over the place right now. Some are pretty good while others are a complete waste of time but, if you can drag yourself away from the grill, some of the offers at the airline shopping portals may be of use.

Delta Is Selling Medallion Qualifying Miles & Segments For 2018 Status

Through 15 February 2018 Delta is running a promotion it's calling "Elevate Your Status" in which Medallion members can purchase Medallion Qualifying Miles and Medallion Qualifying Segments in order to boost their Medallion status for 2018.

Why I Don’t Mind Delta’s Ridiculous $250,000 Credit Card Spend Requirement For A MQD...

Delta is the only one of the 3 legacy airlines that offers customers the chance to have the spend requirement (Medallion Qualification Dollars or MQD) for top-tier status waived. United and American Airlines will let you earn a waiver of some of the spend requirement....but not enough so that you can earn top-tier status.

Delta Improves Complimentary Upgrades With Immediate Effect

Back in May of this year Delta announced that, from this fall, Medallion members traveling with one companion would clear for Complimentary Upgrades to both First Class and Delta Comfort+ based on the status of the higher-tiered member. Well, we're half-way through the second month of fall and Delta has finally made good on that announcement.

Earning Status With The Big 3 US Airlines – Meeting Minimum Spend Requirements

On Tuesday I took a look at the qualification criteria set by the Big 3 US legacy airlines for anyone looking to earn status in their respective rewards programs and yesterday I followed that up with a post on how the Big 3 US airline award miles towards elite qualification. Today I'm going to take a look at the second major requirement that all three legacy carriers now have as part of their rewards programs - the minimum spend requirements - and specifically look at how flyers can meet the spend requirements on the 3 Big US legacy airlines.

Earning Status With The Big 3 US Airlines – Earning Miles Towards Elite Qualification

The announcement on Monday that American Airlines will be introducing minimum spend criteria to its AAdvantage program spurred me into taking another look into how elite status can be earned on the Big 3 US legacy airlines. Yesterday I took a look at the criteria set by American, Delta and United for those wishing to attain status in their rewards programs and today I'm going to take a look at how easy each airline makes it to earn the required number of miles that each elite status level requires.

Earning Status With The Big 3 US Airlines – The Requirements

After yesterday's news that American Airlines is further devaluing the AAdvantage program in a number of different and disappointing ways, including introducing a spending requirement for elite status, I thought it would be interesting to compare the criteria for earning status with all three of the remaining legacy US airlines. I also thought it would be interesting to see how easy or difficult each airline makes it to earn their status based on how they award miles, what exceptions they make to status requirements and what extra ways (other then flying) they offer to help travelers attain status faster.
Delta Upgrade Changes

Good News! Delta Upgrade Priority To Change

Delta is not an airline I write about a lot because it doesn't come up in my travels very much and, to be frank, I really don't know enough about it to make too many useful or insightful comments. But I do know just how badly the airline has been squeezing its frequent flyers over the years (my commiserations if you're one of them) and I do know that the way Delta has peen prioritising upgrades for those flying with companions has been a big issue for Delta flyers. But things are about to change.

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