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Earn & Burn Avios On Fiji Airways From Today

Fiji Airways has just joined the oneworld alliance as a "oneworld connect" partner and British Airways has now announced that flyers can earn and burn Avios on Fiji Airways with immediate effect.
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Book Half-Price Avios Fares With British Airways (Economy Only)

British Airways has brought back a promotion it has run in the past and it's slashing the cost of long-haul Economy Class Avios redemptions in half for travel commencing later this year.
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Where To Credit Qatar Airways Business Class Flights If Status Isn’t An Issue?

This year I'm crediting most of my flights to the British Airways Executive Club because I've worked out that it's cheaper for me to earn top-tier status with BA than it is with American Airlines.....but what if you don't care about status? Where should you credit your flights? But what if you didn't care about earning status?
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Get A 50% Bonus When You Buy Avios Through 8 May

British Airways has launched a promotion in which it's offering Executive Club members a 50% bonus when they purchase Avios by 8 May 2018. On top of offering the same bonus as we saw back in November the airline has also kept in place the increased 200,000 annual limit for Avios purchases that was introduced last year.
AAdvantage or Executive Club

Moving From AAdvantage To The British Airways Executive Club – How I’m Handling It

Thanks to the superb job American Airlines management has done in decimating the once wonderful AAdvantage program, 2018 will be my last year of top-tier status with American Airlines. I'm not saying that I'll never return to AAdvantage or that I'll never fly American Airlines again (both of those would be ridiculous statements to make) but I am saying that I'm done with trying to make the most of an ever depreciating program - it's time to try something different.
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The Math Tells Me Not To Credit Flights To American Airlines

I've been trying my hardest not to be one of those travelers who complains incessantly about an airline devaluing its frequent flyer program only to keep handing that same airline his/her cash on an ongoing and frequent basis. American Airlines has destroyed the AAdvantage program for travelers like me (for a very small minority it may have improved) so my plan has been to avoid flying American Airlines as much as possible...but it's been quite hard.
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Why You Shouldn’t Use Avios For Long-Haul Economy Class Flights

Those of us who have been playing around with miles and points for a while generally know that using Avios for long-haul Business Class flights can be an expensive proposition and that using Avios for long-haul Economy Class flights is usually a terrible idea....but I still get a lot of questions about this from those newer to this game.
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Get 50% Off British Airways Economy Class Awards To/From 90 Destinations

British Airways has launched a promotion similar to one it has run at this time of year in the past offering 50% off all Economy Class Avios redemptions on flights to/from London Heathrow and London Gatwick. The difference between this promotion and others I remember is that this one covers a much broader range of travel dates but does not include the December holidays.
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You Can Now Buy Avios With A 50% Bonus

The British Airways Executive Club has joined United & American in launching a points promotion and, this time around, it offers Executive Club members the chance to buy Avios with a 50% bonus. If your account is in the US this allows you to buy Avios from 1.84 cents but, if you have your BAEC account registered in the EU, the cost should be a lot lower (probably around 1.3 cents – I don’t have access to an EU-registered account so I can’t be sure)
Finnair European Business Class

Here’s Why I’m Deliberately Overpaying For A Short-Haul Flight

I've been asked a number of times to write a few more posts explaining my thinking when I'm booking my flights (I've already written a general post on how I plan and book my flights) so, when a scenario came about that led me to pay a lot more for a flight than I would have normally considered acceptable, it seemed like a good opportunity to share my thoughts.
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Save 25% On British Airways Cash & Avios Bookings (UK Only)

British Airways is offering UK-based Executive Club members the opportunity to save 25% on Cash and Avios bookings on select routes this winter. I should temper any excitement a little bit at this point as long-haul routes are excluded from this offer as are flights out of Heathrow and Gatwick….but there are a few short-haul routes out of London City Airport which show some promise.
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Earn Triple Avios At Hilton & Qatar Airways Adds A New Asia Route

A round up of a couple of pieces of news that I've noticed in the past few days which include an announcement from Qatar Airways that it intends to serve a new Asian destination from early 2018 and  details of how you can earn triple Avios when you book stays with Hilton.
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I Booked A British Airways Tier Point Run – 520 Tier Points For $1,407

I don't normally cover Tier Point runs as, to be frank, they're not really my forte (I'm still learning all I need to know about earning Tier Points easily) but one of the fantastic transatlantic Business Class fares I wrote about last week seemed like a good opportunity to help out a friend of mine who was looking to earn some BA Tier Points.
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British Airways Is Offering Double Avios Across Its Network (Not For Accounts In North...

In news that has me seriously considering moving my British Airways Executive Club account to an address outside of North America, British Airways has announced that it is offering Double Avios on all BA marketed flights between 11 October and 31 December long as your BAEC account isn't registered in the US, Canada, Mexico or South Africa.
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Points, Points, Points! Double Avios For Shopping, Bonus Chase Ultimate Rewards & Double Carlson...

There's a small points bonanza going on at the moment and for those interested in Avios, Chase Ultimate Rewards points and Club Carlson Gold points there are some very good opportunities to earn bonus points without much effort.
British Airways Reward Flight Finder

British Airways Reward Flight Finder – The Avios Search I Didn’t Know Existed

On Monday I discussed the excellent BA Redemption Finder tool that makes life very easy for anyone looking to see what Avios availability is like on a given route for the entire year. In one search you can see every date on which reward flights are available between any two cities that BA flys between...and it show you the availability in both directions.
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Tier Points Or Comfort & Convenience – Sometimes That’s A Choice You Have To...

If you're based in Europe and you like traveling in Business Class then you're lucky. While over in the US we have by far and away the better credit card deals, over in Europe you have by far and away the better Business Class deals. Whether it's the frequent Qatar Airways Business Class sales to Asia or, as I posted last week, great Business Class fares across the Atlantic, Europeans don't have to look too hard or too long before they find a tempting Business fare...but sometimes those fares bring with them decisions that you should understand.
BA Redemption Finder

BA Redemption Finder – A Free Tool For Finding British Airways Avios Awards

As a post I wrote on the free iPhone app I think every flyers should have appears to have been pretty popular I thought I'd write a post on the tool I prefer to use when searching for British Airways Avios awards - BA Redemption Finder.
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You Can Now Buy Avios With A Bonus Of Up To 50%

British Airways has launched its latest points promotion which, this time around, is targeted and offers Executive Club members the opportunity to buy Avios with bonus of up to 50%. If your account is in the US this allows you to buy Avios from 1.85 cents but, if you're fortunate enough to be based in the EU, the price drop to just 1.2 Euro cents.
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How To Maximize Your British Airways Tier Points On Qatar Airways

There's an outside chance that I may reach the dizzy heights of British Airways Gold status next year if some of the trips I'm planning pan out as expected so I've been paying closer attention that normal to the whole concept of Tier Points.
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Why Buying Starpoints To Convert To Avios May Not the Best Deal Right Now

As I mentioned earlier today, Starwood is running a promotion through 30 June in which SPG members can purchase Starpoints with a 35% discount. Not only is that the best discount we've seen on Starpoints, but it also offers up the opportunity to generate airline miles at a very reasonable rate of 1.82 cents/mile. In most cases 1.82 cents/mile wouldn't be a bad rate at all but, if you're looking to boost your Avios balance, using the current Starwood promotion may not be the cheapest way for you to do it.
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Buy Avios From 1.85 Cents Each – For Some This Could Be A Good...

British Airways has launched a short-term offer which allows flyers to purchase Avios with a 50% thrown in on top. While on the face of things this the offer isn't hugely attractive, there will definitely be instances where buying Avios in this promotion will be a money saver and therefore a very good idea.
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British Airways Finally Delivers Some Good News!

There really is a lot to dislike about British Airways and the direction in which it's CEO Alex Cruz is taking the airline (I'd be typing all day if I was to list everything out) but, if I'm to be a credible critic of the airline, I need to make sure that I also give it credit where credit is due....and it's due right now.
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You Can Buy Avios With A 50% Bonus……But For Most It Isn’t A Good...

British Airways has launched a 6-day Avios sale in which it's offering Executive Club members a 50% bonus on all Avios purchases. The promotion runs through 23:59 GMT on Monday 5 December and, although a 50% bonus represents the best offer we've seen this year, this is almost certainly a promotion most should be avoiding.
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British Airways’ CEO Talks BAEC, WiFi, New Seats, LCCs & More With The Points...

The Points Guy secured an interview with British Airways CEO Alex Cruz and sat down to talk to him about all things BA. Kudos to TPG for getting this interview and for getting a few bits of information out of the BA boss.
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BAD NEWS: No More British Airways Avios or Tier Points On Great Qatar Airways...

This is still very much a story in progress and the closest things we appear to have from an official channel are some tweets from the BA Twitter account...but the news isn't good. It would appear as if the cheaper Qatar Airways Business Class fares (the ones that book into fare code R) no longer earn any Avios or Tier points. It would also appear that this change has been put through with absolutely notice to customers whatsoever.
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My Elite Status Plan Going Forward – British Airways, American Airlines Or Something Else

American Airlines has devalued the AAdvantage program considerably over the past year and when I take a look at the changes we know are coming, the changes we’re pretty sure are coming and the changes that are rumored to be coming, things just seem to get worse.
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Earn 2,000 Easy Avios From British Airways & Avios UK

The British Airways Executive Club and Avios UK are running parallel promotions that should offer a lot of people the opportunity to earn at least 1,000 Avios, possibly even 2,000, without that much difficulty. Although for one of the promotions you have to be a member of the Avios UK Travel Rewards program there doesn't appear to be anything in the terms and conditions that precludes non-UK based BAEC members from earning the bonus.
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British Airways Status May Be About To Become Much Harder To Earn (For Some)

I was sitting in an airport lounge idly browsing through my Twitter feed when I noticed two tweets, one after the other, which made me sit up and pay attention...literally. They weren't tweets from an official source but they were from someone who's got a pretty decent track record of getting information before it has been released and, if I understand these tweets correctly, some BA flyers are about to find that earning status is going to get a lot harder.
British Airways Birthday Bonus

British Airways Sends Me A “Birthday Bonus”

I've been a British Airways Executive Club member for over a decade now and, although I've heard of the "Birthday Bonus", I've never actually been a recipient of it....until now. I've no idea what's triggered this sudden outpouring of generosity from BA but it certainly can't be anything I've written in this blog!
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British Airways: Buy Up To 100,000 Avios With A 35% Bonus

British Airways has temporarily increased the number of Avios it is prepared to sell to its Executive Club members and, as an added incentive, it's offering a bonus of up to 35% on Avios purchases made through 27 September 2016.
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How The British Airways Triple Avios Promotion Works

British Airways announced a Triple Avios promotion last week which, rather than causing unbridled jubilation, seems to have caused a large number of Executive Club members to waste a lot of their time trying to figure out exactly what the promotion is offering. That humble BAEC members have been having trouble agreeing on what the promotion offers is hardly surprising when it would appear that British Airways doesn't have a clue either.
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British Airways Doesn’t Understand Its Own Promotion

British Airways launched a Triple Avios promotion last week but, what should have been a simple enough promotion to understand, turned out to be confusing and contradictory. The blame for the mess lies squarely at the feet of whoever drafted the promotion details and whoever gave the go ahead to post those details to the British Airways website.
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British Airways Is Offering A Triple Avios Promotion All Flights & All Fares

British Airways is offering travelers the opportunity to earn triple Avios on all its flights as well as flights on its transatlantic partners for travel though 11 December 2016. This promotion goes a step further than most promotions we've seen the airline release in the recent past as there don't seem to be any restrictions on fare class or routings.
Amex British Airways Transfer Bonus

50% Bonus On Amex Transfers To British Airways (USA) – But Should You Bother?

American Express Membership Rewards are one of the three major transferable currencies that all miles & points collectors should have and, every now and again, the program offers a bonus for Membership Points transfers to one of its partners. Right now it's the turn of British Airways.
AAdvantage or Executive Club

Dilemma: AAdvantage Executive Platinum or British Airways Gold?

I haven't exactly made it a secret that I don't think very highly of American Airlines anymore and I haven't exactly been quiet on the changes that have been made (and that are still to be made) to the AAdvantage program. With those things in mind it's probably no surprise to find out that I've been keeping my eye open for somewhere new to credit all my flying. So far I haven't really come up with any great alternatives but a blog I wrote last week gave me pause for thought and it's given me a dilemma.
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How To “Combine My Avios” & Earn Easy Avios In Iberia Plus

Yesterday I published a post explaining why Avios collectors should have an Iberia Plus account even if their primary rewards program is the British Airways Executive Club - the cash and Avios savings can be considerable in the right circumstances. The issue that faces a lot of people is that they already have a sizeable Avios balance sitting in their British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) account and they don't want to (or have the time to) build up a separate balance in Iberia Plus just in case an occasion aries when they's be better off booking a reward flight through Iberia rather than through BA.
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What Type Of British Airways Flyer Should Collect AAdvantage Miles?

Last week I suggested that there may be a section of British Airways flyers who would do quite well by switching their miles/points earning from Avios to American Airlines least for the duration of the current American Airlines promotion. The original point of that post was to show how British Airways Business Class flyers could earn a very healthy haul of AAdvantage Miles in the current promotion and to show how valuable those AAdvantage miles could be, compared to Avios, for long-haul reward flights.
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Should British Airways Flyers Choose AAdvantage Miles Instead Of Avios?

AAdvantage Miles and Avios can both be earned and used on a very similar set of airlines thanks to the fact that the airlines to which they're aligned (American Airlines & British Airways) both belong to the oneWorld alliance. But, despite this fact and given a choice, I will almost always choose to earn AAdvantage Miles over Avios - the two currencies are very different.
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3-Day Avios Flash Sale – 40% Bonus

British Airways has launched a flash sale on its Avios loyalty currency that runs for 3 days through to Thursday 26 May and which gives Executive Club members the opportunity to purchase up to 100,000 Avios with a 40% bonus added on top.
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British Airways – Double Avios To New York (UK Only)

British Airways has launched a "Double Avios" promotion for flights between London and New York. If you're not a UK resident (or don't least have a UK address on file with the British Airways Executive Club) then you're out of luck, but UK based Executive Club members should be able to do ok out of this.
Buy Avios With 30% Bonus

Buy Avios With Up To 30% Bonus (US: 2.17c / UK: 1.24p)

The British Airways Executive Club is running a promotion whereby members can buy Avios and get a bonus of up to 30% on top...
British Airways Exit Row Fees

British Airways Changing Pricing For Euro Traveller Exit Row Seats

For almost a week now there has been considerable amount of consternation over on the Flyertalk British Airways board regarding passengers not being able to...

British Airways Award & Upgrade Alerts Now Available On ExpertFlyer

ExpertFlyer is a site that I've used for a number of years to alert me when American Airlines releases award inventory or upgrade inventory on to the market. I've lost count of the number of times that I've been able to grab hard-to-find awards or snagged last minute upgrades thanks to an ExpertFlyer email. And the site has just got a lot better.
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2,880 Avios or 3,000 Virgin Flying Miles From Tesco Wine (UK Only)

I don't normally post Tesco point promotions but this one seemed worth a mention as we're leading up to Christmas and the New Year. Tesco Wine have issued an eCoupon code for 1,200 Tesco Clubcard Points when you spend £120 or more on any wine or Champagne by the case at Tesco Wine.
Avios Flash Sale December 2015

British Airways Avios Flash Sale!

UPDATE: British Airways Executive Club members based in the UK have slightly cheaper options available to them. As the UK doesn't charge taxes on...
American Airlines Earnings Chart For British Airways Flights

American Airlines Appears To Have Misled Us – Milage Earning on British Airways Slashed

Afee denying everything back in September when they accidentally let slip their new earnings chart for flights on British Airways, American Airlines has, today, published the exact same chart on the their website - only this time they're not claiming it's a mistake.
Changing Frequent Flyer Number on British Airways

Yet Another British Airways Avios Devaluation – This Time In the US

British Airways are sending out emails to their Executive Club members based in the US informing them of another upcoming devaluation to their loyalty program - clearly British Airways have never heard of the idea of getting all the bad news out there in one go and getting it over with. These Avios devaluations are turning into death by a thousand cuts!
British Airways 787-9 Dreamliner

British Airways Bits: BA Gets Its First 787-9 Dreamliner & Avis Has An Avios...

British Airways has taken delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and is set to fly it to Delhi from the end of the month. Plus Avis has brought in another Avios promotion.
London City Airport

London City Airport – A New Route & An Avios Promotion

A new British Airways route out of London City airport has been announced and passengers on British Airways flights to and from Geneva can earn bonus Avios.
Club Carlson Avios Promotion

Double Avios On Club Carlson Stays – Should You Care?

Club Carlson is currently offering double Avios (1,000 Avios) on stays of 2 nights or more at participating hotels through 31 December 2015. Is this a good deal for you?
Changing Frequent Flyer Number on British Airways

How To Change The Frequent Flyer Number On A British Airways Reservation

A quick guide on how to change a Frequent Flyer number on a British Airways reservation. It's simple when you know how!
earnings chart

Did American Airlines Really Make A Mistake?

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission that helps contribute to the running of...
American Airlines AAdvantage

Another Devaluation? Is AAdvantage Cutting Earning Rates On British Airways? (Update: Possible False Alarm?)

Let me start by saying that nothing has been officially announced (but when did that ever stop an airline?!) so this is just speculation based on pretty compelling evidence. A keen-eyed reader of the One Mile At A Time blog has spotted that American Airlines have published a new earnings chart (for flights taken on British Airways) on some of their foreign language sites.
Fly to Europe and Earn 125,000 miles

American Airlines & British Airways (USA) Bonuses For Trans-Atlantic Travel

American and British Airways (USA) both announced frequent flyer bonus offers today in celebration of 5 years of partnership across the Atlantic. In both...
Chase British Airways Visa

Think Hard About The Chase BA Visa 100,000 Avios Bonus – It’s Not As...

A lot of the miles & points blogs have been getting overly exited in the last few days because Chase has brought back a...
British Airways Avios Promotion

British Airways Avios Promotion (USA) – When A 40% Discount is Still Bad Value

British Airways and Iberia have launched an Avios promotion for select flights departing from North America to London, Madrid and Paris....and it's not exactly...
Rocketmiles v Kaligo x PointsHound

Rocketmiles vs Kaligo vs PointsHound (Part 5) – Collecting The Right Miles

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
Rocketmiles v Kaligo x PointsHound

Rocketmiles vs Kaligo vs PointsHound (Part 4) – Miles Earning Opportunities (UK)

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
Avios Bonus Offer

Bonus Avios For UK Travellers

Something a lot of people outside of the UK don't know is that Avios isn't just the currency used by British Airways & Iberia...
Amex Membership Rewards

Amex Lowering British Airways Transfer Rates (USA Only?)

It's definitely an Amex news day today! It appears that Amex is reducing the number of Avios you can earn by transferring Membership Rewards (MR). A...
a white airplane with black text

British Airways Avios Devaluation Continues – Partners

Some links to products and travel providers on this website will earn Traveling For Miles a commission which helps contribute to the running of...
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Up To 50% Off Coach/Economy Avios Redemptions To/From London

British Airways and Avios have launched a winter promotion that may be of interest for those looking to escape the European winter. Both long...

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