Bonus Avios For UK Travellers

Avios Bonus Offer

Something a lot of people outside of the UK don’t know is that Avios isn’t just the currency used by British Airways & Iberia – it’s also a travel rewards programme of its own. The Avios you earn through are exactly the same as those you get from British Airways or Iberia and can be transferred into the British Airways Executive Club.

You need to have a UK or South African address to join and, if you can get over that hurdle, they often have nice bonus offers you can take advantage of.

Right now is emailing existing members with an offer to earn bonus Avios on short-haul, return flights from the UK.

Avios Bonus Offer

The headline offer is as follows:

“Book a flight with British Airways, Iberia or Iberia Express by 31 July to travel anytime from 1 September to 13 December and collect bonus Avios.”

“In addition to your regular Avios, you’ll collect an extra 1,000 Avios on return flights to Spain and 500 Avios on return flights to other destinations.”

The bonuses are available across all cabin classes and there’s no limit to the number of times you can earn the bonus.

Bookings should be made via to make sure that your flights track.

Not all short-haul routes are included by any means (Cyprus is a notable absentee from the lists) but there is still a pretty good selection. The lists of the official routes are below:

Bonus Avios

Bonus Avios

Bonus Avios

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.24.58

The terms and conditions of the offer (see below) state that the promotion is open to “recipients of the bonus Avios email only” but that may not be, strictly speaking, true.

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Bonus Avios Offer Avios UK

The link for registering for the promotion returned a “thank you for registering” notice when I clicked on it while logged into an account that didn’t receive the email. This doesn’t guarantee that the promotion will stick but there doesn’t appear to be any harm in trying.

Avios Bonus promotion Avios UK

Needless to say, while this is a nice little bonus, it certainly isn’t enough to warrant booking a trip that you otherwise wouldn’t make. But, if there’s even an outside chance you may be booking something soon, it’s definitely worth registering.

If you’re an member and didn’t get the email then check your spam folder to see if it went in there. If you didn’t get the email and you use the link I provided above then don’t assume you’ll definitely get the bonus. Take your flight, enjoy your trip and, if you get the bonus Avios, consider it just what the promotion calls it – a bonus.